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Friday 5 February 2016

Don’t Menshn Harry Leslie Smith

The brief and ultimately failed campaign by the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines and his rabble at the Guido Fawkes blog to smear veteran campaigner Harry Leslie Smith using the faux device of concern trolling was dealt its most grievous blow not by the reality of Smith’s assertion that he did indeed manage his own Twitter account, but the unwanted intervention of the right-wing’s own bad luck charm.
(c) Doc Hackenbush 2014

Yes, fresh from getting it totally wrong over a minor diplomatic incident between the USA and Iran (not quite worth air strikes, sorry) and pretending to be a victim on the recent Troll Hunters documentary, (thankfully) former Tory MP Louise Mensch saw the Fawkes folks’ post on HLS, immediately concluded that she, as usual, knew more than all other interested parties combined, and went in with both feet.
Very disturbing if publishers are tweeting as @Harryslaststand … - are you? Another @JohnPrescott situation? … are multiple people tweeting this account and pretending to be him? Yes or no please” she demanded. The reply she received was not to her satisfaction. And nor was the statement HLS gave Peter Jukes.
This reply was duly ignored
Who says he wrote that?” she snapped, having been told who wrote that. HLS had told Jukes that he did his own Tweets. This did not accord with the conclusion Ms Mensch had already reached. She knew more than he did about what he did, and to demonstrate this, she disregarded that information and just carried on ranting.
At this point, the errors began to creep in: “this tweet and the successive tweet were typed in under one minute, including the sub quoting of tweets. At 93, doubtful … Really objectionable if, as seems the case now, other people tweet from the @Harryslaststand account. two subquote tweets in [under]1m”. HLS is 92. He is not 93 until later this month. And only one of those Tweets has to be typed within the minute. Think about it.
Ms Mensch was, as so often, not for thinking about it: “to be clear I am saying Harry Smith quite obviously does not tweet the account  @Harryslaststand and is being exploited … Deeply respect Harry Smith; not the folks behind the @Harryslaststand account. Not a 93 yr old typing 2 tweets a min”. Not sufficiently deep respect to get his age right, though.
Nor was she for leaving well alone so long after the Fawkes post had been debunked: “Publishers still using the @Harryslaststand twitter I see. How can any company sink so low. Awful”. Awful that someone should take out their obsessive streak in this way. And only last night came “@minn_janet @Harryslaststand it's nor [sic] ‘he’ it;s [sic] a nasty bunch of others pretending to be a great man, gross”.

That’s a horribly ungrammatical Tweet for someone who took English Language and Literature at Oxford. That is, of course, assuming Ms Mensch does all her own Tweets. I mean, she wouldn’t have someone else doing them, would she?


Anonymous said...

Spose it depends if she's run out of paedo mates yet

Andy McDonald said...

And underneath it all, the assumption that a 'great man', a war veteran and clearly lucid and intelligent, simply cannot be allowed to be one of 'them'. How dare a war hero be a lefty! We got dibs, they cry.

Anonymous said...

So Untermensch went to Oxford?........Well, that explains everything the dope says. Nothing good ever came out of the Oxbridge gang.

The woman is now well off the loony scale of ranting righties.

Imagine her in the same room as Dacre, Rothermere, Murdoch, Gallagher, MacKenzie, Neil, Cole, Kuenssberg, Frei, Paxman, and all the other far right tory doggies. It'd be like the local dogs home.

Hywel Mallett said...

Air strikes now?

rob said...

@ Hywel

Air strikes now? Well she is Murdoch's own pet drone. She drones on and on and on ............ ad infinitum. Possibly a lot less accurate in her scatterbrainedgun pot shots though than his news drones. Possibly.....

Andy McDonald said...

IIRC (probably covered on here) she was jumping all over Twitter demanding air strikes when some US sailors recently found themselves in Iranian waters. Because that's what any self-respecting US president does - he bombs the bastards. Bomb some sense into those uppity foreigners who dare to mess with the Anglosphere. Thankfully the State Department passed on this piece of strategic advice.

Just think, if she didn't have Twitter, she'd be either writing green ink letters to her local paper, or standing on her balcony shouting rude things at the sky. So, you know, think of the letters editors and her neighbours who are getting off light.

Stephen said...

Ironic Mensch would accuse other people of using Harry's Twitter account when her own appears to be ghost written by Rupert Murdoch.

pete c said...

High time this silly woman went out on the road with one of her hub's bands.

Get a bit down and dirty, shake some tail feather. that sort of thing.

Might take her mind off being a has-been.

Anonymous said...

Fawkes fucks up.

Story of his life.

Anonymous said...

What a disgusting thing to say.

You should be very careful at comments you make of that kind as it can get you in to a lot of trouble.
I would seriously suggest you learn some manners and respect.

Stop picking on paedos!! !!

Concerned of Weybridge said...

Does she have a history of alcohol abuse? Her emissions have that stink of 3rd bottle syndrome.

Anonymous said...

You can always ask her yourself.

She is on Twitter.

Anonymous said...

She said on Twitter she takes Adderall. That's an amphetamine. But she says she is ADHD, so it will be an Rx from doc. But according to her she is off "illegal drugs" and doesn't drink much at all any more.

Anonymous said...

OMG that is Louise Mensch in the comments above. "You can always ask her yourself. She is on Twitter". Those pixels are so smug they practically scream Mensch. No Louise, nobody wants to ask you on Twitter because you are a nasty piece of work who is slightly delusional. Your dermatologist has done a fine job. I would fire the shrink.