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Wednesday 16 January 2019

Milo Yiannopoulos Leaving UK For Good

Right now, cheering news is thin on the ground. Little in the news today is going to put a smile on anyone’s face, given the state of the country and its economy, and the towering selfishness and ineptitude of our Government. But one idiot in the far-right village has decided to raise the spirits of all by announcing his intention to make one great futile gesture on behalf of Himself Personally Now.
That idiot is stony broke has-been Milo Yiannopoulos, who has told FrontPage Magazine, which by complete coincidence is a publication of the Islamophobic US right wing, “Why I’m Seeking Asylum In America … As a gay conservative in public life, I don’t feel safe in an Islamized Britain anymore”. Britain got Islamised? I blinked and missed it.

Yiannopoulos starts as he means to go on - by talking well, but lying badly. “In 2015, I wrote the column that secured my place in the pantheon of Right-wing hate figures: ‘I’m A Gay Man And Mass Muslim Immigration Terrifies Me.’ Shortly afterwards, I left London, disturbed by the state of my capital city and hoping that with a megaphone in America I could sound the alarm about European Islamization”. Bullshit.
He’s not important enough to be part of any “pantheon”, and the reason he left London was to pursue the meal ticket secured through Steve Bannon’s promotion of his dubious talents. But do go on. “Although I have since married an American citizen, and am therefore eligible for a green card, I am applying for asylum in the United States. It’s the only way to be sure I never have to return to a country with so many citizens eager to see me imprisoned or dead”. Nobody in the UK cares. Because he’s a nobody.

But to try and stir up some reaction, he invents a little more. “I have friends … who have been assaulted by Bangladeshis in public parks because Muslims hate dogs and lose their shit if your pooch takes a crap outside [no citation] … In east London, you can’t buy alcohol after a certain time in many liquor stores because the Muslim minority, which is disproportionately unemployed and living in ‘affordable housing’ paid for by the taxpayer, whip up letter-writing campaigns to make life difficult for anyone selling booze”.

No citation there, either - because he is making it up. And on he drones: “Muslims with extreme, hateful views about gays and horrible opinions about women would be an irritant and not a menace but for the fact that they are routinely insulated from criticism by a politically-correct media elite that scoffs whenever you mention the appalling social problems that spring up, as night follows day, whenever the area hits a certain percentage of Islamic residents”. Just what FrontPage Magazine wanted. But untrue. Minor point, eh?
And on he rambles, spinning yarns about Sharia “Courts” and parallel justice systems (there aren’t any of the latter). He even manages to slip in “I can’t wait around for the heroic Tommy Robinson to topple the government and his army of brave lads to shut the borders themselves”. Grifters are reinvented as “heroic”. How quaint.

But, apart from the paycheque - after all, Yiannopoulos needs a constant drip-feed of someone else’s money, if only to pay the lawyer who told him he had a good case for an asylum claim - this article is just a crock of crap. He wants to stay in the USA, fine.

They can pay for him, then. Ah, but there was always going to be a catch.
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Anonymous said...

As a gay...wait until he gets Yankville christian fundamentalism on his case.

Meanwhile, be thankful for small mercies. His scuttle means one less ranting righty.

Good riddance.

Anonymous said...

Milo Yiannopoulos was engaged to a Pakistani Muslim man Dr Osman Ali,GP (b. 1971) from Leicester. Milo and Dr Ali had a company, "Valhalla" Ltd. Milo is a pathological liar who stole money from many people.

Unknown said...

"Protestors Chase Milo Yiannopoulos Out of NYC Bar Chanting 'Nazi Scum Get Out'"


I'm not entirely sure his problem is being gay.

Andy McDonald said...

To be fair, if I saw someone letting their dog crap all over my local park, I'd confront them. And I'm no great fan of people buying booze and drinking in public at all hours. I know the owner of my local off licence and I think he's entitled to close up come 11 PM and go to bed. And he's a Scary Muslim too.

iMatt said...

Wait! Is Milo suggesting he is being persecuted in Britain for being a conservative, a homosexual or a conservative homosexual? Because of course, a rampant homophobe will really care whether a gay man is conservative or progressive/liberal of course!

I guess we should be expecting a mass exodus of conservative gays and lesbians leaving these shores very soon!

Unknown said...

I do love Milo, he's always good for a chuckle and laugh about how vain and narcissistic much of the Far Right's heros are.

I am puzzled, as to why someone who identified themselves as a Christian fundamentalist marries a non white man and then never shares who is married too..?
I wonder how Milo's 'husbsnd' feels? Used and abused like Milo's followers?

Stephen said...

How long as he lived here? You've never been able to buy alcohol after a certain time.

And public (or "affordable") housing is not paid for by tax payers.

Rivo said...

Interesting how is married to an American citizen, presumably male, given that I distinctly remember him appearing on Channel 4 to argue that despite being a gay man he was very much against same sex marriages...

Anonymous said...

Just be thankful he's gone.

He's their problem now.

He's irrelevant. Actually, always was.

woody said...


Milo is married to a black guy John McKinley Campbell (35), PhD student. They met at the Miami gay club in 2016. His husband is very shady person, Google him. He was a "lab rat" in order to pay his debts. Both Milo and his husband were sued by Hawaii hotel for unpaid $60k bill and $20k wedding (Cartier) ring.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear lord this man is full of his own self importance.

Nobody wishes anything for him good or bad because nobody gives a fuck about this complete irrelevance.

So many people?

So many people have never heard of this utter nobody.

SteveHolmes11 said...

"In east London, you can’t buy alcohol after a certain time in many liquor stores because the Muslim minority".

LLoyd George was a muslim? Who knew.

Flood said...

He is going to America as an out gay man? Surely there is more chance of him being killed for his sexuality in America than Britain?
If his friend’s dogs defecate in the street then maybe the reason they were attacked was due to them not cleaning up after their hounds? Never had a problem with buying booze from Muslim owned stores all over the country, even relatively hard soft-core porn used to be available from my local corner shop (for clarification: gynaecological detail when the usual top shelf stuff featured rather thick pubes, something I was shown by Jas – the owners son – after several of us were left slightly confused after a sex education class!). And maybe local regulation demand alcohol can only be sold within certain time restraints anyway?
And the idea that Tommeh will topple the government is utterly laughable! What does he think will happen – Yucky Lemon stands there and shouts until they all give in? Frankly, Farage has a better chance of toppling parliament and we all know that Thirsty has no chance!

Harry's Blog said...

He actually identifies himself as a Catholic rather than a fundamentalist. And more seriously as a gay man happily married to my husband may I politely request that you don’t put the word husband in inverted commas. I am not saying it was meant so but it comes across as not really accepting of same sex marriage.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't care less if he's male, female, trans, homosexual, Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Russian Orthodox or loony Yank fundamentalist.

What DOES matter is that he's a neofascist gobshite. The last century shows where that kind of mentality takes us.