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Monday 25 April 2016

Guido Fawked - Corbyn Inheritance Fail

Spare a thought for the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines and his rabble at the Guido Fawkes blog. No, seriously: while Zelo Street is able to discuss Culture Secretary John Whittingdale’s dalliances, the Tory Bullying scandal, anything to do with Offshore interests, and the behaviour of leaders like Vladimir Putin, The Great Guido is hopelessly compromised on all four, having sold out, in some cases literally.
You need money when you're perpetually thirsty

So it should surprise no-one to see the piss-poor offerings being served up chez Fawkes right now, especially the constant Labour bashing. Now that such earth-shattering items like Chuka Umunna having more than one wristwatch and Diane Abbott earning money other than from her MP’s salary have been flogged half to death, there is very little left. Which brings us to today’s no shock horror revelations about Jeremy Corbyn.

Claiming an “exclusive” (yeah, right) the Fawkes rabble declare10% of Corbyn’s Inheritance Set Aside For CND”. Do go on. “10% of Jeremy Corbyn’s significant inheritance was set aside for the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, Guido can reveal”. Ooh, how significant was it? Actually, it wasn’t: “When the Labour leader’s mother passed away in 1989, she left Jezza and his three brothers a hugely valuable estate worth the equivalent of nearly £600,000 in today’s money”.

So it was a fraction of that amount back then - around a quarter of the figure shown. And nothing has been “set aside”: “Mrs Corbyn expressed a ‘hope’ that, after taxes, her sons would give one tenth of their inheritance to organisations including the CND and Greenpeace. So that’s where Jeremy got his strong unilateralist principles from”.

That means the headline cannot be stood up by the rest of the article, or, as they say at IPSO, a “Clause 1: Accuracy” breach. Small wonder the Fawkes mob aren’t keen on the idea of press regulation. And it gets worse. “More awkwardly, did Piers Corbyn, the famous climate change denier, really give thousands to Greenpeace as mum wished?” Why is having his view on climate change incompatible with giving to CND?

And it gets worse still: “So how much did Corbyn inherit? After taxes Jezza received the equivalent of around £100,000 in today’s money”. Or, to put it another way, not enough to buy him a garage in the grottiest part of Greater London. But The Great Guido maintains the conceit to the very end, by which time there can only be one response.

Dave isn’t the only leader who enjoyed the privilege of well-off parents” concludes the post. “Well-off”? Well, “off” is right. As in just f*** right off. That is the lamest hatchet job since the Lame faculty of the University of Lame in Lame City redefined Lame to be even more Lame than usual. Jezza gets a piddling tiny fraction of what Young Dave has been trousering, and will continue to trouser. It’s not even good enough to be a non-story.

Still, the money from the Russians, the Press Establishment, and all those other constraining sources makes it worth it, I suppose. Another fine mess, once again.


Anonymous said...

If those arse heads get any more comically desperate they'll "qualify" for straitjackets.

I'm all in favour of winding them up and ripping them. They're so stupid it's pathetic.

Straw men, all of them.

Gweedo Fawkes said...


Ditching my job as a journalist.

I'm going to open up a clinic due to my recent acquiring of a certificate of medical examiner (US description)

So, show me your problems and I'll cure you.


rob said...

Pity Guido doesn't conscentrate his efforts on the Green Party.

There's Sir Philip Green - his specialist area, asset stripping and tax avoidance
Lord Michael Green - mate of Cameron's from Carlton days. Specialist area, sleeping at HSBC while doing a Brooks type job ie saw nothing, heard nothing and certainly didn't speak up. A shoe in for the House of Lords.
And the third of a kind - Michael Green - specialist area, could be libellous if thoughts entered here, but one that can be is inventing naff pseudonyms like Grant Shapps. A possible second could be that he was and is a god send for Michael Crick.

Perhaps the problem for Guido is that getting older he no longer remembers any juicy stories picked up in the bar area and has to rely on the fabrications of a fantasist tea boy which suit his financial backers whoever and wherever they may be.

So Guido go Green old man!

Anonymous said...

Rob, Guido did concentrate on green.
What did he call the leaders partner?

Has he been sued?