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Wednesday 24 February 2016

Sun Fat Cat Hypocrisy

Still unable to go full Europhobia on its readers, the Super Soaraway Currant Bun has today used the upcoming EU referendum as a way of advancing the pretence that it is on the side of the little people, all those small business folk, like the white van men in championed briefly last year when it chimed with bashing the Labour Party. The only problem is that the hypocrisy is all too clearly on view.
In a typically crude editorial, readers are told “WE couldn’t care less that a few corporate fat cats insist Britain must stay in the EU”. Corporate fat cats. But not like the corporate fat cats that occupy the Baby Shard. But do go on. “Some are Tory donors or cronies of David Cameron and George Osborne. Some turn out to be French or Belgian”. Cronies. But not like the kind of cronies that invite Dave and George to their parties.

Foreign. But not like the kind of foreigners who were born in Australia and hold United States citizenship. The double standards just keep on coming: “is Mr Cameron blind to the public rage against big corporations and bankers since the recession?” Big corporations. But not the kind of big corporations that ran the now-defunct Screws, which was as close as the press got to a criminal enterprise masquerading as a newspaper.

Big corporations. But not the kind that strong-arm Governments into green-lighting the takeover of that 61% of Sky that they do not already own. And it gets worse - a lot worse: “Buddying up with a few dozen selfinterested [sic] millionaires to browbeat the little people is not a good look”. Self-interested millionaires. But not the kind who run most of the press, and shit on the little people at will, just to flog a few more papers.
Self-interested millionaires. But not the kind that browbeat their readers into believing the world is full of Scary Muslims (tm) coming to get them. Not the kind who wilfully frighten their readers against anyone who talks foreign. Not the kind that deliberately tries at every turn to undermine the NHS, the BBC, and anyone who opposes them. Not the kind that wants to keep on marking their own homework.

So what would the Sun like us to do, then? “Let’s hear what ordinary folk say about Europe”. Ordinary folk. But not the ones who make up the majority in the latest opinion polls (even the Mail has found that its sample of prospective voters has an 11 point lead for remaining in the EU). Ordinary folk. But not the ones who find themselves with hacks and snappers camped outside their houses. Not them.

A parting shot, perchance? “On the economy, let’s hear what our SMALL firms think of a future free of the stranglehold of Brussels regulation”. How the heck would the Murdoch doggies have the first idea of what small firms experience? That would be the kind of small firms that the Sun talks about. And talks about. And talks about. But never actually bothers to talk to. This less than totally screaming anti-EU line is not an easy one to do, is it?

The Sun is in a difficult place right now. The hacks can’t tell which way the wind is blowing, but they want to pick the winner. And they dearly want Cameron on side for their next Sky bid. All of that with a fast declining readership. Couldn’t happen to more deserving shower.


Anonymous said...

All it needs is for the Murdoch scum to be omitted from bidding for footy TV rights.

That would see them off completely.

Then we can start to fumigate our national culture to rid us of its current Murdoch/Rothermere stink.

But let's face it: Any nation that even marginally pays for and supports the propaganda activities of a tenth rate OzYank boot boy and his brats deserves all it gets, including the corrupt rat hole that is Mistake-on-Thames.

J said...

Interesting that the S*n is also using the torygraph method of "no comments allowed" when ever it says something it knows the general public, including on the right, are going to slate.

The torygraph has a blanket ban on comments when ever IDS pronounces his "beliefs", likewise the S*n has a blanket ban on its editorials... cant let the plebs disagree with their betters now can we, especially when most of the comments would be pointing out how Murdcock (a rich evil cnut, and - worse - a non-dom tax avoiding "forenner") is always trying to tell us what to think and believe.

Likewise, the second issue on the page of Doctors strikes... it knows its going to lose the argument to the plebs, so dare not let the plebs have a say.

Anonymous said...


I see Rupe has been bugging up Michael Gove on Twitter, saying something about principles. Ha ha ha.......sigh.

I wonder if any of the S*N journalists (I use that word because I can think of no other to describe what they are supposed to do) would like to investigate this little nugget?