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Wednesday 2 October 2019

Take It Or Leave It? The EU Already Left It

Reality, for the Tory faithful, is a state of mind. It need not intrude on their conference, impinge on their comfortable and securely sealed world, or keep them awake at night. Reality is for mugs, losers, the poor, and anyone else who won’t vote for them. Being able to dispense with reality means they do not have to worry that their leader is deliberately offering the EU a deal he knows it will decline. Because he doesn’t want to do a deal.
An absolute Muppet. And Elmo from Sesame Street

The offer being made by alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson had already been leaked, such is the inability of the Tories to keep any confidence, and it had already been found wanting by the people that matter - those on the other side of the Irish border. It had already been declared inadequate by Tánaiste Simon Coveney. Commentators around the island of Ireland had predicted that response.
But despite knowing that his proposals were not credible, our free and fearless press has splashed them all over its front pages in an effort to persuade readers to join in the denial of reality. All that was needed was for otherwise rational people to smile, think positively, and have belief in themselves and their country. With this, it would not matter when food and medicine shortages hit; we could just pretend it all away.
So it was that the Daily Brexit, still officially called the Express, declared “PM’s ‘TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT’ BREXIT DEAL TO EU”, along with Bozo The Clown doing a Fred Scuttle impression. The Daily Mail was also talking up the claim, telling readers “BORIS: TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT … PM to make dramatic final Brexit offer to EU today … He’ll warn: It’s either my new deal or NO deal”. It was the same in the Murdoch Sun.
Here, with a claim of an “exclusive” by non-bullying political editor Tom Newton Dunn, we see “Boris Talks To The Sun … 10 DAYS TO DO DEAL … PM: My Brexit ultimatum”. And it’s the same in free sheet Metro. “TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT … Johnson to make Brexit offer today … and vows talks will stop if Brussels says no”. Tedious jingoism. Again.
But among the cheerleading, the BBC’s Europe editor Katya Adler is trying to tell anyone who will listen this is not going to work. After conceding “The bloc will look at the proposals carefully”, she warns “it is fundamentally misunderstanding the EU if the prime minister thinks at this stage the 26 EU leaders will turn round on the Irish prime minister and say: ‘Listen, you are going to have to accept this because we just want to have a deal.’
She goes on to say “It is also fundamentally misunderstanding the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, her attachment to EU unity and the integrity of the single market. And also it is misunderstanding that the EU sees this in a bigger picture. If suddenly now they were to back down to all of the prime minister's demands how would that look to other trade partners across the globe”. Bozo doesn’t get the EU - or doesn’t want to.
The press is cheerleading for a bluff that is not going to work. Bozo is driving the UK towards the cliff edge, and if he really, really wants to carry on, there is nothing the other EU member states can do to stop him. The problem is, he’s driving all of us over the cliff edge with him. But his rich pals will be loving it. That’s why he has to be stopped.

Our press and Government are out of control. Be afraid. Be very afraid.
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Jonathan said...

Well Bozo the Joker, has a choice, now in a cul de sac of his own making, the Russian Roulette suicide game is down to its two final bullets.

Does Bozza, comply with the Benn Act or does he fire the penultimate bullet? And potentially being frogmarched outta No10 like Geoffrey Clifton Brown.

According to the FT, they bet he'll write to the EU President for the extension the resign, leaving soemoen else to clean up his mess.

Anonymous said...

It's impossible to watch that urfascist gathering in Manchester of tory scoundrels, conmen and conwomen and their corporate media without thinking of -

W. H. Auden, who said:
“Intellectual disgrace
Stares from every human face,
And the seas of pity lie
Locked and frozen in each eye”

And Thomas Hobbes, who said:
“Pity is imagination or fiction of future calamity to ourselves, proceeding from the sense of another man’s calamity. But when it lighteth on such as we think have not deserved the same, the compassion is greater, because there then appeareth more probability, that the same may happen to us; for the evil that happeneth to an innocent man may happen to every man.”

The tories and their media - and any other fellow-travellers such as the New Labour rump and the LibDem lickspittles - shame us all and what's left of our culture. Just when you think they can get no lower they fall from the gutter into the sewer.

Fool us once, shame on them. Fool us twice, shame on us.