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Wednesday 24 February 2016

James Delingpole - EU’s Secret Weapon

Sometimes the opposition rides to your rescue. On occasion, there is no need for an act of rescue, but the opposition comes riding anyway. So it has been with those wanting Britain to remain in the EU: coming galloping to support their cause has been self-promotion specialist and cluelessness champion supreme, James “saviour of Western civilisation” Delingpole, whose sneering nastiness has rebounded on him big time.
"Gay marriage" ... "Global Warming" ... "Eco Crucifixes" ... "Red Meat Conservatism" ... "Brain Not In Gear While Tweeting"

Del Boy has form for Tweeting before engaging brain: after his pal, the loathsome Toby Young, critiqued Suzanne Moore recently, he made a most unfortunate comment which led his boss, then-editor of the Telegraph Tony Gallagher, to issue him a weapons grade bollocking and cause him to apologise. This time, Del is his own boss at Breitbart London, which fraudulently claims to cover news. So he’s bollocked himself instead.
The lead up to Del’s mis-step began mildly earlier this week, as he whined “Sajid Javid: study; whisky; service pistol”. Del’s never been in the armed forces, but he likes to pretend. He also likes to pretend about past leaders: “Well done Boris. But it was one of those Churchill on the bridge moments. To have acted otherwise would have been to have rejected destiny”. But Winshton didn’t have any “on the bridge” moments.
Then came the abuse: “Is it true that 98.72 per cent of all paedophiles, serial killers, wind turbine entrepreneurs and puppy torturers are pro EU?” Are they in air quotes, Del, like “gay marriage” and “global warming”? Go on, have another go. Those wanting to remain in the EU he condemned as “Remaniacs”. As opposed toDelingpoles” who want to leave.
Still, details eh? Back to the abuse: “Basically every environmental scare story ever, esp if it involves animals, is made up. Bollocks. Worthless”. We’ll get on to his credentials on that front later. How about the EU? Here it comes: “Fact: at the Rape of Nanking ALL the baby killing would have been done by proto Remainers”. Sneer firmly in place: check!
Del was now on a roll: “Fact: Genghis Khan's, Attila The Hun's and Vlad The Impaler's genes are found in 99.872 of Remainers”. And then came the Tweet he had to delete, which, thanks to the good and great Doc Hackenbush, we can still see in all its glory. “Fact: anyone voting Remain would have said to the Nazis ‘Mr and Mrs Cohen are in the cellar’”. Del Boy always ends up veering into Godwin territory.
Yet he is still able to say the other lot is doing it too: “What I'm really enjoying about the #brexit debate is the complete lack of courtesy afforded one another by the opposing sides”. Well, one of them, perhaps. Meanwhile, Sun Apology has pointed out that while Del is promoted as a “Climate Expert” by the Sun, he doesn’t have the scientific expertise to figure out peer-reviewed papers. We know this because Del admitted it.

And it still took Paul Nurse less than two minutes to do this sneering windbag up like a kipper. Now he’s put his foot in it so badly the Remain campaign will be putting on new supporters whenever his idiocy is revisited. What a total and absolute waste of space.


Andy McDonald said...

I always planned to vote Stay, and as the roll call of names in the Leave camp mounts up, I'm confident I'll be in good company.

Anonymous said...

How old is this child Delingpole?

Hopefully he will grow up soon and act his age.

Anonymous said...


You keep digging up these crackpots.

In this case, someone I've never heard of: having read his "opinions," I quickly realised why. He's in the Toby Young gang of Bullingdon Boot Boy Mentalities.

If this country ever turns openly fascist - and the signs have been there for a long time now - people like Delingpole will be out there in brown shirt, jodhpurs and jackboots.

What a sad, sick individual he is. If the opinions cited are true he appears to have no saving grace at all.

Has our public life deteriorated so much his type is becoming the norm?

J said...

You mean Breitbart is supposedly a real news source? I always thought it was a bunch of proto-nazi reich-whingers and run by the biffers, no really, I thought it was run by Britain First. Well colour me shocked!

mirandola said...

Does Delingpole have a drink problem?

pete c said...

More of a brain problem. Who'd have thought that someone could written/talked stuff more badly thought out and spewed forth than the dreaded Louise manages.

Clueless really does sum him up in one. And still people employ such fools.