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Monday 1 February 2016

Guido Fawked - Sun Column Cancelled

For three long years, Sun on Sunday readers have had to endure the tedious drivel served up to them by the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines and his rabble at the Guido Fawkes blog. Not any more. Following the removal of (fortunately) former Tory MP Louise Mensch from the roll-call of variously lame pundits has come the news - volunteered by the Fawkes folks, to their credit - that they too have been given the elbow.
So ratarsed he can't focus. Same old Staines

It all seems such a long way from those heady days in 2014 when Staines and his then tame gofer, the odious flannelled fool Harry Cole, welcomed a variety of freeloaders to celebrate the Fawkes blog’s tenth anniversary, although in reality that served only to confirm what many already knew: the Fawkes crowd had sold out to the political and press establishment. The lack of real exclusives was proof of that.

So how are Staines and his pals spinning their having been given the order of the boot by Tony Gallagher? “We enjoyed the challenge of writing a very different product for a mass market tabloid audience, though we won’t miss the deadline stress of sweating over our column all day Friday. The discipline of having to write tight, straight-to-the-point copy is tough”. It’s called Plain English, chaps. You should try it sometime.

But the most interesting part of the Fawkes apologia is when readers are defiantly informed that their group blog is going on to allegedly bigger and better things: “Order-Order.com is expanding in terms of both output and staff numbers, as ever our efforts are focused on breaking more news on the site first”. Glossing over the poor grammar and shonky punctuation for the moment, I have a question for The Great Guido.

Who’s paying? The Sun column was a Nice Little Earner for Staines and Co. If that income stream has gone, yet they’re expanding staff numbers, someone else will have to foot the bill. The idea that Staines would fund it out of his own pocket is risible. So where is the money coming from? And is it coming from the UK? After all, the Fawkes blog was happy in the past to take the Russian Government’s money, wasn’t it?

Or is the Fawkes boast mere bravado in the face of having been snubbed by the Murdoch empire, whose patronage Staines had worked so assiduously to gain? Is his ego in a rather bruised state right now? As for the “breaking news”, my information is that the Fawkes rabble are working on a barrel-scraping hatchet job that would shame most media folk. It seems that desperation may be the order-order of the day.

Today’s offerings from the Fawkes rabble don’t suggest that things will improve any day soon. Take the allegedly “Breaking” item on Rochdale’s nominally Labour MP Simon Danczuk and his latest expenses imbroglio: Zelo Street had that one a week ago. So when Staines and Co boast “You’re either in front of Guido, or behind”, I have to tell them that I’m well in front of them, thanks. And I don’t see that changing any time soon.

The Sun is well rid of The Great Guido. Another fine mess, once again.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of 'Goodbye and good riddance, Seaman Staines', has anyone seen his ex gofer, pathetic prefect Harry Cole lately?
Just leaving it out there...

Anonymous said...

Having seen Gallagher on Press Review the other night I have to say - even by Scum standards - I have yet to see a more greasy, untrustworthy piece of curled up shite from the netherworld of Murdoch Nazis.

In other words, he and the Fawkes gang are a marriage made in 1933. Pity they hate so much they've ended up hating each other. Together they could only have exposed yet more of their ranting righty poison.

Still, anything for a larf, ey?

Mr Angry from Landrake said...

Oh dear, how sad, never mind. One is tempted to have the same reaction as "Guido Tory Boy's" when he heard Ed Balls was beaten!

Anonymous said...

Staines will have more time on his hands in which to change 'Flannelled Fool' Dirty Harry's nappy in the East India Club. Dirty's sick communications involving women who are very distressed, like those rolling down hilltops, just make him look ultra puffed up on his own flubber chops pointlessness. Buy this Dirty porridge faced bloater a blow up doll. He can photograph it all day and it will stay silent when blackmailed. It won't attempt suicide and he can always prick it and fold it away if he has psychotic urges.

Anonymous said...

"Staines will have more time on his hands in which to change 'Flannelled Fool' Dirty Harry's nappy in the East India Club".

Or time to be a father and husband. If, his partner still tolerates him. Vile pig.
He puts so much effort in to exposing those from his own I'll fated profession he can't surely be there for his family?

You know, the ones who's private lives he keeps silent on whilst happily throwing others in front of a train!

Has he had a psychological evaluation?

Gweedo Fawkes said...

Hi Guys,

Another petition in the pipeline.

This one supports a ban on all forms of terrorism.

Terrorism can include and is not limited to: Causing distress, fear, anger, hate, and intimidation, Manipulation and threats or veiled threats.

Extreme terrorism: Causing death and suicide with intentional malice and acts.

So, as you can see it is of a huge concern. I am happy to be given the position to be patron of any charity to be set up, I humbly accept as I have never participated in such cruel behaviours. In fact, I insist.


I've seen the things youve written about my good self and I am deeply upset.

We know where you live, eat, sleep, shit and we know what your farts smell like!

Be afraid. Be very afraid!

Anonymous said...

Calm down and buy a chapstick and some nappy rash cream. Available in all good chemists.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear oh dear, touched a nerve have we? Never mind, think of all that time you'll have to w*** over the likes of Frankie Leach!
Typical Seaman Staines, trying to maintain relevance while his underwear singes.
Another fine mess, around his feet!