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Monday 28 October 2019

Mark François - Famous Last Words

He was not the first to be conned by alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, and he will not be the last, but he is perhaps the saddest of Bozo The Clown’s litany of patsies: Mark François (note cedilla under the c) took Bozo on trust to deliver Brexit by the 31st of October. He was naive enough, and indeed stupid enough, to think that Brexit could be delivered as if in the waving of an arm. It could not.
He trusted Bozo. And claims to be fit to be an MP

There he was, in the lobby of the House of Commons, telling the BBC, and indeed the world “I looked him in the eye, I’ve known him 20 years, and said ‘Boris, if you become Prime Minister, do you give me your word we leave on the 31st of October, come hell or high water?’ and he said ‘Look Mark, we’ve got to leave, otherwise the Tory Party is finished. We’re leaving’. That swung it for me”. What a complete chump.
Of course, as Adam Bienkov of Business Insider has also recalled today, “Boris Johnson addressing the nation last month: ‘I want everybody to know there are no circumstances in which I will ask Brussels to delay. We Are leaving on the 31st October, no ifs or buts.’” But anyone who thought Brexit could be delivered in that timeframe was kidding themselves.
So it should have surprised no-one to read the Beeb’s latest report tellingEU leaders have agreed in principle to extend Brexit until 31 January 2020 - meaning the UK will not leave as planned on Thursday … EU Council President Donald Tusk said it was a ‘flextension' - meaning the UK could leave before the deadline if a deal was approved by Parliament”. But there will be no leaving the EU on the 31st of October.
Also dead in Bozo’s ditch today are the increasingly desperate, downmarket and for-sale Telegraph, which had proclaimed “Johnson refuses to sign Brexit delay letter” as if that would make one jot of difference (it didn’t), and the clown car that is Leave EU, which predicted in April 2017 “Knocked out and grovelling, how the EU will be feeling in just under two years time … Britain triumphant”. Or maybe not.
So what does Mark François (note cedilla under the c) have to say for himself today? What news from the MP whose website tellsMark made his maiden speech in the House of Commons on the 4th July 2001 against the Nice Treaty. Throughout his time in Parliament, Mark has had concerns about the growing power of the European Union relative to Westminster. When he served as the Shadow Europe Minister from 2007-2010, Mark was very involved with European Issues and he led the day to day opposition in Parliament to the Lisbon Treaty, working alongside Shadow Foreign Secretary William Hague MP”.
What it doesn’t tell is that all that opposition had no effect at all. None. Zero. Zip. Zilch. Not a sausage. Bugger all. What it also doesn’t tell is that François has been done up like a kipper by Bozo The Clown, and now looks an even bigger fool than usual.
And what it doesn’t dare to tell is that Bozo’s warning to François - “We’ve got to leave, otherwise the Tory Party is finished” - now has the opportunity to be tested before the electorate. The Tories keep on lying, even to themselves.

Now the voters know Bozo is full of crap. That might not bode well for The Blue Team.
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Anonymous said...

Poor old Essex Clown Kecks Mark "Fuck the cedilla" Francois. Sold down the Mud Brown Thames like all the other Bozo Believing mugs.

You'd need a heart of stone to stop yourself roaring with laughter. A real thigh-slapping moment.

Any day now there'll be no room in that promised tory ditch.

Oh my aching sides.

DBC said...

As the cartoon in yesterday's Sunday Times puts it:-

The ditch which Boris was supposed to be found dead in is now buried under Heathrow's third runway.