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Wednesday 9 October 2019

Tom Harwood - You’re A Hypocrite

It seems that there is some kind of initiative under way at the Guido Fawkes blog for the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines and his rabble to garner a little more personal attention for the benefit of Themselves Personally Now. Why this might be is not clear as yet - the thought once more occurs that there may have been a falling out between Staines and the Murdoch mafiosi - but that it is happening is in no doubt.
First came Staines’ lame attempt to pretend that cricketer Ben Stokes was involved in an act of domestic violence towards his wife when the two of them were snapped at an awards evening recently. Now that this seed has fallen upon stony ground, his replacement teaboy Tom Harwood has decided to go after campaigner Greta Thunberg, if for no other reason than that she is far more popular than he is.
And so it came to pass that Teaboy Tom Tweeted “gotta say it's a bit rich for Greta to say ‘and all you care about is money’ when she is someone who has never had to work a day in her life. Billions of people do have to think about money. it's so sneering to say screw people's livelihoods all for her own ideological pursuit”. And there was more.
After several of his fellow Tweeters had reminded Harwood that Ms Thunberg is unlikely to have had a job yet, as she is just 16 years old, he sniped “The left: You are not allowed to critique the argument of a world-famous icon-to-many because she is a 16-year-old child. Also the left: 16-year-olds are ADULTS and should be given the vote”. Oh dear.
The central plank of his initial argument was that she had “never had to work a day in her life”. That’s what all those responding have tried to point out. And the blowback was soon in progress, with Labour MP Liz McInnes musing “I’m waiting for Tom’s next tweet where he talks about the dignity of child labour and a return to shoving kids up chimneys”.
Ned Roberts added “I'd say she's keeping herself pretty busy, to be fair”. And Dan Reast got to the nub of Harwood’s problem: “It's richer that someone who's not much older than Greta Thunberg is arguing about working. Especially when that someone was picked up by a far-right blogger just after they left university. Some might argue that someone is jealous”. Harwood has himself never had to do a real job. Not for one day.
And it gets worse: unlike over 90% of the local population, Teaboy Tom attended the exclusive Perse School in Cambridge, but sadly, he did not secure acceptance to any part of the city’s University, having instead to lower his sights and go to Durham instead. Then he got a plum job with The Great Guido, added to which are his totally undeserved regular appearance on TV screens, where he dispenses his ignorance loudly and insistently.
Unlike Ms Thunberg, Tom Harwood campaigns only for the Haves to lord it even more over the Have Nots. He campaigns for our free and fearless press to carry on misbehaving, smearing, lying, blagging, and all the rest. He campaigns for those who pretend that climate change is not happening. While Ms Thunberg works tirelessly to save the planet, Teaboy Tom cheers on anyone and everyone who doesn’t care, provided they profit.

If anyone stands accused of “never having had to work a day” in their life, it isn’t Greta Thunberg. Tom Harwood is the lowest form of hypocrite. But you knew that anyway.
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Anonymous said...

We should be grateful for far right hate-filled gimps like Harwood.

Every time he opens his gob he shows just how bitter and twisted he and they are. But not before he's inserted both feet in it. Some "achievement" that.

Nick63 said...

You've got a wicked typo in there near the end (2nd from last para)... unless the excellent Ms Thunberg is trying to save a pot-plant as well as the planet.

Anonymous said...

Says the person whom on every post spews far-left hatred...

Anonymous said...


Pfffttt......A wannabe propaganda clerk. One of the newbies, but no different from the rest. Which means you'll see and hear more from him as the old poisoners fade out. Nothing more certain.