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Saturday 5 January 2019

Racists Say Sadiq Khan Runs Surrey

Yesterday, a man and his son boarded a London-bound train at London Road station in Guildford. The man became involved in a discussion, which then became a fight, with another man who had boarded at London Road. The other man produced a knife and stabbed the first man, in front of his 14-year-old son, repeatedly. The knifeman fled the train at Clandon station, leaving his victim dead.
UKIP leader with InfoWars bigot at left

So far, so horrific. But even as the British Transport Police and the Surrey force mounted a manhunt, which culminated in their arresting a suspect at an address in Farnhem, which is  to the west of Guildford - in other words, further from London - the bigotry in and around the rump of the once perhaps credible political party otherwise known as UKIP was deciding that Sadiq Khan and the Scary Muslims™ were The Ones Wot Done It.
Viewers may still want to look away now

Given that the killing took place in Surrey, and on a train, pinning it on Khan is what might be termed a challenging task. But the UKIP Twitter feed was off and running, responding to a report in the Daily MailStabbings are now a daily event in Sadiq Khan's London. This must never become normal. There are no excuses Mr Khan - they are not 'part and parcel of living in a big city'. The murderer must be caught and brought to justice”.
Sadiq Khan - once again targeted because of his faith

That Khan has no responsibility for the BTP, or indeed Surrey Police, was not allowed to enter. Other parts of the bigot brains trust pointed out that the train was on its way to London, speculated that the killer must have been from London because he was black and had a knife, and weighed in. But the man arrested was not from London. And trains go to London from, well, all over the country. And other countries.
You can board a London-bound train in Wales, Scotland, Belgium … and France. Hard work trying to pin crimes taking place on all of those onto Sadiq Khan. But new UKIP recruit Paul Watson, the InfoWars Battersea bedroom dweller, was up for it. “Man stabbed to death on board London-bound train in broad daylight. But hey, Sadiq Khan lit up a big wheel in EU colors, so who cares right?” Khan still doesn’t run the BTP.
Could there be any more blatant exhibition of ignorance and racist bigotry? Pro-am motormouth Katie Hopkins demanded that someone hold her beer: “Day Four Tally in Stab-City, Londonistan. 3 stabbed to death. The latest victim stabbed to death in broad daylight on board the 12:58pm #Guildford to #London #Waterloo Light THAT up in fireworks you Utter Khan’t #stabcity”. No-one does racist stupid like Hatey Katie.
The BTP is not run by Sadiq Khan. He has no authority over it. Nor does he have any authority over Surrey Police. That the suspect was arrested at an address in Farnham shows that there is, thus far, no London connection to the attack. Yet those in and around UKIP are unable, or unwilling, to accept this reality. For them, attacking Sadiq Khan for the heinous crime of being Muslim with intent is all that matters.

Trying to exploit a violent attack to whip up race hatred is bang out of order. It’s time the bigotry brains trust wound its neck in and left it to the grown-ups. End of story.
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Anonymous said...

Most comments I've seen are from people being sympathetic towards the 14 yr old. Not this lot. If they truely cared they would keep quiet and let the police do their job.

Anonymous said...

The train was heading into London, therefore it's Sadiq Khan's fault.

I think that's how the reasoning works?

Flood said...

The stabbing took place in Britain (near London) and therefore Khan is to blame.


Like Europe is responsible for the state of the country.

Unknown said...

Sadly you can't fix 'stupid' , what do you expect from UKIP?