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Thursday 25 February 2016

Danczuk Cashed In On Sexting Disgrace

More information has arrived on Zelo Street concerning the extra-Parliamentary earnings of Rochdale’s nominally Labour MP Simon Danczuk, showing that he not only pocketed a four figure sum for being seen with then partner Claire Hamilton and ex-wife Karen last November, but trousered even more from his more recent problems, even his suspension from the Labour Party following the “sexting” revelations in January.
Among all the payments he has now declared in the Register of Members’ Interests, there are the usual ones from press and broadcasters, and then come three significant sums from FameFlynet, which makes its money selling photo exclusives to the press and other media organisations. One of these payments covers the series of snaps featuring Ms Hamilton and Kazza. But the latest is from earlier this month.

The amount paid to the MP is £2,692, and is described as “for media advice”, which took approximately two hours of Danczuk’s time. Nice work if you can get it. It was first suggested to me that this was for the photos taken when Danczuk attended Rossendale Police station to be interviewed after an historical allegation of rape was made. Profiting from having to attend the Cop Shop would be bad enough.
What was the £2.7k for? Let's have a look ...

But then a problem enters: the exclusive rights to those photos, and a further series from the same day featuring Kazza leaving the gym, were with iCelebTV, not FameFlynet. Was there some kind of deal between the two organisations? Well, maybe not: FameFlynet has provided an answer to the mystery of the £2,692 payment, and a truly jaw-dropping possibility it is. Look back at when the “sexting” story broke.

The Sun’s front page for January 1, with its headline “Sling your Danczuk” and revelation that the MP had been suspended by Labour after it was revealed that he had been “sexting” a 17 year old girl - not a good look for a child abuse campaigner - might not have looked like much of an exclusive photo opportunity. But that is what it was. We know this because FameFlynet said so - and very clearly, too.
... looks like it was for this, actually

On Instagram, the agency showed a copy of that front page alongside their confirmation “Flynet’s first front page of 2016 @thesun”. This was followed by the hashtags “#simondanczuk” and “#exclusivepics”. There is no entry from Danczuk in the Register of Members’ Interests for FameFlynet after January 1 until the £2,692 payment which was paid on February 9, and registered two days later.

That suggests two things: the iCelebTV payment has yet to appear - suggestions made to me are that the amount Danczuk is set to trouser from that is significantly above any of the FameFlynet payments - and that the £2,692 was generated from the MP’s being splashed over the front page of the Sun in apparent disgrace. Yes, even in disgrace, there is a money making opportunity for Simon Danczuk.

He’s a veritable one man sleaze generator. Labour Party please take note.


Anonymous said...

That Scum front page......

The gospel according to page 3 nudies.

Murdoch and Danksuck, a pair made in pornoland.

Anonymous said...

If Danczuk wants to cash in on tacky porno photography then he should at least keep his business local.

rob said...

Labour's very own Neil Hamilton. They would do well in partnership together.

Just think it could have been, with former partner, Hamilton, Hamilton, Hamilton & Danczuk. Could be a firm of solicitors for cash opportunities.

Anonymous said...

How could this get any more creepier and weird?
Start a new hobby as a glamour photographer? Play guitar and look all moody in a band? Hang about with vulnerable young women and sex workers to set up honeytraps?
The mind could boggle with paranoia and conspiracies. How does he sleep at night?

Anonymous said...

what would jesus do?