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Tuesday 8 January 2013

Flannelled Fool Creepiness Fail

[Update at end of post]

Sometimes, as the saying goes, the opposition rides to your rescue. This afternoon has seen a superb example as the odious flannelled fool Henry Cole, tame gofer to the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines at the Guido Fawkes blog, demonstrated to anyone who had previously been in any doubt that, whatever his stated occupation, he is merely an amateur member of the human race.

I'm an authority on Stafford Hospital, cos I'm on telly!

Zelo Street regulars may have noted that yesterday I looked at the way in which part of the Fourth Estate was falling over itself to pre-empt the Francis Report into what went wrong at Stafford Hospital between 2005 and 2009. Almost a day after the event I received a Tweet in my timeline from someone called Deb Hazeldine, but was not sure whether it was aimed at me or the Sun’s Trevor Kavanagh.

So I asked her to elaborate. The exchange was inconclusive (see above), as far as it went. I had no idea beforehand what Deb Hazeldine’s status was, except that she was campaigning on the Stafford Hospital affair. Then came the Cole intervention, demonstrating that he had been watching my Twitter feed – note, this is someone who has blocked me.

The flannelled fool made the accusation that I “trolls bereaved families of Mid-staff [sic] crisis”. This was accompanied by his use of the characterisation “creepy old man stalker”. Now, going into Jon Stewart mode, two things here. Creepily and obsessively hanging round the Twitter feed of someone you have blocked does not make them “creepy”, Master Cole – it makes youcreepy”.

Moreover, if anyone is “stalking” anyone else, it is Cole with his obsessive pursuit of someone he had blocked. And second, replying to a Tweet cannot, even in the perverse world of the odious Henry Cole, be called “trolling”. But this distinctly unappealing slice of human detritus was not done yet: there was also the use of the pejorative term “loony”, who was “upsetting the families of the dead”.

Master Cole knows that Deb Hazeldine is part of “families of the dead”? He knows more than I did. I merely replied to someone who had replied to me on Twitter. As anyone who read the original post will know, the very first paragraph makes plain that there were serious shortcomings in patient care at Stafford Hospital, and that people died as a result. No attempt to deflect this has been made.

What the post was also about, of course, was the Fourth Estate drawing their conclusions before the Francis Report had come out – and taking campaigners for mugs, using them for their own ends. Not, of course, that this will concern the deeply unpleasant Henry Cole, the flannelled fool, the career coward, the wretched inadequate who can only advance his cause by smearing others.

And Cole does not give a crap about Stafford Hospital. He only cares about himself.

[UPDATE 9 December 1630 hours: alerted by the routinely mischievous Sunny Hundal to yet more unpleasant behaviour by Master Cole, I note that the latter is at least consistent in the malicious nastiness that he so casually dispenses, as witness his abusive retort to Sunny's earlier question.
The term "Mong" - which got Ricky Gervais into such hot water not so long ago - is, like Billy Connolly's F-word, loaded. There is no "nice" interpretation. And the flannelled fool wasn't finished yet.
He followed up with the "mine's bigger than yours because I've got LOADS OF MONEY" ploy, and was unable to resist a "loon" snark at Zelo Street (you can read about The Great Guido paying his interns the "Apprentice Rate" of Minimum Wage HERE and HERE), along with more abuse directed at someone who dared to give him some stick (no wonder he's frightened to venture anywhere near Liverpool).
Then he signs off with a routine helping of hypocrisy, accusing Sunny of not having a life outside Twitter (something anyone who knows him knows to be bunk), while all the time hanging on the Zelo Street Twitter feed in the hope of finding something he can lie and smear about. Master Cole is indeed, as the saying goes, A Suitable Case For Treatment]


Anonymous said...

There's also a slight to "the aussie one" - no prizes for guessing who that is..

nicktheowl said...

What's the point of him? Genuine question.

Socrates said...

I think the points are:

i. political debate has become entirely bereft of intellectualism and is now conducted in the manner of a 17th century Coffeehouse fracas.

ii. Twitter is not an appropriate place for political debate.

Conjecture: i & ii are causally related.