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Thursday 10 October 2019

Question Time In The Dooda

The BBC’s supposedly flagship current affairs debate offering Question Time has attracted a not insignificant amount of stick since Fiona Bruce took over the presenter’s chair from David Dimbleby. But until today, the stick had always come after broadcast. Now, the programme and Mentorn Media, its production company, are under fire for implicitly approving the doxxing of a lawyer who has been in receipt of death threats.
As Zelo Street regulars will recall, Jolyon Maugham QC, who has been hot on alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson’s efforts to evade scrutiny of his Brexit machinations, and indeed avoid abiding by the provisions of the Benn Act, had received death threats for his trouble. This was one reason that he persuaded the Mail on Sunday to desist from doxxing him on its front page late last month.
But tedious self-promoting TalkRADIO host Julia Hartley Brewer, who knows more about everything than everyone else put together, decided to doxx Maugham anyhow, although she was later prevailed upon to remove her Tweet and desist. Ms Hartley Dooda was roundly, and rightly, censured for that gesture. But not by Mentorn Media, who have invited her to participate on this evening’s Question Time.
Maugham clearly could not believe that the BBC had sunk to this level of crass indifference: “Absolutely despicable of [BBC Question Time]. A fortnight after Hartley Brewer published the address of my family home, in a week in which she knew I had received death threats, our notional public service broadcaster puts her on its flagship [discussion show]. Shame on it. Shame on it”. And there was more.
Tanja Bueltmann was not pleased. “How dare you put Hartley-Brewer on your programme after she revealed [Jolyon Maugham]’s home address following him getting death threats? Is this the new role of the national broadcaster - give platforms to those willing to risk someone’s death to score some likes on Twitter?” One for Mentorn to answer, methinks.
Trevor Warner was also not happy. “I find it disconcerting that [BBC Question Time] have put that peddler of hate, [Julia Hartley Dooda] on tonight's panel. This woman disclosed the family address of [Jolyon Maugham] in the week he received death threats, thus recklessly endangering him and his family. For shame!” Britgirl Explains Brexit urged “No matter the subject being discussed one audience member please ask ‘Why is Julia Hartley-Brewer on #BBCQT two weeks after she published Jolyon Maugham's home address knowing he was receiving death threats?’” Quite.
The Tweeter known as Wolfie mused “I've not watched #bbcqt for months, but I'm not watching it twice this week, because the repulsive Julia Hartley Brewer is on the panel again … Only two weeks ago, this hate filled harpy tweeted the address of a QC who had received death threats. Shame on the BBC”. And there was yet more.
Femi Oluwole, who was told by Ms Hartley Dooda that she’d rather be treated by a British doctor (does that mean “white”?) concluded “On top of publishing the home address of the family of pro-EU Legal professional [Jolyon Maugham], Julia Hartley-Brewer has some wonderful views on the NHS which [BBC Question Time] viewers would love to hear”.

Does that mean she’s a bigot, too? Either way, not a good look for the Beeb. Again.
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Anonymous said...

Bruce and its producers have turned that pile of shite into a mountain of shite. The same mentality that employed the media coward MacKenzie.

Tenth rate BBC tabloid TV at its worst.

Why anybody watches it is beyond me.

Mark said...

Quite apart from the recent antics of that vile woman, where is the supposed impartiality and level playing field in a panel comprising of three Brexiteers at a time when Brexit is bound to figure greatly?

Unknown said...

I bet she's there to shout down extinction rebellion with her climate denying whataboutery (Some of your protestors went. To. McDonalds. Shock. Horror. Bad. Punctuation. Hack) for balance of course.

I'm not ruling out her Brexit bile mind, but it won't be her main thrust this week imo.

Unknown said...

Mark, on September the 9th it was 4 remainers (Ed Davey, Charles Falconer, Ash Sarkar, Victoria Atkins) and 1 brexiteer (Camilla Tominey). Does that prove bias as well?

Unknown said...

Well I don't want to say I told you so but...

Unknown said...

A lib dem, a Blaire ex minister, a current Tory minister, a pro Tory reporter and Ash from Novara media yeah, bias.

Ps, it was the 19th and it's on iPlayer if you want to watch the pile on.

Mark said...

Uknown 20:39, I think Unknown at 09.53 has already answered this, but you know what, all you've done is prove that no edition affords a level playing field, which is exactly what I said in my original comment. There's never an adequate mix of panelists on the show, and even if there were, the audience would be made up as per usual of right wing political activists

Mark said...

Also I should say I erroneously said three brexiteers in my original post, there was of course actually four of them on last night's show.