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Sunday 13 October 2019

Tommy Robinson Faces Football Ban

After Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, visited Portugal last June, he ventured north to the city of Guimarães, where England were playing the Netherlands at the Estadio Dom Alfonso Henriques. But for Lennon, merely supporting the national team is never enough, and so it proved.
As the Independent reported at the time, “Tommy Robinson has been filmed punching an English football fan to the ground before the team’s match against Netherlands in Portugal”. He lashed out “at a man in an England shirt”. Moreover, Lennon admitted He Done It. He was totally unabashed and unapologetic about it.

I said to the man’s friend, ‘Keep that man away from me, he comes back up to me again like that and watch what happens to him’ ... People get physical with me a lot, I’m not going to wait for him to attack me … Twice I warned him, twice I warned his friends … That’s the context of the video. The man should keep his opinions to himself and his mouth to himself”. Like Lennon never does. But now there are likely to be consequences.

As the BBC has reported, “Police are trying to get Tommy Robinson banned from attending England football matches after the former EDL leader was filmed punching a fellow fan … Bedfordshire Police, Mr Robinson's local force, and UK Football Policing have applied for a banning order after the incident in Portugal in June”. There was more.

If the order is granted, Mr Robinson - whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon - would be barred from attending England games in the UK and abroad … A spokeswoman for Bedfordshire Police said: ‘We can confirm we have served papers on an individual regarding an application for a football banning order’ … The force confirmed the order did concern Mr Robinson, but said it would not comment further as the case is a civil and not criminal matter”. The Sun and Independent have also reported the news.
So what word from The Great Man? Well, as he’s already been banned from Twitter and Facebook, it’s not always easy for him to communicate with his fans, but he does have the TR News website to get his message out there. Except that TR News has not said a word about it. Nor has his pal, amateur comedy kidnapper Daniel Thomas.

Nor has there been any word from self-confessed child killer Avi Yemini, although he has his own problems right now. As the Jewish Chronicle reported last July, “Avi (Avraham) Yemini, also known on social media as Ozraeli Avi, was convicted and fined at Moorabbin Magistrates’ Court, Melbourne, on Tuesday morning. He was also convicted on the charge of using a carriage service [sending electronic communications] to harass Sarah Lyford, now his ex-wife, on three occasions”. That’ll do wonders for his UK visa.

Strange, isn’t it? Lennon is usually the first to make as much as possible out of moves like this one - by claiming the establishment is out to get him, for exposing what he likes to call “The Truth”. But thus far not a word from him and his pals.

And no sign that the banning order will not succeed. Just rejoice at that news.
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Anonymous said...

At this rate "Tommy" is going to disappear up his own anal canal.

Which can't happen too soon.