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Tuesday 29 January 2019

Tommy Robinson Oz Tour DELAYED AGAIN

After he rocked up in Glasgow and attempted to harass an SNP MP at his library surgery - someone had forgotten about Jo Cox - Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, went quiet - well, for him, anyway. And then something else happened: his latest Facebook post promoting his tour of Australia disappeared.
We knew that Gavin McInnes, who was to tour with Lennon, had been refused a visa to enter the country. And with Lennon’s criminal record, he would not have done any better. So it was no surprise when the organisers admitted, in an email to a Zelo Street contact, that both visas were being appealed, in the hope of making their February tour dates.

But that isn’t going to happen: the organisers have now rescheduled the tour - for the second time. Originally, the dates were pencilled in for December, but the excuse given on Lennon’s behalf was that there had been a diary clash. Only later was the tour moved to early February. And now it’s been moved yet further into the distance: the opening date in Perth will be (subject to visas) on March 9.

What all those fans who have already shelled out for flights, hotels, car hire, and the rest will make of yet another delay is not known. But the event’s website is still advertising “General Admission” at $85 a head, “VIP Meet and Greet” at $295, “Backstage Pass” at $495, and “Private Dinner” at $995 a pop. But Lennon would have to turn up.
And right now it is looking increasingly like this feast is going to be movable to the point of mythology. Worse, the idea that Lennon and McInnes could get a decision in their favour before early March does not stand the first encounter with reality.

According to Australia’s Administrative Appeals Tribunal, which would deal with Lennon’s appeal, the average time taken from lodging an appeal to securing a decision is, for a visitor visa, 276 days. For a temporary work visa, it’s 404 days. So the organisers have kicked the can down the road for another month, but they need to come clean with the public - and admit that this tour is not going to happen next month, if at all.
Anyone pretending otherwise is not dealing from a full deck. As Lizzie Dearden at the Independent has told, “Organisers of the ‘Deplorables’ tour, which was due to start in Perth on Friday, said Robinson’s application was still being considered by authorities. Mr McInnes has been refused a visa, with the denial being appealed, and Mr Yiannopoulos is awaiting a decision”. Someone speaks with forked tongue.

My contact was told that the visas (plural) were being appealed. And that means it will be towards the end of this year before they get a decision. The idea that the dates could happen in March is just a con. The organisers should come clean and cancel.

Another Stephen Lennon money-making wheeze could be on the skids. Good thing too.
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Anonymous said...

" “General Admission” at $85 a head, “VIP Meet and Greet” at $295, “Backstage Pass” at $495, and “Private Dinner” at $995 a pop."

Anyone mug enough to cough up that for "Tommy" really should seek counselling. Urgently.

It really doesn't help the unfortunate and unfair Australia image as a carbuncle on the arse of the world.

Sam Best said...

It's "arse 'end' of the world" Anon as delicately put by then PM Paul Keating in the 90s. If Yaxley Lennon didn't get a visa under the current government he and his motley crew are hardly likely to get one under the next when Oz swings to the Left for a decade within a few months. I mean his criminal record isn't going to disappear is it?
I think you will find the promoters are going to pull a swifty here and organise a video link-up with whatever "name" neo-Fascist they get into the country as the organisers of an event had to when Chelsea Manning was refused a visa. Milo's gone off the boil now and the promoters created their own problem by telling various local police units to piss-off when presented with a bill for crowd control.
The organisers already owe money and are raking in the cash. Potential attendees should read the fine print as the promoter, publisher of the local Penthouse has form with cheques being held up in the mail.
But our local Nazis bore easily and I guess this is why there is always a new pound-shop Mussolini trying to enter the crowded field in the USA & UK. The problem is they have to build a reputation to get to the point where publicity thrives & that usually means rabble -rowsing in yellow jackets etc and their history is easily accessed by Immigration these days.