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Tuesday 15 October 2019

Bozo Surrender Imminent - Look Over There!

As the end of October draws ever closer, so the minds of politicians and pundits are sharpened accordingly: some merely crave even more for their country to be driven over the cliff edge into the land of alleged opportunity, while others know that the only opportunity that offers is economic devastation, national ridicule and the breakup of the United Kingdom. For the latter group, anything less damaging is more desirable.
A complete Muppet. And Elmo from Sesame Street

But one thing is certain: with the provisions of the Benn Act now known to all interested parties, it is going to be between an Article 50 extension of no known duration, and a deal of some sort. And alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson clearly wants the kudos of a deal. The problem is that what he may get is yet more humiliation. We know this as his pals are now engaged in a furious campaign of deflection.

This has been typified by the likes of John “live long and prosper” Redwood, who has tried and failed to join the minds of ordinary people with claims like “One of the big wins from Brexit is a new agrarian revolution. We should develop policies to rebuild our self-sufficiency in temperate food as we enjoyed before joining the CAP. We shd also look at other ways of increasing the use we make of our farmland to increase farm incomes”.
We didn’t have self-sufficiency in any food before joining the CAP. Or does he not remember Commonwealth Preference and EFTA? Still, at least it’s a better effort than that pitched by Desperate Dan Hodges, who has tried “Jeremy Corbyn’s argument that the untrustworthiness of the sitting Prime Minister is a reason to avoid an election and leave him in post is an interesting one”. No, I don’t want to look over there at that one, either.
Something bad must be coming down the track at Bozo The Clown. Otherwise, why would Dan, Dan The Oratory Man be whining “Labour: ‘Shocking to jail Catalan politicians for demanding independence’ … Also Labour: ‘If Boris won't send a letter cancelling independence, he should be jailed!’” Did Labour say either of those? Doubt it.

But good to see Hannan now firmly in favour of interfering in other EU member states’ affairs: at least we know where he stands. In any case, the Guardian has now let us know why all these august beings are frantically trying to divert attention away from Bozo.
First off, Jacob Rees Mogg “said a Saturday sitting would be a very rare occurrence. He said he could not announce plans for one yet because that would be dependent on the outcome of talks that are still taking place”. No deal, then? Well, “After Emmanuel Macron spoke to Boris Johnson by phone this morning, Élysée officials stressed that there must be complete clarity tonight on whether or not a Brexit withdrawal agreement is possible”.
A deadline? Make that two: “Michel Barnier has set Boris Johnson a midnight deadline to concede to EU demands and agree to a customs border in the Irish Sea or be left with nothing to take to the Commons. He warned that the starting point for a deal had to be the Northern Ireland-only backstop, keeping it in the EU’s single market for goods and erecting a customs border in the Irish Sea, a proposal previously rejected by Theresa May”.

So that’s why there has been the frantic deflection. Bozo has decided to sign on the surrender line. How brave is Bozo? Not at all. He’ll surrender, rather than go crawling after an Article 50 extension. Then it will be up to his press pals so spin it as a victory.
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Arnold said...

Apparently Northern Ireland and Great Britain will legally be in a customs union despite a customs border in the Irish Sea.
My brain hurts.

Anonymous said...

The DUP are dupes.

They're the only ones who don't know it. If Frankie Boyle is to be believed, probably because they're too busy with the Old Testament.