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Tuesday 14 July 2015

Katie Hopkins - Not Ruling The World

Semi-professional motormouth Katie Hopkins continues her attention to seek out More And Bigger Sources Of Attention Directed At Herself Personally Now: not content with being gifted a column on the Super Soaraway Currant Bun, and the clickbait generated by her throwing her weight around on Twitter, she is now telling the world that the television show she has craved for so long is about to become a reality.
Viewers may want to look away now

Katie has modestly said of her new vehicle, If Katie Hopkins Ruled The World (allow yourselves a little shudder at that thought), “People often tell me that I say the things they think but don’t have the courage to say … In this new show I’ll be the little voice inside their heads! Join me, and let’s see what would happen if Katie Hopkins ruled the world. It could get messy”. And lo, it came to pass that God also gave us the Off button.

Do the unfortunate people who have to work with Ms Hopkins on this show have anything to say in its favour? “Sarah Thornton, vice-president of production and development, factual entertainment, at TLC … said: ‘Love her or loathe her, everyone has an opinion on Katie Hopkins. Her points of view get us all talking. I’m looking forward to working with Katie …  on what will no doubt be a bold and lively debate where Katie’s claims can finally be challenged in a comedic, cheeky and brilliantly fun format”.

Before anyone decides to invent some decorating, which would give them some paint to watch dry, exactly what was that channel on which the All New Katie Hopkins Show will be aired? TLC. Who they? I wouldn’t even know which channel to find them on. Is it a channel with a significant audience share? Perhaps the BARB ratings will tell us.

Take the week ending July 5: BBC1 led the way with a 22.21% audience share, with BBC2, ITV1, Channel 4 and Channel 5 managing 8.23%, 11.31%, 4.64% and 3.92%. By comparison, Sky News manages 0.85%. Where is TLC? Where indeed: the home of the new Hopkins show manages to garner 0.25% of the audience. But Ms Hopkins’ last effort for TLC increased that share to 1.5%. Desperate times, desperate measures.

And, talking of desperate measures, we are also told of her new venture that “The Mentorn-produced series, in which Hopkins will take on celebrities, comedians and a studio audience, was devised in association with Big Minded, the co-creators of ITV2’s Celebrity Juice and Dapper Laughs On The Pull”. And what exactly did happen to the clown who styled himself Dapper Laughs? [See HERE]

But the last word has to go to Clare Laycock of TLC: “The show is a unique forum to thrash out the issues being ranted about in pubs, on Twitter and in living rooms across Britain. Views will be questioned, rules will be disputed and opinions will be opposed in what promises to be an exhilarating watch”. You want new rules, watch Bill Maher - he’s actually funny. And if you’re in the pub, you don’t need Ms Hopkins’ ranting.

This is just TV clickbait. Hopefully, it won’t be with us long enough to matter.


Anonymous said...

I doubt if anyone gives a shit or has the least intention of watching or reading anything featuring the cracked old loony.

Arnold said...

Sadly TLC isn't available on Freeview. Sob.

Andy McDonald said...

An unique forum, not seen since the last one. It's Central Weekend, it's Littlejohn Live and Unleashed (with Michael Winner and some lesbians). It's been done before and it was shit, cheap TV then.