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Saturday 20 February 2016

Don’t Menshn George Galloway

Almost as soon as Young Dave had proclaimed to a weary Brussels press corps that he had secured A Jolly Good Piece Of Paper In Our Time, those who had always wanted Britain to leave the EU lost no time in telling anyone who would listen that they now, er, wanted Britain to leave the EU. To reinforce the point, the cross-party Grassroots Out group held a rally in Westminster to kick off their campaign.
(c) Doc Hackenbush 2014

Unfortunately for this new and allegedly very wonderful incarnation of the People’s Front Of Judea, it kicked off in a way they would rather it not have done when Nigel “Thirsty” Farage introduced his new bestest pal, surprise guest George Galloway. The dismay among assembled pundits was as nothing to the realisation, somewhere in a reassuringly expensive corner of Manhattan, that the Brexit dream had been irredeemably damaged.
Yes, the mood of (thankfully) former Tory MP Louise Mensch darkened by the minute as the realisation of Galloway’s presence sank home. From trilling “Cameron's deal - ‘Taking the Peace in Our Time’” (had she read it? Had she heck), the mood began to darken. “SO GLAD @Grassroots_Out supporters ditched the failing org and left the rally when Farage dragged in misogynistic prat Galloway” she observed.
She now knew that her branch of the PFJ was the real one: “No easy way to say it but any MP who allows Galloway on a platform with them loses cred and votes. @vote_leave designated for sure”. And she knew who was to blame for Galloway’s appearance: “Raheem and Nigel strike again. Now get lost and let @vote_leave deliver”.
But the damage was done, and slowly reality was dawning over New York City. “Clear Farage wants to stay in and protect his pay packet” she grumbled, before losing it completely. Galloway made it a totally cross-party campaign? “Fuck off. How dare you invite that misogynist smearer of 15 year old forced marriage victims. You are toxic”.
The ranting, coupled with the realisation of powerlessness, continued after Raheem “Call me Ray” Kassam intervened to explain why the former Respect MP had been there. This did not impress Ms Mensch one bit: “You fucked up”. UKIP spinner Gawain Towler fared no better as he had the audacity to do no more than record the occasion: “Disaster towler. Worst Farage fail ever. Vote leave will take #Brexit from here thanks”.
It got worse: after Kassam claimed that Galloway’s presence made sense for Grassroots Out, she went into auto-rant mode. “Bollocks. Fuck right off then fuck of some more after that. Omnishambolic”. Even Stephen Bush of the Staggers got it in the neck for pointing out that GO had representation from across the political spectrum: “Utter bollocks. @vote_leave has Labour MPs, UKIP MPs and MEPs and Deputy chairman, cabinet ministers too”. Sadly, Ms Mensch is out of power, and out of credibility.

The Outers have had less than a day on the stump, and they have already descended into a total shambles. There is nothing that Louise Mensch can do about it. And it won’t get any better from hereon in. So sit back, folks, and get the popcorn in.


MH said...

'UKIP "MPs"'? Carswell must be spreading himself a bit thin!

Anonymous said...

Minor correction - that GO rally was in QE II Conference Centre in Westminster, not Sheffield.

Tim Fenton said...


Had just been corrected - thanks!

Unknown said...

Ukip MPs? Is she sure about that? I thought they only have one MP.

J said...

Funny as. [sic]

So the various reich-whingers are now fighting amongst themselves as to who are the real official leave group.

It should be funny watching them attack each other over which has the highest standing, which should be allowed to run TV adds and which gets to play in the "official time" (I can't remember the official term) prior to the vote.

They are like a bunch of rabid dogs fighting over who gets the spoils, not realising that they are all going to be dead quite soon.

SteveB said...

@Jonathon - don't get too excited about the various politicians arguing over recognition to be the official Out campaign. There is a much more potent Out-force and that is the likes of the Daily Mail. The official campaigns can have their money and get their telly time - but most people will switch off like they usually do with politics. But the constant drip feed of lies and abuse in their papers will have a greater effect - although how the Mail will spin the support of Galloway (and vice versa) ought to have some entertainment value.

In many ways these people are irrelevant (Mensch is a relative unknown) because the next four months of headlines have mostly already been written.

A.Robot (Mrs) said...

I wonder whether Mensch has ever thought of taking a little more water with it.

Anonymous said...


This may make you larf.

For an instant I misread "...hereon in..." as "heroin."

The funny thing is....it too makes sense in the context.

Unknown said...

@steveb, I think that's right, entertaining though the event was, it will have passed 99% of the voting public by who as you say don't really give much thought to politics. They are however exposed to constant talking points such as "the foreigners are stealing our jobs."

The fact that the Mail gives over its front page on a regular basis to this kind of stuff is important, as it's like free advertising for the Leave campaign anytime someone sets foot in a supermarket or newsagent.

pete c said...

Interesting comment from Simon Kelner in yesterday's i.

Floated the idea that the referendum votes of under 35s should count for far more than the voters of old trouts like me. For obvious reasons.

Would love to have seen the reaction to that in the Go rally. Where the combined age must have been up around 85,000.

asquith said...

Galloway is a total arsehole in my view...

And I think people who are leaning towards Out should ask themselves whether the leading Outers, him and all the most unpleasant of the Tories, are the people to inspire this country and lead it to glory after Brexit.

Thought not.

pete c said...

Last is an interesting observation.

I'm in anyway, regardless of how many heads of industries, corporations, financial institutions etc, etc, come out in favour - and often with supporting figures and facts. In people statistics or money values.

Notable how the outs have yet to muster anyone whose attitudes and position I can at least give a grudging respect to. It's all fear and loathing concealing the racism and small-mindedness.

Not yet any sound figures, or anyone mounting an argument worth hearing.

Big 4-month headache on the way for us all.

Andy McDonald said...

Problem is, it doesn't matter WHY one votes in or out - they all end up in the same piles anyway. Multiple factions sending different messages from the same side may get confusing, but the business manager voting in for big business things and the trade unionist voting in for workers' rights - their votes are entirely equal.

I can only hope that the In campaign act with a little more civility, and the various out campaigns continue to attract the wankers. As for Mensch vs Galloway, it's a bit of an Iran vs Iraq situation there - a pity they can't both lose.