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Friday 31 July 2015

Things Are Changing - A Little

July has been another busy month for Zelo Street. But demands on my time mean that this blog must become a little less busy, at least for a while.
That does not mean I intend to cease blogging - far from it. There will still be new content every day, and hopefully two posts, rather than just one. But the current schedule, which averages three posts a day and four on Sundays, cannot be maintained.

Why that might be I will hopefully be in a position to explain later. What I can say now is that I have to devote some attention to my Byline Media column The New Conservatism, it may soon be time for a holiday, and, well, the current pace has been maintained for the best part of four years. You figure it out.

I would emphasise that recent legal threats against Zelo Street have not influenced my decision, so those Ron Hopefuls out there on the unprincipled right, such as amateur human being and professional sleazebag Paul Staines, and his now former tame gofer, master of the unsuccessful shouty phone call Henry Cole, have even less to cheer than usual, so not unadjacent to bugger all, then.

To all those of you that have read what I’ve written, commented on it, argued about it, and perhaps stopped and thought about it: please keep looking in. I’m not going away just yet.


Anonymous said...

Tim, Good luck in all you do, especially with any new venture. I hope it works out.

But "New Conservatism"? - Bit of a dichotomy there don't you think?

Deltarosee said...

All the best Tim and as they say where I came from 'Mazaltov'.

rob said...

Come gather 'round readers
For those with good taste
Tim needs a break
With less speed and more haste
So let's wish him well
Not allow him to waste
And if his blog to us
Is worth savin'
Then he'd best be refreshin'
Those filleting ways
For Zelo Street times are a-changin'

Good luck!