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Monday 11 April 2016

Kelvin McFilth - More Muslim Bigotry

Former Sun editor Kelvin MacKenzie, famous for a series of front-page leads most of which were totally untrue, and infamous for bringing the paper into even more disrepute than usual over its coverage of the Hillsborough stadium disaster - then blaming his repellent behaviour on others - has of late been using his column at the paper to frighten the readers away from having anything to do with those Scary Muslims (tm).
Under the headline‘What British Muslims Really Think’ poll is proof they ARE different from the rest of us”, Kel wastes no time in urging his readers to “tune in to Channel 4 on Wednesday night at 10pm for what will be the most explosive revelation yet about the divisions in our country between us and the Muslims”.

Between “us” and “the Muslims”. Y’know, like “the French”, or “the Spanish”, except it’s different because “they” are in OUR COUNTRY and NOT THEIRS.

There has been a poll conducted by ICM, and among the findings are “39 per cent agree that Muslims should always obey their husbands” (he means Muslim women). Kel might find a poll of that part of the population that is not Muslim gives a significant percentage who have the same views. It may even be higher among Sun readers.

Another finding, creatively reimagined by Kel, is “23 per cent support areas of Britain in which Sharia law is introduced instead of British law”. There are no areas of Britain, and there aren’t going to be, where “Sharia law is introduced instead of British law”. Anything referencing the Sharia code is in areas such as civil dispute, where the criminal law does not operate, and never has operated.

But do go on. “You will be pleased to know that Muslims like living in Britain mainly because we let them get on with their religion without hindrance”. This is a problem? “However, a sizeable minority of Muslims would actually prefer to live their lives further away from us. A kind of state within a state”. Would Sir care to pony up a citation or other reference to back that one up? Would Sir heck.

Here’s another pearl of wisdom: “The film reveals there are virtually no inter-faith marriages from the Muslim side nor would most Allah believers ever go into a neighbour’s house unless they were from the same religion”. Allah is another word for God. Does Kel not think that some non-Muslims might also worship one of those?

Moreover, he ought to check out attitudes to inter-faith marriages among other religious affiliations - he might get a rude awakening. But the main thrust of his argument is, predictably, to bash the Labour party by proxy.

No wonder the vile Corbynistas are so anti-Semitic as they value the millions of Muslim votes (and their anti-democratic ways) over the 350,000 Jews in our country”. That’s right Kel, you see a handful of bad eggs in an organisation with a six-figure membership and do a quick guilt by association smear. Then talk about Muslims voting, before condemning them as “anti-democratic”.

Or perhaps that should be “the Muslims”, as opposed to “us”. Not that Kelvin McFilth is an unreconstructed bigot, of course. Perish the thought!


Anonymous said...

Does anybody take that fat fascist moron (aka Blubber the Gut) seriously? Even Scum readers?

The fellow really is on the bottom rung of human evolution, if not off the spiral ladder altogether.

Still, when you lift a stone don't be surprised if you find a MacCoward clinging to the underside.

Rivo said...

I seem to recall a similar poll (it may even have been the same one) mentioned on Twitter recently where it "proved" Muslims were incapable of living in western society because a large proportion of them were against gay marriage... But you would probably get similar proportions if you asked a bunch of Christians or Daily Mail readers