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Friday 1 April 2016

Kelvin McFilth Bullying Hypocrisy

Fittingly on the first day of April, the Super Soaraway Currant Bun has decided to take the piss in the most blatant way imaginable, as former editor Kelvin MacKenzie has used his latest fact-free excursion into print to pick on someone more deserving that him, which leaves him spoilt for choice, as opposed to just leaving him spoiled - by all the piles of More And Bigger Paycheques For Himself Personally Now.
The headline of his column says it all: “Disgraceful docs use your sick mum as a battering ram for a pay rise and they should be defeated … Sun columnist says he hates doctors in the same way he hated the miners and dockers”. Yes, Kel wants readers to know that he has a deep-seated hatred of anyone who has to get off their backside in order to earn a living. After all, he’s never had to do that kind of thing.

So what’s Kel’s beef with doctors? “A RELATIVE of mine had a heart attack recently. He was taken to Norwich hospital, where a team of four nurses and two doctors were waiting at A&E to help him in his fight … The treatment was magnificent and after three blockages to his heart were cleared he was allowed home”. What’s the problem, then?

So what would happen if my relative arrived at the hospital during the hours of 8am to 5pm on April 26 or April 27, when junior doctors are staging another strike refusing to cover A&E? Would he be left on the trolley hoping a passing consultant might give him the once over? Or would a senior nurse make the decisions? Or would he just be left in pain until the juniors deigned to return to work?” Nowt gets past Kel, does it?

The four nurses would be there, along with consultants and others who are covering for the doctors’ action. But that does not allow him to rant “The doctors are a disgrace”, and then make a number of highly creative claims about the pay offer made to them. “A 13.5 per cent pay hike for everybody” he tells, though the Government says it’s 11%. He claims “their pay is between £23k and £79k” but in the final stage of training, it’s just £47k.

But Kel wants you all to know that “I hate them in the same way I used to hate the bullying printers, the dockers and the miners … They were defeated and so should the doctors”. And, as Jon Stewart might have said, two things here. One, Kel and his fellow ranters are not playing the strongest hand: Doctors are the country’s most trusted profession with an 89% trust rating (journalists, on the other hand, are on a par with estate agents, on 25%).

And two, Kelvin McFilth is the last one to call bullying on others: he is on record admittingI'm not very tall, and I was certainly a tyrant. I was quite sad when Saddam Hussein was caught - when Mugabe goes, there'll be none of us poor sods left”. The Hillsborough débâcle was down mainly to his colleagues being too frightened to challenge him. He’s the last person to sit in judgment on the medical profession.

If the doctors’ action succeeds, perhaps Kel will do us all a favour and spontaneously combust in the style of Mr Creosote. For that event, I would pay good money for a ticket.


Anonymous said...

Kelvin McKenzie a man you would not piss on if he was on fire.

Temple of R Souls said...

Maybe Kelvin McKenzie should test the A&E at the Royal Liverpool one weekend by going on a pub crawl nearby wearing an "I'm the Sun Reporter who wrote about Hillsborough" T shirt.

Anonymous said...

". He’s the last person to sit in judgment on the medical profession."

He's the last person to sit judgement on any profession, he is lower than a snakes belly.

Anonymous said...

I find it sickening that he's using his column to peddle his 'consumer hero' site A Spokesman Said when he's been in breach of the Trade Descriptions Act for many years!

Anonymous said...

One junior doctor in this dispute is worth a million MacGobshites.

And everyone knows it.

Like all of his apologists, he has nothing to peddle but hate. People like them and him have helped bring this country to its corrupt, shameful level. They have never been anything other than a signpost to British Nazism.

Those who buy his lies deserve exactly the kind of immoral society they get.

Angie Johnson said...

Tim, I too ended up in Norwich A&E a couple of weekends ago and I spoke to the young doctors.Those in A & E do not come out on strike so it's always manned. It was a busy evening post the last Rugby match, more drink related and injuries from fighting/falling than the normal evening. Patients were held in ambulances until corridor space became available and wards were full! The doctors were working relentless to stem the tide and had already been on for many hours as had the nursing staff and yet their manner and efficiency remained excellent. All medical and support staff -including para medics - deserve a decent pay rise and standard of living they are amazing. I was treated as a priority and even though a quick medication top up could have stopped the reaction and I could have been sent on my way I had the full check over and chest/vision tests etc before I was allowed to leave. Many of these doctors and nurses could earn more in a non vocational role and to lose their skills would be a travesty. Too much money goes into paying politicians, government and their support infrastructure rather than where it should be expended.

http://www.thesocialshuttle.com/ said...

I'd piss on him if he was on fire as with my prostrate problem there would be no hope of the fire going out.

Anonymous said...

Thing is, he sounds more and more like somebody riddled with self-loathing because he doesn't have the guts to stand up for himself the way organised workers do.

At least the workers can say they stood up for their rights, and they can look in the mirror knowing they did their best.

MacKenzie on the other hand will see only an obsequious coward. He'll take that to the grave with him.