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Monday 21 January 2019

Katie Hopkins Finland OWN GOAL

Once again, pro-am motormouth Katie Hopkins has been on her travels, this time to Finland, in order to endorse all those trying to whip up hatred against people who are not white. Whether it is her support of those harassing Native Americans in Washington DC, or those spreading hatred against Scary Muslims™ in the Arctic winter, Ms Hopkins is consistent: whitey is right, and everyone else is wrong.
Viewers may still want to look away now

At least Hatey Katie is consistently racist, and consistent in her white supremacist narrative. So when one Native American had the audacity to speak up about the harassment he and others had received at the hands of a group of yobs in Washington DC, she decreed that the rotten non-white should be silenced. “Please stop now @AP - do not further launder his lies”. He’s not white, therefore he is lying.
That’s mighty white of her. But it was with her visit to Finland, where the local populist rabble rousers are laying into Scary Muslims™ over what they claim to be an increase in rapes, that Ms Hopkins was in her element. “Representative of liberal Muslim organisation in Finland confirms Imams in Finnish Mosques use this ‘lollipop’ argument. That uncovered girls are dirty and men can use them how they wish” she claimed (no citation).
That’s the same Katie Hopkins who defended Judge Roy Moore over paedophilia accusations, telling her followers “Not all girls are innocent at 14. I was pleasuring my boyfriend harder than a Russian gymnast working a pole (Capital P optional) #RoyMoore”.
Still, on to the claims that there are migrant grooming gangs operating in cities like Oulu: “I am frightened for the children of Finland. Finnish bureaucrats have their heads in the sand, pretending they don’t have a grooming gang problem, delivering no action whatsoever. The State broadcaster @ylenews did not air our interview”. I wonder why not?
She also didn’t allow the penny to drop with “Chairman of the Finns Party - Jussi Halla-aho - speaking out on migrant rape gangs targeting children in Finland … My understanding is @YouTube have removed the Finnish version as hate speech”. So on she went.
Ms Hopkins then told “Please meet @LauraHuhtasaari - the brilliant politician and mother leading the charge against the grooming gangs of #Finland with the @persut - The Finns Party”. Ms Huhtasaari’s Wiki entry makes interesting reading.
Huhtasaari believes that the European Union is going to collapse and Finland should leave it … [she] is a supporter of United States President Donald Trump … [and] a creationist [who] has stated that the theory of evolution is a 'totally impossible theory’ … She has also said that Finland could reject international agreements in order to prevent economic migrants from migrating to Finland”. Right up Hatey Katie’s street.
Jessikka Aro

But it was the way she insulted Finns that put the lid on it. As investigative reporter Jessikka Aro observed, “Katie Hopkins, UK, visited Finland and sounded like WTF Paper: called Oulu the Rape Capital of Finland, endorsed WTF activists [Junes] Lokka and [Tiina] Wiik, mocked the police & said ‘Oulu is virtually Russia without the benefits of strong Christian culture and Putin in charge’. Appalling”.
One thing you do not do in Finland is to say things like “Oulu is virtually Russia”. You just don’t. Nor is it a good idea to draw attention to yourself when Ms Aro, who is hot on the trail of Kremlin interference in Finnish politics, is watching. Russian interference in Finland goes back a very long time, and is a very sore point with most Finns.
So Ms Hopkins can have no complaints about the adverse reaction to her courting of extremists, and her ignorance. Typical of responses was that of Henry Tikkanen: “Katie Hopkins claims that ‘police and the media have been covering this up’. What? Wrong. Actually the whole country is talking about the sad events in Oulu. Publicly. Openly. Even the police have joined the conversation”. And there was more.
Iikka Kivi added “‘Oulu is Russia without the benefits of strong Christian culture’ and you're here to talk about child abuse. I live in Oulu. We actually have quite strong Christian culture here. And lot of child abuse connected to Christian churches. Nice try, though”. Added to that, Ms Aro has decided to start her own Hatey Katie investigation.
So she Tweeted directly at Ms Hopkins “Hi, I'm a journalist from Finland. May I ask, did someone pay you and your crew to travel to Finland and promote extremists? I'm interested in the funding of your air tickets and hotel. And were you compensated for your social media content?” This is not going to end well for Katie Hopkins.

Amateurs like her against professional Kremlin watchers like Ms Aro? Bring it on.
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Anonymous said...

It's Ilkka Kivi, not Likka Kivi. "Likka" in colloquial Finnish means "girl".

Anonymous said...

So now the divvy is sticking her nose into Finland.

Well, it's big enough.

Her nose, not Finland.