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Monday 29 February 2016

Katie Hopkins Rejects Sympathy

Even through all the times when she offended anyone and everyone with her tasteless yet effortless blend of ignorance, prejudice and rank paranoia, it has been hard not to feel a little sympathy for pro-am motormouth Katie Hopkins. This is because she has suffered for some years with a particularly nasty form of epilepsy - sleep epilepsy - which meant a good night’s kip might have to be followed by a trip to the local A&E.
Viewers may still want to look away now

That was because the epileptic fits were so violent that joints would routinely become dislocated. Even dozing off on the train back to Exeter could induce an episode. And so it came to pass that Ms Hopkins went into hospital to have “awake” and yet invasive brain surgery in an effort to cure her of the sleep epilepsy. The operation appears to have been successful. Many have been willing to suspend hostilities and offer yet more sympathy.
Well, Katie doesn’t want anyone’s sympathy: not only did she come out fighting from her visit to the operating theatre - well, Tweeting, anyway - but the old habit of minimising exertion while maximising offensiveness has not gone away. Far from it: Ms Hopkins was straight out of theatre and straight into filing another missive for Mail Online, this time putting the boot in on Kate and Gerry McCann.
And subtle it is not: “There is no amount of money the will right the wrongs of the past, no libel action that will cancel out the damage the McCanns inflicted on themselves”. The libelling of the McCanns, Ms Hopkins manages to miss, were so serious that the Express and Daily Star titles ended up having to publish front page apologies. The legal actions were not entered into lightly; the Desmond press was bang out of order.
On goes Ms Hopkins: “If you really must blame someone, then Kate and Gerry are right there in front of you. And yet, protected by some invisible force-shield I don’t understand”. The rest of the article gets far nastier, before its author bangs on ad infinitum, and indeed ad nauseam, about how she is a far more conscientious mother than Kate McCann. As Sir Sean nearly said, I think we got the point.
Then the Twitter advert tells Ms Hopkins’ followers of “The truth behind the lies of Kate & Gerry McCann”. And there were other targets to search out and demonise, Scary Muslims (tm) for starters: “I am sick of authorities using terms like Asian men to avoid the very obvious fact these child rapists are Muslims … Muslim men raping white women is consistent with the teaching of Islam. Revoke their citizenship and deport the bastards. Asian my arse”. Good luck with finding that one in the Qur’an (she won’t).
There was even time to smear Lily Allen as a hooker (seriously) before an attempt to export her inimitable brand of unpleasantness: “Swiss referendum 'should we deport all foreign criminals without appeal' Easiest yes ever”. Sadly for Katie, the Swiss decided to ignore her and voted No. After all, some of us have standards to maintain.

Katie Hopkins doesn’t want our sympathy. But we have to put up with her bigotry.

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Anonymous said...

The woman needs more treatment.

Such as an injection of normal human feelings.