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Friday 10 July 2015

Kelvin McFilth Lying AGAIN

As he promised earlier in the week, former Sun editor Kelvin MacKenzie returned to the recent acquittal of Neil “Wolfman” Wallis in his column yesterday, to enlarge on his accusations against the hated BBC, and the interview Wallis gave to Evan Davis on Newsnight. Kel had a key fact to tell his readers, but one fact he did not disclose was that his pants were well and truly alight.
If my friend Neil Wallis’s mauling from Evan Davis is the norm, is it any wonder that nobody goes on BBC’s Newsnight any more?” he asked, seemingly unaware that the show is not experiencing a shortage of guests. There was more. “Wallis, the former deputy editor of the News of the World, had just been cleared of phone hacking and was urged to go on the clapped-out show by a researcher saying he could tell his story of the impact the charge had on his life”. Yes? Yes yes? Yes yes yes?

The minion added in a throwaway line that Mr Wallis would face a couple of questions of a ‘surely you must have known’ variety”. That is a problem, Kel? “The reality was that Davis, who looks like an emaciated version of the Children In Need teddy bear, concentrated solely on that aspect for the entire interview and appeared to doubt the jury’s verdict because it had taken four days”. Allegedly, Kel. But do go on.
The jury foreman Tweeted Mr Wallis after the show to explain that it took four days because they methodically went through the hundreds of pages of evidence. The way the audience is going under Davis, there will be more guests than viewers shortly [note that he just contradicted himself]. Who could blame them?

And, as Jon Stewart might have said, two things here. One, the Tweet that Kel references - yes, it does exist - from Cameron Mercer, who describes himself as “Mr Foreman”, does not support the pundit’s claims. “We thoroughly went through everything, and were happy to see the verdict went the right way. Respect to you Neil” it tells. So there is nothing about “hundreds of pages of evidence”. And it gets worse. A lot worse.
Kel says “The jury foreman Tweeted Mr Wallis after the show”. The Tweet from Mercer to Wallis is marked 0835 hours on July 1. Wallis appeared on Newsnight the following day - the interview was broadcast more than a day and a half later than that Tweet. So not only did MacKenzie lie about the contents of the Tweet, he lied about its timing.

Kelvin McFilth once said, apropos of one of the Sun’s most notorious mistakes, “Basically my view was that if it sounded right it was probably right and therefore we should lob it in”. Well, he’s been caught lobbing it in once more, and once more he’s been caught lying, thus confirming that you can’t trust anything this shower of shit says.

Kel is the Murdoch press personified. That, folks, is all you need to know about it.


Anonymous said...

Tim, The point about the fat sweaty nazi cockney is that he's Millwall fan.

Do we need to know much more than that?

Deltarosee said...

Dear Anonymous,
If you are the same bloke that does his jackets up wrong then you have got something wrong again. Sorry to keep correcting you but a person born in south London (Wikipedia entry for McFilth) is not a cockney. We that were born with the sound of the bells of St Mary-Le -Bowe are a bit touchy about that. I defer to your knowledge of him as a sweaty Nazi though, and remember football is only a game.

Roy said...

Just what the hell does the foreman think he'd doing contacting the defendant and revealing details of the deliberation?

It's a clear contempt of court.


rob said...

Kelvin, Kelvin, oh Kelvin Mac, why are you coming back?
Kelvin, Kelvin, oh Kelvin Mac, why are you coming back?
We were not missing you, we abhor just what you do
The made up stories so untrue, cheered on by ya thoughtless crew
The Sun must be running aground, to employ this dinosaur of mind unsound
Kelvin, Kelvin, oh Kelvin Mac, what made you come back?

@ Delarosee

Fitba' only a game! Bill Shankly (for one) begged to differ. It's a apectator sport where sometimes there's more entertainment, well for some, in other games played off the pitch.

Anonymous said...

A 'shower of shit' most surely.

Here's something else we can be sure about: mcfilth would have taken delighted interest in mobile phone technology had mobs been so widespread back in the 80's.

Bob said...

This may not be genuine. However, if it is, it would be interesting to know when Cameron Mercer first started following Wallis.

Brian Higgy said...

The question that Evan Davies posed still hasn't been answered (by either Wallis or McFilth). If Wallis was innocent, was he so incompetent a reporter that he didn't see what was going on in his own office?

Roy said...

I had a quick look at Cameron's Twitter feed after I posted and I'm a bit suspicious.
But I Don't know enough about Twitter to be sure

Andy McDonald said...

Brian - it's a bit like Hillsborough - the one time the cynical, establishment-baiting MacKenzie decides to *just accept* the 'official' version of events *just happens* to be when he can really do the establishment a favour and smear a city that just insists on being bolshy. Or as we saw at Leveson, how often did things happen when the editor was at lunch or on holiday, or mysteriously not being a domineering control freak for five minutes?

Anonymous said...

Dunno about MacNazi being born within the sound of Bow bells.

Everyone inside the M25 looks and sounds the same to the rest of the country.

Whether they do up their jackets or not.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear. Mr. Foreman has left himself open to a prosecution which would be game, set and match to the CPS. Rule 1 of being on a jury - never contact the defendant you've tried. Rule 2, never make any public comment about the case (such as on social media).