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Monday 22 February 2016

Don’t Menshn Boris

As I pointed out yesterday, the announcement by London’s increasingly occasional Mayor Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson that he would campaign for Britain to leave the EU was deliberately and cynically timed to maximise the front page press coverage he would receive this morning. And, exactly as the fraudulently cynical Bozza would have wished, his press pals queued up to pay homage to his opportunism.
(c) Doc Hackenbush 2014
But elsewhere, there was the distinctive screeching of yet another U-Turn as one pro-am motormouth decided that her labelling of Bozza as a no-hope Europhile was not quite right. Yes, (thankfully) former Tory MP Louise Mensch was getting her excuses ready. But the litany of damage was there for all to see.
That is because she had spent the best part of two years slagging him off: “Boris cannot lead the Parliamentary party. They will not follow a Europhile. On principle”. Yeah, Boo Boris! Boo!! Young Dave, on the other hand, was much more to her taste: “Cam not Europhile at all. Moderate sceptic”. Yes, well. And there was more.
He had no power base in the party, you see: “People focus too much on Europhile Boris with no support among Tory MPs. Sajiid rise meteoric, also fresh sign of Osborne strength”. Also Bozza would be no good for party unity: “Boris is a Europhile. Would split party top to toe”. Well, the Tories are split like that right now - but it’s not down to Bozza.
She even took time out to lecture the serially clueless Tim Montgomerie, making sure he knew that he was wrong and she was right: “you are literally the only journalist I know who does not consider Boris a Europhile”. Monty protested that she was just attacking Bozza. “I don't attack him, I say he is a rabid Europhile. That is factual. Your denial of it is preposterous”. No room for misunderstanding there, then.
EVEN EARLIER THIS MONTH Ms Mensch was telling anyone not yet asleep that Bozza was out of it: “Boris has shown his Europhile colours and will never be Prime Minister. He's done”. JUST THREE DAYS AGO she anointed her own rising star: “Boris is a committed europhile. Sajid will be for #Brexit and for @vote_leave”.
And then came the realisation that she had been wrong: wrong about Cameron, wrong about Bozza, and wrong about Sajid Javid. That’s a spectacularly wrong headed performance, even for her. What to do? “No question, however, that if my two Tory heroes of the economy Osborne and Javid back Remain and Boris backs Leave, he will be PM”. What about “cannot lead”, “no support”, and “will never be Prime Minister”? Too late for any of that - it was time to celebrate the Rapture: “BORIS BACKS BREXIT”.

So all that slagging off can be forgotten, and Bozza is the most wonderful thing since the last wonderful thing nominated by upmarket Manhattan’s most inept pundit. And remember, folks - they allowed her to become an MP.


rob said...

“I don't attack him, I say he is a rabid Europhile. That is factual."

Tut tut, Ms Mensch getting opinion and facts confused again.

I would inmagine it would be difficult to find any politician who hasn't got a opinion to change especially when Murdoch and his Merry Minions wiil throw their considerable weight, money and media power into the Damascene conversion.

Anonymous said...

When her head stops spinning she better hope it faces the front.

Quite soon she'll disappear up her own arse while spitting hatred.

The woman is an utter hypocritical neocon buffoon: has she yet responded to Morgan's invitation to repeat her lying comments outside parliamentary privilege?

Anonymous said...

Have you noticed how Tory MPs are insisting that Cameron will remain as PM even in the result of a 'leave' vote? Dave has even said himself that he'll stay on.

He won't.

If Britain votes to leave, David Cameron will resign. He might even take George Osborne with him.

That's a persuasive argument to make to young people who don't really have an opinion on the EU but who hate Cameron/Osborne.

Vote LEAVE to get rid of Cameron 4 years early!

Gerald Hornsby said...

Alas, if Cameron goes, he'll only be replaced by some other feckless Tory in a blue suit. Maybe even the hero of all Cockney rhyming slangers Jeremy Hunt.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many of her twitter followers are there for sheer entertainment value. Why does she care just so much about whether Britain is in EU when she lives in the US? Is someone paying her to campaign for Brexit? She speaks like she is part of some campaign rather than bored Manhattan housewife in between a pilates class and lunch.

Anonymous said...

If he goes he'll be replaced by an Outer - either Boris or Gove depending on who the most effective 'out' campaigner is.

Rivo said...

@Anon 2 - If Cameron & George resign following a leave vote, whoever replaces them will at best be as bad, and very likely much, much worse