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Monday 28 October 2019

Mail On Sunday Racist Platforming Backfires

In another sign that the Mail on Sunday, under the less than perfect editorial judgment of Ted Verity, is rapidly becoming a true successor to the late and not at all lamented Screws as a truly wayward newspaper, its last issue gave a platform to racist bigot Doug Murray The K, where The Great Man told anyone not yet asleep that hate crime was not really happening, something he would know about, as he contributes rather a lot of it.
Murray: a racist bigot, but an upmarket one

Britain is one of the most tolerant places on Earth. So why do Police pretend we’re in the grip of a record wave of vile attacks by bigots … THE GREAT HATE CRIME HOAXhowls the headline, telling readers what to think without reading Murray’s tedious screed.

Murray provides little anecdote, and zero evidence, to support his argument. But he does indulge in laughably crude logic leaps and false assumptions. Take this starter: “Labour MP Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi and others insisted that Boris’s column last year defending the right of Muslim women to wear the burka (a column his opponents deliberately misrepresented) in fact caused a ‘spike’ in anti-Muslim hate crimes. They claim that such hate crimes rose 375 per cent in the week after his column”. And next? Keep watching.
Gina Miller: knows all about hate speech

Which sounds impressive until you realise this is a rise from eight reported incidents in a week to 38 reported incidents [It’s still a 375% increase, Doug]. Scepticism has been poured on these figures [no citation] … Labour MPs who were attacking the Prime Minister with these bogus statistics [and now the figures have become ‘bogus’] were only using the favoured tactic of recent years [which was what? We aren’t told]”.

On he rants. “There is no country in the world more tolerant than this one [no citation]. Yet time and again in the past 20 years - and never more so than since the referendum - we have been slandered and smeared [no citation] … Political campaigners have used bogus statistics to push their own political and sectarian interests [no citation]. It is time that people named and shamed the smear-merchants [go on then Doug, give us all a laugh]”.
Jews know all about hate speech, too

So how tolerant is the UK? Let’s have some genuine citations, for once. Five days ago, Daniel Sugarman in the Jewish Chronicle told “Police investigate after 300-year-old Jewish cemetery in Kent desecrated on Rosh Hashanah … The attackers, who smashed a number of graves, are believed to have used sledgehammers”. Well tolerant, eh Doug?

Or this, from only yesterday, in the FT: “‘Toxic’ tweets aimed at MPs soar after Johnson outburst … FT analysis shows abusive messages increased following rancorous parliamentary debate”. Or this from the BBC, also from yesterday: “Police are investigating a crowdfunding page which sought to raise £10,000 to have campaigner Gina Miller killed”.
Douglas Murray is, of course, the pundit who asserted “Conditions for Muslims in Europe must be made harder across the board”. He defended Pegida, claimed the EDL “had a point”, and has spoken in support of Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson. He is, whisper it quietly, a bigot. But an upmarket one.

So it is no surprise that Stop Funding Hate has read what the MoS has allowed to be published in its pages, and asked the paper’s advertisers if they want to be associated with yet another stain on journalism. There should be no tolerance of the intolerant.
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Anonymous said...

Why "Doug Murray the K"?

Anonymous said...

The most obvious things about far right media like the Heil on Sunday is their near-complete lack of integrity, scruples, honesty and courage. Cultural mendacity and cowardice are orders of the day.

Sadly for the future of this country it infests all levels of mass print and broadcast ownership and production. Hence the singular praiseworthiness of Peter Oborne's exposure of the disgusting poison and some of the malevolent individuals and opportunists who inject it.

Now imagine - it doesn't take much effort - how they'll behave at a looming general election. Then multiply it a thousandfold if Labour actually wins it. You ain't seen nothin' yet. Which is why I hope Labour has ready a full-time Rebuttal Unit sufficiently staffed with committed and capable members.....they're going to be needed in the face of a full-on Goebbels style wave of lying filth. There are absolutely no lows the Heil and other fellow-travellers won't fall to at the behest of their employers and the real loony propaganda concocters at Vauxhall Cross, Thames House and Langley.

Arnold said...

The police are investigating a crowdfunding page (now removed) to hire a hitman to kill Gina Miller.
Not reported in the Mail as far as I know.

Burlington Bertie from Bow said...

Re Murray the K for Anonymous at 10.34

2 possibilities:

1. It's Tim's playful allusion to a famous 1960s US disc-jockey (ask your mum)associated with the early American success of the Beatles (ask your mum). Or
2. Tim thinks that Mr Murray is a kunt(ask your mum).

My pleasure.

J said...

I assumed it was both because he has a K in his twitter handle (as if there would be many with his name, its like all the twats having "real" in their handle when 99.99998% are so lacking in status that what's the point) and also because he's a Kunt.

Tim Fenton said...

@1 @4 @5

The "Doug Murray The K" reference traces back, as @4 notes, to the original Murray The K (Murray Kaufman) who promoted The Beatles before and during their first trip to the USA.

It also references the Eric Idle and Neil Innes "mockumentary" The Rutles, where that character was played by Bill Murray, who was then billed as "Bill Murray The K".

From there comes Doug Murray The K. You're all welcome.

Burlington Bertie from Bow said...

You've swerved, as the young people say, the Kunt issue.
Kum klean!