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Wednesday 2 October 2019

Tate Modern Suspect White - Hello Katie Hopkins

It was a horrific crime: a six-year-old visitor was thrown from a viewing gallery balcony at Tate Modern, falling five floors and sustaining life-changing injuries as a result. A suspect was soon detained. But for those out there on the far right, that was a mere detail: what they really wanted to know was whether that suspect was one of those Scary Muslims™.
Viewers may still want to look away now

As the BBC reported at the time, “The parents of a six-year-old boy who was allegedly thrown off a balcony at the Tate Modern have said they still don't know the extent of his injuries. The boy, who was visiting London with his family, suffered a ‘deep’ bleed to the brain in the fall on 4 August … A 17-year-old boy charged with attempted murder appeared in court earlier this month”. His age at the time precluded him being identified.
Jonty Bravery - the suspect

And that set The Usual Suspects off. As one Tweeter warned, “Islamophobes just DROOLING in the hope of the perpetrator of the Tate Modern thing being a Muslim. They're just giddy with excitement”. They certainly were. And what was setting off the drooling was more incitement from pro-am motormouth Katie Hopkins.
Hatey Katie knew Who Done It. “6 year old boy thrown from the 10th floor viewing platform of the Tate in London. 17 year old boy arrested. 6 year old victim found on 5th floor roof. Condition critical. This is Sadiq Khan’s London. This is Britain 2019”. That means it was indeed Scary Muslims™. And there was more, after an early BBC report.
Which chuffing Hugo / Benjy came up with this testicle-clenching nonsense? ‘Fall-accused teen[. Chuffing ‘fall-accused????’ What is he accused of? FALLING? A 17 yr old is accused of lobbing a 6yr old off the 10th floor. No one fell”. And so came the hatred.
Another #Muslim throws a child off a platform, this one in London. ‘Teenager arrested after boy thrown from London’s Tate Modern gallery’” was one comment. “Tate Modern witnesses describe harrowing moment child is thrown from 10th floor …  must stop immigration or this will happen every day Khan is to blam [sic] a Muslim in charge of London really” was another. Then, today. the Beeb named the suspect.
To no surprise at all, he was not a Muslim. Jonty Bravery, who has just turned 18, “is due to appear at a plea hearing next month”. And so the question was asked: where was Ms Hopkins? Well, she wasn’t. But the ridicule was. “Oh look Hatey Slobkins. That brown Muslim that threw the boy of the Tate appears to have whited-up” … “Oh look a white British asshole, unlike the assumptions and accusations made about it being a Asian Muslim” … “thought he was black or Muslim … where’s the Londonistan tweets now from [the] usual suspects”. The usual suspects are silent.
Katie Hopkins, as happens every time she makes a false assumption and is then proved wrong, has not even bothered to respond. Someone is paying for her to visit the USA, where last night she told an audience in Denver, CO that “Europe is collapsing”.

Not collapsing at the rate of Hatey Katie’s credibility, mind. Pass the sick bucket.
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Anonymous said...

Whatever the definition of insane hatred may be...Hopkins' behaviour surely fits it.

Arnold said...

I've no time for Hatey Katie, but her tweet doesn't speculate about the accused man's religion.

Sam said...

Hopkins didn't have to specify a religion. What on earth do people think these creepy racists mean by "Khan's London"?. It's the Islamic equivalent of "Soros' Europe". And this is another reason I am rather depressed by Britain's Jewish community who largely remain silent when this vile racism is peddled day after day at others. You cannot battle racism by isolating your own community and only speaking up when it's directed at you. To do so results in situations where you have a fascist like Tommy Robinson claiming he supports Jews whilst attacking Muslims.

Arnold said...

Hopkins blaming Khan for the level of crime in London is racist. It still doesn't mean that she was blaming a Moslem for this particular crime.
For the record, I despise her.

Arnold said...

Needless to say

BREAKING. Four police officers killed in knife attack inside their HQ in Paris #paris

A tragic city - falling fast.
2:08 PM · Oct 3, 2019·Twitter for iPhone"