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Wednesday 2 January 2019

Sadiq Khan Triggers Butthurt Brexiteers

Many big cities welcomed the New Year with a display of fireworks as clocks struck midnight and December gave way to January. London was no exception, with a spectacle burning up over £2 million worth of pyrotechnics - paid for by all those who had bought tickets for a grandstand view of it all. Mayor Sadiq Khan was quick to remind anyone who hadn’t been paying attention that there was a European theme to this year’s display.
He duly Tweeted “To the one million EU citizens who have made our city your home: you are Londoners, you make a huge contribution and you are welcome here. I'm proud that we welcomed in 2019 with a message of support to you. #LondonIsOpen #HappyNewYear2019”. This was top trolling of the miserable Brexiteers, which very soon turned into top triggering as the chorus of moaning got going.
While pro-European voices were more than happy about the Mayor’s initiative, with Tottenham MP David Lammy responding “@SadiqKhan busting some moves”, and Guy Verhofstadt in characteristic wind-up mode, seeing the EU flag displayed on the London Eye, concluding “A powerful message. London will always be a European City! ;-) @SadiqKhan … #WeAreEurope”, others were rather less happy.
Propagandist Carrie Symons whined “Worth remembering that more people voted for Brexit in London than voted for Sadiq Khan” (questionable), and Tom Harwood, replacement teaboy to the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines at the Guido Fawkes blog, sniffed “love a good needless politicisation, stoking division at what should be a nice event for everyone to come together”. So what did he do then?
Yes, he indulged in a good needless politicisation, stoking division at what should have been a nice event for everyone to come together. He recycled Ms Symonds’ moan: “more Londoners voted to leave the EU than voted for you, Mr. Mayor”. Pro-am motormouth Katie Hopkins went further: “Mayor of Londonistan hijacks £2.3 million of taxpayers cash to politicise the nations fireworks. Absolute abuse of a public office”.
But she hadn’t heard of paying for it all through ticket sales. The biscuit, though, was well and truly taken by the appallingly intolerant Julia Hartley Dooda, who was close to self-combustion: “Are you bloody kidding me? You put the EU flag on the London Eye on New Year’s Eve? WTAF?” Even perma-smiling Richard Tice was upset.
To be expected by the Mayor...who refuses to accept democracy, refuses to embrace Brexit for London and wants a 2nd referendum”. Refuses to stand by and see the economy trashed so clowns like Tice can indulge in grandstanding, more like. In any case, Steven Maxson had news for Tice. “Is that the democratically elected Mayor of London, a city that voted to Remain?” Quite. The Tice and Hartley Dooda view got more stick.
Ian Aberdein mused “Julia was triggered by a firework display. Let that sink in”, while Mira Bar-Hillel was contemptuous. “The London Eye was a totally European project with essential input from Holland and the Czech Republic. Its late architect, my friend David Marks (whose mother was Swedish) and his wife Julia Barfield would find your xenophobia repulsive, Hartley-Brewer.” The Talk RADIO host won’t be inviting her on any time soon.

Anyone would think Brexiteers are a bunch of snowflakes. I’ll just leave that one there.
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Anonymous said...

Well, of COURSE Khan politicised the ten minutes waste of money.

He's a politician.

It's what politicians do.

Frankly, I couldn't give a shit if London mugs cough up for that load of exploding bollocks. The same mugs will be whining about the cost of transport next or how their streets aren't safe to walk in.

What goes around comes around. And then, apparently, goes up in ten minutes of smoke.

A bit like the 2008 Bankers Scam actually. But worry not, there'll be another scam along in a minute. Somebody has to keep the Uriah Heeps at "work" in Canary Wharf, Whitehall and Westminster. There'll also be another ten minutes waste of money in another year to keep the London proles "happy". Which will also be politicised by whoever is mayor at the time.

Meantime, nobody outside the M25 ghetto could give a fuck about the whole pointless charade. Fortunately there's a great deal more to enjoying life than annual sparklers in a tiny corrupt crime-ridden corner of the country.

Arnold said...

More butthurt here.

"Doctor Who’s BREXIT jibe leaves BBC New Year’s Day viewers fuming"


Burlington Bertie from Bow said...

'nobody outside the M25 ghetto could give a fuck'

I've always assumed that your bile-dripping gaff would be WAY outside the M25, Anon, but you nevertheless appear to be giving a characteristically and predictably disproportionate fuck about our fireworks. How so?

Chris jf said...

You sound fun.
Luckily for us Londoners it seems you won't be gracing us with your presence anytime soon.
Small mercies and all that.

Anonymous said...

I'm all for the 10 minutes London fireworks.

It'll help the quarter of our population in poverty, reduce the number of food banks, settle the homeless and eliminate murderous weapons of mass destruction sales to the Saudis.

And if it doesn't......Hey presto! There'll be another next year!

A Lahndahn Oobah Taxi Driver Rites said...

‘Ere, wot’s rong wiv a bitta fireworks?

Free mahkit innit, like me at Oobah.

Oo gives a shit s’long as we’ve got Brexit, Treeza Mye an good owld Boris an Nigel?

Der ain’t no such fing as food banks. Kelvin said so an eez never lied in iz life az ee? Orlwyes told d’troof ee az.

I ad dat nice Savid Jodhpur in d’backer me cab once. Onny charged im five andred pahnds to Dover’n’back. Pyed me in cash too, tho ee arsked fer a receipt f’six andred. Proper gent. A REEL entryprenooer.

Gawd bless d’princer wiles. Not sure abaht dat Meggin Mark Up tho......

Anonymous said...

"Our fireworks".

Yeah, right.

Burlington Bertie from Bow said...

I'd leave the satire alone and stick to the bitter bile, Anon. you've had a lifetime of practice.

Anonymous said...

"Us Londoners".

Yeah, right.