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Thursday 10 October 2019

Scottish Court Nails Bozo

While many social media users were distracted by the unfolding Wagileaks saga, the Court of Session in Edinburgh yesterday handed down its opinion in the case of Dale Vince and Others against the Advocate General. This was the case where the petitioners were asking the court to agree to send the Article 50 extension letter on behalf of our alleged Prime Minister, should Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson renege on his commitment to do so.
Thus an enforcement of the provisions in the Benn Act, and a further guarantee that there would be no chance of the UK crashing out of the EU at the end of the month. And the decision was that the decision would be delayed. As James Doleman told, “Scottish Court of Session decides to delay their decision in the government in the latest #Brexit case … As predicted, they have decided to wait until 19 October to see if Boris Johnson sends a Brexit extension letter before deciding if they will take action”.
Does that mean that Lord Carloway (the Lord President), Lord Brodie and Lord Drummond Young do not trust Bozo The Clown? As Derek Jameson might have put it, it surely does. James Doleman observed “In this latest #Brexit case in Scotland the government gave a binding legal commitment not to breach the Benn Act … For judges to effectively say, 'let's wait and see if they're lying,’ shows a huge breakdown in trust between the judiciary and the government”. Why might that trust have broken down?
Doleman observed that the anonymous briefing from “a senior Downing Street source”, which had been published on the Spectator magazine’s website, and which effectively undermined the Advocate General’s position, that Bozo had given a solemn undertaking to comply with the Benn Act, had been passed to the court.
As he put it, “The judges were given copies of this piece at the hearing yesterday … Those ‘anonymous briefings’ have came back to bite Boris Johnson”. Once again, the unfeasibly large brain of chief polecat Dominic Cummings has done for his boss. David Allen Green had read the judgment (see HERE), and was in no doubt as to the intention therein.
Looks like the court will adopt a two-stage approach if request not sent in accordance with Benn Act: 1. order that PM complies (within v short period) 2. order that request be sent by another person (before 31 October) … Key paragraphs 8 to 10 … No doubt that if extension request not sent in accordance with Benn Act then Court will make an order, maybe authorising request to be signed by a designated person … Court will look at situation on 21 October and decide”. Thus our alleged Prime Minister is once again bust.
Or, as the Guardian’s Scotland editor Severin Carrell put it, “[Lord] Carloway says the court will resume hearing on Monday 21 October to issue urgent ruling vs [Boris Johnson] if needed - court holding a loaded pen at Johnson’s head”. Forget Tory Brexiteers being invited on BBC Politics Live and Question Time, and telling viewers that it will all be over by the end of the month. It won’t, and Bozo can’t drive us off the cliff edge.

Anyone would think Polecat Dom wasn’t all that clever. I’ll just leave that one there.
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"Bozo can't drive us off the cliff edge."

Oh REALLY?......Wait and see......