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Tuesday 7 July 2015

We’re On The Byline

The way in which news, opinion and analysis is presented and paid for is constantly changing. Broadcast organisations and newspapers supply us with their own content; bloggers bring us theirs. But a model by which original analysis and investigation can be sustainably provided - that means the author gets paid for his or her efforts - is relatively new. Byline Media is one presence in that new area of the media market.

Its concept is straightforward: authors provide content, and readers are invited to support those efforts by pledging some level of monetary support. On reaching the funding goals, the author commits to giving rewards, perhaps more writing, social events, merchandise, or other forms of recognition.

I’m very glad, and most honoured, that I’ve been invited to join the people writing under the Byline banner.

The first series of articles I’m writing for Byline - and these will appear only at that site - are on the subject of The New Conservatism.

Subtitled “How the Conservative Movement influences policymakers, politicians, the press, and the public”, the articles intend to show how the New Conservatism has sought, and seeks, to move politics further to the right. The first article, “The Conceit Of The New Conservatism” can be read HERE.

Should the funding goals be achieved, says he going into Ron Hopeful mode, I’ll be following that series with, firstly, “Labour, Leveson and the Press”, showing how a commitment to Do The Right Thing for the many victims of press intrusion was turned against Labour by a hostile and frightened press establishment, and, secondly, “Grimond’s Children”, charting the slow rebirth, and sudden death, of British Liberalism.

I hope you will find time to look in on, and support, all those writers whose work is being brought to you by Byline Media.


Anonymous said...

A gallant effort Tim. I hope it succeeds.

The problem is, the quality of writing and "exclusives" will have to be very high to encourage people to shell out.

After all, it's possible to freely access Chomsky's and Pilger's sites and that's the kind of quality alternatives you're up against.

Fingers crossed for you and Byline.

Unknown said...

This is Seung-yoon Lee, CEO and co-founder of Byline.

For the Anonymous commenter, I would like to recommend this video by Amanda Palmer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xMj_P_6H69g

Good journalism costs time, efforts, and therefore money. Good blogging definitely as well.

I think there is remarkable power in asking people who care about your blogging for help.

Anonymous said...

Seung-yoon Lee, No problem at all in asking for (and, I hope, getting) help. In fact I hope supporting money flows in.

I was merely pointing out the difficulties.