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Sunday 6 October 2019

Tracy Ann Oberman - You’re The Troll

Sometimes, that little inner voice intervenes and tells you that a course of action you thought was totally brilliant may not be such a good idea. For minor thesp Tracy Ann Oberman, that voice appears not to have been present, or maybe was ignored, as she continued what appears to be an obsessive pursuit of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.
Tracy Ann Oberman

Ms Oberman has clearly made her mind up that Jezza is A Very Bad Person Indeed, and so when she saw Corbyn in the cafe bar at the Park Theatre, she took a photo of herself, with him in the background, telling her followers “Now being trolled by Jeremy and Whitewash Chakrabarti  at my own workplace”. That Jezza is the local MP and a longtime supporter of the Park Theatre was not allowed to enter.
San Smith felt the need to point out to her “Yes because visiting the theatre that you are on the advisory board of, is 'deeply sinister’”. Corbyn is on the advisory board of the Park Theatre, along with David Lammy, Esther Rantzen and Ian McKellen. Aaron Bastani added “He helped set up the theatre. Very much a community MP”.
Claire Pozner also had a correction for Ms Oberman: “That’s not Shami, it’s his wife. It’s their local theatre, I’ve seen them there loads of times. Ask Jez or any of the ushers ... and yours isn’t the only show on there”. Ms Oberman is featuring in the play Mother of Him. And OK, it’s possible that both Ms Chakrabarti and Laura Álvarez were there with Jezza.
There was clearly insufficient appreciation for whatever point Ms Oberman was trying to make, though, so off she went once more, with another photo, this time just of Jezza and his party. “This is STILL making me laugh” she enthused. And it was at this point that his son Tommy decided he had seen enough trolling, and said so.
[Tracy Ann Oberman] You nasty troll. My dad has been a friend and supporter of the [Park Theatre] since it opened in 2013 and helped in setting it up. The fact you think your presence is even worthy of a second thought is laughable”. Ms Oberman wasn’t having that without indulging in a little gratuitous misrepresentation.
Tommy it was a joke you stupid boy. But while you’re here let’s  have a chat about the hate and misinformation you’re quite happy spreading. You have helped kill a once great Party”. WHAT? He’s not spreading anything - he’s just putting her straight. Is he a Labour member? Did she bother to find out? Whatever. Back to the trolling.
Ms Oberman then managed to annoy Tommy Corbyn’s partner Chloe Kerslake Smith, who in exasperation told her “I don't know you. Don't follow you. You know fuck all about me. You posted three creepy, tacky, unfunny tweets and got called out for it in one tweet by Tommy. You've now posted over 10 times. Mad one. Enjoy your Sunday”.
And while Ms Oberman went to the Jewish Chronicle, claiming Tommy had “intimidated” her and “set his Labour outriders” on her [No. Just no], one Tweeter had seen enough. “Tommy Corbyn stood up for his dad after Tracy Ann Oberman creepily took a picture of him and posted it to her followers. Oberman then has the nerve to then complain about trolling. She's now going after Tommy's girlfriend. This is abusive behaviour”.

That’s what it looks like from here. Maybe Ms Oberman should stick to acting.
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Mark said...

I apologise for the language in advance but I wish that she would just fuck off

grahphil said...

She also posted a weird reference to Corbyn’s skin, linking it with his marriages “I can see how he’s had so many wives.”
She posted the rerun that Tommy Corbyn responded to c 16 hrs after the first, ie the next day. Almost as if she’s trawling for a response

Anonymous said...

Pathetic, juvenile behaviour from a 53yr old. At the risk of being accused of a mental health smear I'd say this woman is in need of some OCD treatment. Or is it simply a case of 'I can't stand Corbyn'? If it is, at least have the honesty to just come out and fucking say it?

Anonymous said...

She can't "...stick to acting", Tim, because she has no talent.

She can't even succeed as a tenth rate no-mark.

Anonymous said...

The shame of this is (despite comments to the contrary) Oberman IS a half decent actress as the glowing reviews for this play show (most use the phrase "bravura performance"); I've enjoyed her work in the past, both on TV and radio, but I can no longer watch them, coloured as they are by her behaviour on Twitter - the unsubstantiated accusations, the doxxing, the encouragement of dogpiling, the retreat into threats of legal action when she's caught out. A bit of digging around today suggests ticket sales for her bravura performance are not exactly buoyant, so it seems I'm not alone.

Jonathan said...

If she had any courage, Oberman might have actually spoken with Jeremy and discussed her concerns personally with him.
As Jeremy is very animable and accomadating, I am sure he would have listened carefully.
A man that that has fought Antisemitism and every other form of racism is so hated by large sections of our electorate really does concern me, whilst a liar, fraud and serial philander is lauded by his pals in the rightwing press.
But the same happened to Jesus, we know what happened to the Nazareth bloke, crucified not by the Daily Mail by the Romans and the people he came to serve.
Seems history is repeating itself.

MikeD said...

Obsessive Corbyn Disorder..?

Anonymous said...

Strange that it did not say it was a 'joke' until after she was challenged on it.

Was this a 'joke' too?


Sam said...

"Kill a once great party"?. Shows how bloody interested in that party she is when she ignores the massive vote Labour secured just 2 years ago under Corbyn after the media wrote them off. As someone above says- if she was really concerned about antisemitism then she had the perfect opportunity to rock over to Corbyn whose politeness is legendary and discuss it with him. But no,even though she actually has an acting job (unlike so many other actors) in a theatre that only exists because of Corbyn's (and others) efforts she had to post nasty tweets and then claim victimhood when a son sticks up for his dad. This woman just helps to make the lives of British Jews that little much harder. While Rachel Riley comes across as not very bright Oberman reeks of hatred and nastiness. Running to the Chronicle just proves it but lets not be fooled here-another cheap publicity stunt for an actor with limited offers.

Mark said...

A glance on twitter of the favourable comments regarding her stunt tells us all we need to know; "I'm a Brexit voting Tory..." says one, whilst another has the Brexit Party logo as his avatar and encourages her to go and knock their coffees over into their laps. Of course we only have Oberman's (bitter) word that she ever voted Labour