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Tuesday 28 July 2015

Dan Hodges Does Not Rejoin Labour

Among the dwindling ranks of the Blairite faithful, one hack continues to rail louder than the rest against the inclusion of Jeremy Corbyn in the Labour leadership contest, the attention-seeking extending to rejoining the party he walked out on two years ago. Yes, the Telegraph’s not at all celebrated blues artiste Whinging Dan Hodges has declared to those still reading that he has returned to Labour. Except he hasn’t.
A return to the Labour fold. Or maybe not

Earlier this week, I rejoined the Labour Party. It was a surprisingly easy decision. I didn’t need to pretend to be someone I’m not – adopt a disguise, or a funny accent. I didn’t even need to put on a northern accent. I simply logged onto the website, clicked on the video of a small child attempting to eat a Vote Labour badge, and hey presto. I put in my details, paid my £3, and I was in”, he told triumphantly.
There was more: “Everyone’s doing it, apparently. According to the Sunday papers, up to 140,000 people will have joined the Labour Party by the time the leadership election ends”. Er, a word in your shell-like, Dan: that figure is for Labour Party members. What you signed up to for £3 was to be a registered supporter, not a member. So you didn’t actually rejoin the Labour Party at all. But hey, minor point, eh?
It’s just another example of how Hodges makes next to no sense on the Labour leadership issue, which, fortunately, is fine for someone at the Tel, as making no sense on anything to do with the Labour Party is just what they need. His bewilderment was evident as he Tweeted “There probably is a way Labour's leadership election could have become a bigger mess, but I'm struggling to think of it at the moment”.
Yes, democracy and the open exchange of ideas are difficult concepts for those disaffected Blairites who openly suggested that Corbyn should be kept off the ballot - just as the sainted Tone tried to keep Ken Livingstone and Rhodri Morgan off their respective ballots. Still, even with Corbyn on the ballot, he was certain: “People need to get a grip. Jeremy Corbyn is not going to be elected Labour leader".
No, Jezza would not win, and Hodges was even prepared to deny the name of The Great Leader in order to get his message across: “Even with Tony Blair's insane intervention, Jeremy Corbyn won't win”. Yes, for the Tel and for the maximisation of publicity for the benefit of Himself Personally Now, he cast Tone adrift, telling “I've rejoined the Labour party so I can vote for Jeremy Corbyn”.
Sadly, he still hadn’t rejoined the party, not for £3, but the piss-taking continued: “Please help support Jeremy Corbyn for Leader, add a #Twibbon now!” Laugh? I thought I’d never start. That’s so intercoursing original, Louise Mensch was pulling the same stunt months ago - so long ago, in fact, that she’s now removed it. Admit it Dan, you haven’t a clue what’s happening in the Labour Party right now.

Not even a clue on the difference between registered supporters and real members.


rob said...

"Not even a clue on the difference between registered supporters and real members."

Probably can't even tell the difference between Jeremy C and that other Jeremy C naughtily disguised with an H?

Anonymous said...

Well I never.

Blair supporter makes an absolute dopey gimp of himself.

But I suppose it makes a marginal difference to supporting a war criminal who orders the killing of thousands of innocent civilians and lies about it.

Three quid well spent if you ask me. The daft twat.