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Thursday 10 October 2019

Brexit Party Paranoia Boils Over

Those at the top of the Brexit Party, latest vehicle for the personal advancement of its for-life Oberscheissenführer Nigel “Thirsty” Farage, have been very sensitive to criticism, but what happened yesterday in the European Parliament cannot be un-happened. Once the conduct of Team Brexit has been seen, it cannot be unseen. Very few pundits were prepared to come to the defence of Farage, Tice, and the rest of the Brexit Party contingent in the EP, who had made total idiots of themselves.
Squeaky barking at the Brussels moon finger up the bum time

The EP’s President David Sassoli - opposite number of Commons Speaker John Bercow - addressed MEPs. “This morning, I … had a fruitful discussion with Speaker Bercow, in which I set out my view that any request by British institutions for an extension of [Article 50] … should allow the British people to give its views, whether it be in a referendum or a General Election. Speaker Bercow and I were very much on the same wavelength”.
He's not litigious, honestly, but this comment is sub judice

There was more. “Regarding the importance of the roles of our respective Parliaments in managing Brexit. We share an awareness that a chaotic exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union would work to the detriment of citizens on both sides. I do trust that No Deal can be avoided at the end of the day … the European Union has nevertheless adopted all the necessary measures to prepare for the consequences, should it occur”.
Brexit Party MEPs immediately saw something that was not there. It was a conspiracy! He was undermining democracy! Farage was incandescent. “Here in Brussels, new Europarl President David Sassoli confirms a meeting with John Bercow in which they agreed to work to prevent a clean break Brexit. What right does the Speaker have to do this? Disgraceful!” They didn’t agree any such thing. He didn’t say that. Farage imagined it.
Tice, who earlier this year moaned “Speaker of HoC John Bercow has just allowed MPs a vote on holding another referendum, but decided not to allow a vote on ruling one out.  Utterly shameless bias. Remainers taking control of Brexit … smell of betrayal is getting stronger by the hour”, (note pejorative language and contempt for democracy), also lost it.
Here in Brussels new President Sassoli admits in chamber that he has bypassed the UK PM and Govt and is now in direct discussions with Bercow about Brexit negotiations. He refused to take my urgent question on what authority they had to have these discussions”. He didn’t bypass anyone. Nobody is coming to get Richard Tice, as he’s not paranoid.
For one Brexit Party MEP, it was all too much, as Simon Gosden observed. “Batshit crazy, howling at the moon #brexit jihadist and Brexit Party MEP Belinda De Lucy screaming like a banshee in the European Parliament. Shaming the whole of Britain with her nauseating, puerile contempt for democracy”. She accused the EU of not being democratic. After she was democratically elected to the EP. From where she was ranting.
And Tom Scott had news for Tice. “‘Admits’? #Bercow and Sassoli speak for their respective parliaments, both of which have a part to play in this process. Only in an environment of deliberately stoked nationalist hysteria & xenophobia would friendly contact between them be portrayed as anything to be condemned”. And paranoia. Allegedly.

The Brexit Party MEPs haven’t lost it totally yet. But you can see it from there.
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Jemma said...

Have you seen this Brexit Party Ltd's latest shitty, remarkably UNdemocratic antics: https://www.theneweuropean.co.uk/top-stories/brexit-party-meps-vote-against-russian-interference-motion-1-6316536

Clare Short voted against because the legislation implied people could be duped ... er yes, that's what can happens when the people are lied to during election / referendum campaigns, which is why it's a good idea to limit the lies and trickery!

Anonymous said...

Brexit "Party": Hate-peddling racist knobheads with a corner shop mentality.

A bad combination, that.

Anonymous said...

Claire FOX not, Short.

iMatt said...

"Remainers taking control of Brexit" says Tice. And yet I thought Brexiters urged Remainers to "get on board" with Brexit. Taking actual control should be right up their ginnel.

Jemma said...

18:29 - Ooops thanks x