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Friday 25 October 2019

Bozo Election Spin Falls Flat

The assembled forces of right-wing and Europhobic propaganda, still sometimes known as the larger part of our free and fearless press, are once more cheering for one of their own who just happens to be squatting in 10 Downing Street right now. Alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, doing the bidding of his unelected chief polecat Dominic Cummings, has decided he wants a General Election.
By the same token, anyone who does not want a General Election is clearly running with the counter-revolutionary dogs and anti-party elements, and so the word has gone out from the central Praesidium of the Cumminist Party that they be duly declared Unpersons in no uncertain terms. As Labour is the largest opposition party, it is Jeremy Corbyn who once again is the target of the this morning’s howling press denunciation.
So while the Guardian frames Bozo The Clown’s poll bid “Johnson tells MPs: back my December 12 election bid”, the increasingly desperate and downmarket Telegraph goes for Jezza. “End this nightmare, Johnson tells Corbyn”, grandly adding “PM challenges Labour to let the people have their say in a Dec 12 General Election”.

But it was the Murdoch Times that lost it completely as it howled “Labour in chaos over election bid by Johnson”. The cabinet is split over Polecat Dom’s latest diktat, but hey, let’s tell readers to Look Over There at the Rotten Lefties™. Among the gems in the supporting article is the claim “Mr Johnson said that a further Brexit delay would ‘cause misery to millions’”. I never knew so many people had taken short positions on Brexit.
Readers were also told “Downing Street said later that Mr Johnson would in effect go on strike by refusing to lay all but the most vital legislation if MPs rejected the offer on Monday. The Treasury cancelled a budget due on November 6”. Big deal. If Bozo downs tools (oo-er!), will anyone notice? Besides, no-one else will back the election call.
The Times concedes “The DUP, SNP and Liberal Democrats all said that they would not vote with the Tories on Monday”. So Bozo is dependent on Jezza. Having Polecat Dom feeding abuse lines to his conduits in the media is not the cleverest way to persuade the Labour leader to go along with the plan. And he’d be dead right not to bite.

This election call is Cummings’ doing. And if the polecat wants an election this badly, he must have war-gamed it already. So he’s got the press, and probably the lobby, lined up ready to take his orders. And he’s got the kind of dishonest dirt that we saw in the 2016 referendum campaign ready to go via social media platforms like Facebook.
But why should anyone go along with this game? We want to see Bozo and his pals cleared out of Downing Street, along with the lobby groups feeding from the public purse, the rich and greedy paying for access and influence, the press barons desperate to keep Part 2 of the Leveson Inquiry locked away, and sundry other independent larcenists. We will not, though, clean out the stables by doing Dominic Cummings’ bidding.

The polecat can go whistle. And so can his press cheerleaders. End of story.
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Mark said...

Interesting that they go with 'end this nightmare' but don't acknowledge that it's a nightmare made entirely of the Tories own devising.

Anonymous said...

The press bullshit propaganda tide is nothing compared to TV and radio in full-on poisoned garbage mode.

Example, on BBC TV "News" - where else - this morning a typical Beeb lackyette named Gosling (or something) launched a flood of interruptions, hypotheses and outright lying against Dianne Abbott. The situation according to Gosling (or the voices in her ear wired to the glass box with the winking coloured lights) is essentially Labour's fault for not submitting to Bozo's shouting and arm waving. Abbott told her three or four times the policy stance is a straightforward, "Take no deal off the table and we'll have an election." It made no difference. Gosling had her fingers in her own ears, and often, it appeared, up her own arse.

Then on came modular tory spiv Bridgen who went largely uninterrupted while spouting the usual lying claptrap.

Might as well get used to it because that's going to be the tory/BBC/ITN/Sky party line. Cowardly corrupt to the hilt and getting worse. We are on the verge of becoming an urtotalitarian capitalist state. A few more strides and we'll be over the edge.

Burlington Bertie from Bow said...

Anonymous of the False Equivalence

If you are unable to distinguish between the coverage of BBC, ITV and Sky, let alone the distinctions between the various programmes within those platforms, then you shouldn't be wasting our time posting this stuff on here.

Anonymous said...

@ BBBertie of bbbullshit 18:23.

If you are unable to see the propaganda bullshit "differential" is marginal and/or weasel-word mealy-mouthed garbage then you deserve the dangerous buffoon in Downing Street. Plus the inevitable corrupted society you get.

But full marks for your grovel factor. Way to go in Britain 2019.