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Tuesday 26 April 2016

Sun Junior Doctors Bigotry Busted

Hospital doctors - many of whom are not junior at all - have become so frustrated with the machinations of Jeremy Hunt (the former Culture Secretary) that an all-out strike has been called over the planned imposition of new contracts. But rather than look at the issues, the obedient Murdoch doggies at the Super Soaraway Currant Bun have seen that the medics are members of a Union, decided that makes them wrong, and gone in with both feet.
The result has been yet another intolerant editorial, suggesting that the professionals to whom we routinely trust our lives are a bit wet behind the ears and are easily led by whatever they read on Twitter (as opposed to Sun readers, who are expected by the Murdoch mafia to be easily led by whatever they read in their piss-poor morning paper).

As so often with the Sun, the coverage of the dispute is selective and slanted. We read of Hunt being allegedly “motivated by a desire to improve healthcare services at weekends”, although there are already healthcare services available at weekends. “In the House of Commons yesterday Jeremy Hunt appealed for junior doctors to not go on strike” tells the article, managing not to mention that Hunt’s Labour shadow Heidi Alexander, in replying to his plea, eviscerated his posturing in short order.
What the Sun says ...

But the Murdoch doggies claim to have found one doctor who backs the new contract. It’s only a pity that there are several thousands who do not. But that thought is not allowed to enter as Sun Says rants “TODAY’S shameful junior doctors’ strike proves that you can be academically bright yet clueless about life … Naive young professionals are being led by the nose by hard-Left union agitators spreading lies on social media”.

What lies are those? Ah, but we don’t get to find out, not when naive Sun readers are being led by the nose by hard-right press agitators spreading lies on social media (and in the papers). It gets worse: the account of that one doctor who has spoken up in favour of Hunt has been lifted from the Telegraph. And even Adam Dalby is not convinced, or convincing, when it comes to the Government’s brave new world.
... and what the BMA says

Here’s one of his observations: “the new contract is not perfect - women who take time out are penalised, as are single parents and those with long-term illnesses. But I firmly believe judicial review will iron out these issues”. So the example being held up by the Telegraph, and now the Sun as well, says Hunt should be taken on trust to get it right.

Given he’s been evasive and slippery at best, that idea will generate little more than hollow laughter among Dr Dalby’s colleagues. That example alone shows why the argument is about rather more than “a smokescreen to obscure a simple demand for yet more cash on Saturdays”, as the Sun editorial puts it. And it shows why the doctors’ industrial action is so well supported, both within their ranks and by the wider public.

I’m sure it’s only a coincidence that well-paid hacks and pundits who go private are always ready to take the same line as equally comfortable politicians. But it does not serve their readers well - other to show that, after they’ve taken their readers’ money, they couldn’t give a flying foxtrot about their wellbeing. No change there, then.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Of course we expect nothing else but lies and Nazi-style propaganda from Murdoch and Rothermere jobsworths. They are and always have been and always will be cowards and liars. Nothing new there, then.

That shameful doctor Dalby was on C4 News last night. He admitted to being a right wing supporter, though he said he was now a LibDem (as if that made much difference!). He was quickly shredded by junior doctor Rachel, a woman of great dignity and determination.

As usual Dennis Skinner got it bang on when he told the rictus-grinning tory lowlife Hunt to "wipe that smirk off your face" and act like a responsible minister of state. Hunt won't of course - he's from the same immoral and corrupt DNA as the likes of Johnson, Cameron, Duncan Cough, Gove, May, Clarke, Soubry and all the other suited up conmen and women.

Just when you think Murdoch's lying gobshites can't go any lower they manage to dig deeper into their own slime. They are a disgrace to this nation and what's left of its decency.