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Tuesday 16 February 2016

Raheem Kassam - Whining Wimp

[Update at end of post]

Over at the convocation of the irredeemably batshit otherwise known as Breitbart London, its alleged “editor in chief” Raheem “call me Ray” Kassam has been throwing his weight about on Twitter, only to find that it is getting him nowhere. No matter who he shouts at, all that comes back is ridicule. Perhaps the political class in Britain just does not appreciate the sophistication of one who supports the Presidential ambitions of Donald Trump.
The photo that suggests someone may be stimulating himself by hand

Yes, there is Kassam, proudly wearing his Trump hat in tribute to the Crybaby Combover, the draft-dodging coward who wants to play games of brinkmanship with the USA’s neighbours and introduce torture of suspects, in defiance of all the US has stood for over its history. For this, Trump claims he wants to “Make America Great Again”. But The Donald is such a wimp, he’s scared of being questioned by Megyn Kelly.
Kassam wants anyone not yet asleep to know that, unlike the man he idolises, he is no wimp. He is not only important - a legend in his own lunchtime, one suspects - but he is also a Real Journalist (tm). “See this is why I’m the journalist” he told one Tweeter, while sneering “No Sunny, I am a JOURNALIST not an activist like you” at Sunny Hundal, who actually is a journalist. And he’s prepared to back his judgment with huge bets!
The target of his betting challenge was Hundal once again: “I just offered a £10k bet. You scared? Ok, £20k? Come on you loud mouth pidgin English speaking …” We’ll leave it there, thanks. There was, unfortunately, more: “I offered @sunny_hundal £50k bet coz he claimed I was lying about a source. He blocked me”. Perhaps it was simply that Sunny wanted to watch his paint dry without the background noise.
What Kassam did not want to talk about was Hundal’s clear irritation that someone has been indulging in dirty tricks against him: “@RaheemKassam looool. Which muppet tried to report my tweets to the Met? It was you wasn't it?” Sunny eventually had to give him the hard word: “Scared? Haha, of you? I'd rather waste time wiping shit off my shoe than meeting you. You're just a crying coward”. So off he sulked to whine at someone else.
His next target was Peter Jukes, to whom he claimed that he had not been trained by the Young Britons’ Foundation. “Whatever charm school it was, Ray, you might ask for your money back. Catch ya later” observed Jukes. The Kassam faux outrage kicked in: “Ray? Now you're mocking me for having a foreign name? Scratch a progressive, find a fascist”. What’s “foreign” about Raheem? Is Kassam stuck in the 1950s like the Daily Mail?
Whatever, the faux outrage was cranked up further: “You are a race baiter. Apologise right now”. Yeah right, you can f*** right off with that one, matey. This is the same person who talked recently about areas of London being “colonised”. The same one who accused Sunny Hundal of being “Pidgin English speaking”. The same one who is peddling claims of “Migrant Rape” on the website for which is is “Editor in chief”.

Raheem Kassam is a blubbering, whining, petulant wimp. No change there, then.

[UPDATE 17 February 1140 hours: poor Raheem did not take the news that he had been ridiculed - yet again - well at all. Clearly incensed at the effrontery of anyone who questions the authority of someone who had his Wikipedia entry deleted because he was insufficiently well-known, and got rumbled for having thousands of fake Twitter followers, he decided on retaliation as his only course of clearing his not-really-very-good-at-all name.
Taking to Twitter, he implored his adoring followers (Milo and James Delingbonkers) to "Let trainspotting Crewe broke joke Tim Fenton know what you think of his blogging". Yes, The Great Man had declared a Twitter hit on Zelo Street! All those adverse comments! All that abuse! All that counter ridicule!

So what happened? Nothing. Not a sausage. Nowt. Nix. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Bugger all.

No adverse comments had to be moderated, because there were none. And his fishing expedition for more of my personal information got him precisely nowhere. Raheem Kassam put on a party - and nobody came. Still, never mind, eh?]


Anonymous said...

Mr Fenton this is the funniest thing I have read all week. h/t

andypandy said...

Ray is a blubbering idiot, Ray mate you think your something you are not, clearly editor of a muc raking rag lol

Anonymous said...

As Mr Olbermann put it the right lives in a permanent state of victimhood.

Anonymous said...

Kassam claims not to have been trained by the YBF, one of a variety of front organisations belonging to Donal Blaney. It's difficult to tell whether Kassam was originally trained by YBF as Blaney has not only taken down its website but also prevented anyone from searching archived versions. So much for free speech.

What is not in doub is that Kassam has been a Trainer for the YBF - it states so clearly on the Media Intelligence Partners website http://mippr.co.uk/talent-management/raheem-kassam/. And this also ties him neatly into the entire nexus of corporate-libertarians - the UK Tea Party if you will; and the continuing YBF/Conservative Way Forward scandal.

Unknown said...

Who is he?