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Wednesday 16 January 2013

Milo And His Little Kernel

Blogging. Some find it hard to talk about. Others find it difficult to do. But less of the Python similes, I have a serious point to make here. Some people want to blog, though don’t have the cojones to put their own content up and add their name to it. But help is at hand: they can get someone in, who will write stuff to order, and into the bargain the whole shebang can be glossily repackaged as an online magazine.

Says he's an entrepreneur. No, don't laugh

One such sad individual is non-graduate Milo Yiannopoulos, seen in the photo having clear difficulty making eye contact, like the inarticulate creep in the Slipknot zip hoodie who just got caught vaulting the tube station barriers in the forlorn hope that it might impress someone. Perhaps he was trying to make his mind up whether to leer at the photographer, blank them, or mutter “f*** off” under his breath.

Milo runs the Kernel Mag., in which he gets other people to make really clever statements about folks they know nothing about. Including me, it seems. So what does Milo’s appointed gofer think I do? Have Twitter arguments with right-wingers who are “more successful”, apparently. Really? Sadly, not this week. And “a dreary left-wing blogger who writes dreary blog posts about dreary things”. Wow.

And an old ranking from a Total Politics poll has been thrown in. Which was removed from the blog’s display some time ago. Well, let’s see how dreary it all is: Zelo Street has been on the phone hacking case from the start, kept ahead of the game on the drugs debate, explained the shambles that is rail franchising, got on the case of those Astroturf Lobby groups, and the many faces of the Fourth Estate.

There’s been Stateside stuff, lots on what it’s like for ordinary southern Europeans through the downturn, plenty on London and Bozza, and I’ve just posted on this morning’s helicopter crash. But what of those “more successful” right wingers? Ah well. That garners my attention when they lie, smear, or both. Perhaps Milo does not approve of being called out for that kind of thing. His own actions suggest so.

After all, Yiannopoulos has been sued by former contributors for thousands of pounds in unpaid earnings (each), shown that he cannot be trusted to keep confidences as far as he can be thrown (see Twitter conversation), and has left the Telegraph to pick up a five-figure bill after the collapse of a technology start-up awards scheme. Oh, and he picks Twitter arguments with others. Pot, kettle, eh?

All of which gives the impression that he is an unprincipled shyster of the lowest form. And he won’t get creditors off his back by ordering one of his dumb gofers (who should be making sure he gets paid as a priority) to cobble up hatchet jobs based on hearsay, and his assumption that bodily functions come as high on the list of personal concerns for anyone outside his circle jerk.

Then he can quit the petulant sulking and pay his Tube fare, like real grownups do.


Adam said...

I love that Guido Fawkes is at number 3 with this opening:

"Paul Staines is the UK’s top political blogger, thus chasing attention isn’t a necessity for him."

No, the Guido Fawkes blog NEVER chases for attention.

On the other side of this, congratulations at being good enough at what you blog that you are considered good enough to smear.

Anonymous said...

Milo is a tribal right-winger of the worst kind. He is also good mates with Guido and loves the TPA.

Anonymous said...

What a nasty and pointless little article on Kernel. Not sure I would have given it any kind of response but I can understand why you did so.