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Wednesday 13 April 2016

Guido Fawked - Conspiracy Hypocrisy

[Update at end of post]

Less than a day after the story of Culture Secretary John Whittingdale, and its suppression by at least four newspapers, had been brought to a wider audience by Private Eye magazine and BBC Newsnight, the “Conspiracy Theory” meme that had apparently been agreed in advance was falling apart. The falling apart came from those who had started it all, the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines and his rabble at the Guido Fawkes blog.
Behold another unsavoury sleazebag

Zelo Street regulars will know that Staines’ newly anointed teaboy Alex Wickham was, by complete coincidence you understand, ready with a hatchet job on campaigning group Hacked Off as soon as Newsnight went off air. But this morning, Wickham overdosed on the Fawkes Kool-Aid and sprayed his remaining credibility up the wall, as he invented his own conspiracy theory - where there was no conspiracy.

Watson Fingerprints All Over Whittingdale Story” rants the headline, as Wickham revisits the absurd and paranoid notion already pitched by Murdoch pundit David Aaronovitch - and already debunked. The Whittingdale story has had no input whatever from Labour’s deputy leader. None. Zero Zilch. Nil. Nada. Zip. Bugger all. So did the Fawkes teaboy think twice and retract? You jest. He just dug himself in a little deeper.

For the last two years Natalie Rowe, the prostitute who made the infamous coke and bondage allegations about George Osborne” he tells, not letting readers know that these were not mere allegations - Osborne was a client of hers. But do go on. “Her allegations, including the pictures she tweeted of Whitto and his former partner, eventually found their way onto the eccentric Byline website”. Anything factual is “eccentric” to Wickham.

The Byline pieces by Nick Mutch and James Cusick are not Ms Rowe’s allegations. Wickham must think everyone else cobbles up whoppers the same way he does. But then he gets to the point: “Yet well before the revelations broke, Rowe had a long phone call with Tom Watson where they discussed ‘in detail’ her story about Whittingdale”. Tom Watson still had absolutely nothing to do with the Byline pieces.

Would Sir like to double down and make a total Grade A tosser of himself? He certainly would: “Natalie was frustrated with Watson’s apparent failure to get the story going. Conveniently, it eventually ended up on Byline, whose writers Watson is very friendly with”. Hey, Tom Watson once met Peter Jukes by Canada Water Tube! Wow! How sinister is that? Er, it’s not sinister at all. Peter once met Wickham’s former colleague Harry Cole.

So is Master Cole in on the conspiracy? But Wickham has one last throw of the dice: “Ironic that Watson, a man who previously had a keen interest in keeping his personal life out of the press, was so interested in the private relationships of a political enemy”. He has still not contributed in any shape or form to the Byline pieces.

All those useful idiots who so eagerly cited Wickham’s wibblings as authoritative earlier today should hang their heads in shame. Here is the one shouting “Conspiracy Theory” the loudest, while all he’s doing is to … peddle baseless conspiracy theories. He isn’t known as “Billy Liar” for nothing. Another fine mess, once again.

[UPDATE 1735 hours: not only has Tom Watson had no input or even influence on the Byline Media pieces on Whittingdale, it now transpires that he actually helped the Tory MP's cause by advising a paper not to publish the story.

Robert Peston has told on his Facebook page that Watson told The Sunday People "he did not see there was a public-interest reason to run the story on Mr Whittingdale's affair, since he was a single man, this was his private life, and the People had no evidence that Mr Whittingdale had paid for sex ... So a prominent MP who presumably would feel that embarrassing Mr Whittingdale was in his party's interest cautioned against publication".

That means Alex Wickham's ridiculous conspiracy theory is well and truly busted]


rob said...

Are Guido and his mates aware of what sort of ingredients make up the brew Tea Boy concocts? They all seem to be imbibing the same stuff.
Could it be that the voices in their heads are emanationg from a transmitter in Rebekah's office?
I bet that David Aaronovitch could draw a line explaining it. Let's give him a starter. Murdoch.

Anonymous said...

Even worse for Billy Liar as it has transpired that the People approached Tom Watson about the story and he advised against publication, as he felt it was a private matter and he had not paid for sex.

Anonymous said...

Whittingdale's statement needs analysing. They met through Match.com and she is near his age. If you believe that you will believe anything. How many other untruths does it contain and why (again) has the mainstream media swallowed it so uncritically? There are powerful forces trying to bury this story. No one cares about Ministers and whips, it is about the corrupt press.

Anonymous said...

Wickham could do with a "life coach" as well as an advisor on how to look reasonably presentable to the world.

It wouldn't stop him lying but it might keep him in touch with the real world. But somehow I doubt the knob head would have the first clue about reality, not with the company he keeps.

What an utter, utter idiot.

Taboo for you said...

We can see the impact this story is having and let's be honest it's a huge taboo.

It is no secret that people do have illicit affairs and it happens in ordinary folk and professionals alike.

The biggest pointer is when it starts to be a concern for the nature of work that said infidelity types work in.

That is true and relevant.

The press have for longer than we can remember been exposing the colourful sex lives of celebs, politicians and anyone else deemed of public interest.
Do they all themselves behave with impeccable record?

Of course not. I'm just a regular member of the public and I know a lot about illicit affairs amongst some in all manor of professions.

The real focus should be on what is 'acceptable'.

Do something to put measures in place.
The same with drugs.
What we don't want to see is people of these calibre sneaking in and repeating the same in future.

It's not fair or right for them to dictate or expect people to look up to them or see them as respectable.

Sure, people get attracted to each other, it's a human condition that can't be helped. We all do it.
Know the boundaries and stay within them.

Respect yourself and all else falls in to line.

Alex Wickham said...


I've sat back and watched you repeatedly make the same mistake with regards to my skills.

I would like to set the record straight right here and now before things get ridiculously out of hand and you know my reputation is in good shape and I would like to keep it that way.

So, for the sake of the public knowing the truth and to prevent you from looking incompetent in the future, I would like the world to know that.....I can make coffee as well as tea !

Anonymous said...

@ Alex Wickham.

Yeah, right.

But you wouldn't know the truth if you tripped over it coming out of a Canary Wharf wine bar.

Nobody with a mind of their own believes a word you come out with. But I don't expect you to understand that.

Meanwhile......one sugar, please.

Alex Wickham said...

Getting sick of your ilk trying to ruin me.

I will NEVER look foolish in public.

Sugar? I haven't learned how to do that yet.