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Friday 11 October 2019

Toby Young Still Obsessed With Greta Thunberg

The loathsome Toby Young established his credentials earlier this year as someone worryingly obsessed with campaigner Greta Thunberg. At the same time, he was unable, or unwilling, to acknowledge that he was, er, obsessed with campaigner Greta Thunberg. This obsession has endured, partly due to Tobes’ lack of self-awareness, and partly because he and his pals have to keep up their efforts to discredit her.
In February, he told anyone not yet asleep “In today’s Spectator, I take issue with this idiotic, self-important, schoolchildren’s climate change ‘strike’”. This attracted justifiable condemnation of his trolling Ms Thunberg. So out came his excuses: “I’m not a misogynist, never apologised for eugenics [oh yes you have Tobes] … What you’re doing is trolling”.
Those that called out his trolling were actually trolling. It was a Doubleplus Ungood excuse! But on went Tobes’ whining. “You cannot simultaneously argue that 16-year-olds should have the vote and that debating with them robustly is ‘trolling and bullying’”. Abusive trolling is not “debating robustly”. But do go on.
Challenging a 16-year-old’s views is not ‘trolling’ … She didn’t argue they hadn’t done enough. She said ‘nothing’. That’s fake news”. Cheap attempts to discredit Ms Thunberg. I call that trolling. And he was back on the attack in April, once more in the Speccy, telling of “The trouble with Greta Thunberg” and “Even the Times uncritically regurgitating Greta Thurnberg’s fake news”. Yep, more cheap discrediting shots. And there was more.
In September, he whinged “Cheer up Greta! Someone should tell the furrowed-browed little soothsayer that the number of mammals to become extinct in the last 500 years is 1.4% and no bird has gone extinct in Europe since 1852”. That was a flat-out lie. Which demonstrates the level to which Tobes’ desperation had sunk.
And now he’s back with the cheap shots and personal attacks. First, the Speccy’s serially dishonest editor Fraser Nelson had advertised “Will Greta win the Nobel Peace Prize today? I really hope not, says Mary Wakefield” (RTd by Tobes, and yes, that’s the same Mary Wakefield who is married to Bozo’s chief polecat Dominic Cummings).
Then came the sneering Tobes. “One reason Greta Thunberg wasn’t awarded the Nobel Peace Prize is that there is no scientific consensus about whether there’s a link between climate change and global conflict. Extinction Rebellion please take note”.
Wrong, Tobes, wrong. The WaPo article he cites talks about “a linear relationship between climate change … and armed conflict”. Not global conflict. It also asserts “The link between climate change and conflict is hotly debated” (not what Tobes claims), and that “The Pentagon has called climate change a ‘threat multiplier’”.
Moreover, as the WaPo reminds readers, Ms Thunberg “has said previously that she doesn’t protest to ‘get awards and prizes’”. For her, this is not a big deal. It’s only a big deal for Toby Young because it enables him to put the boot in to someone about whom he has built up a creepy obsession. That is not her problem.

But it certainly is a problem for the loathsome Tobes. Not that he’ll admit it any time soon.
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Anonymous said...

Just shows Greta's argument has gone home like a torpedo.

Not that's it's that difficult. Where Toby Jug is concerned all you have to do is press the right buttons. Or cast the right bait - after which he rises like a salmon and goes straight into the net.

The fellow is an utter reactionary far right moron. So is Nelson.

Arnold said...

"Tory MPs five times more likely to vote against climate action"


Anonymous said...

Toby Young, the media equivalent of secondhand toilet paper.

nparker said...

All that needs to be known is that she, as she always would, will win. And Young and all his loathsome, very suspiciously obsessed with a young girl mates will lose, and always would have.

It's working!

Jonathan said...

Greta has done more for her and my daughter (few months younger than Greta), generation via direct non violent peaceful action than any of Tobes' Free schools ever did.
Tobes didn't want his school in West London to take children with Special Educational needs or kids in wheelchairs.
Tobes is a liar, let's hope Hammond's M'learned friends rinse Tobes in court for his offensive and libelous remarks.
Hammond is a Tory, but not antisemitic, but Tobes, doesn't engage that tiny brain of his and check his facts before publishing.
Let's hope Greta's lawyers are watching Tobes' Twitter feed, they might find it enlighting and libelous.. Greta extincts the poisonous Tory..