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Thursday 31 October 2019

Katie Hopkins Naked Stunt Imminent

Promising to strip naked as a way of inferring that the likelihood of an event happening is vanishingly small does not have a happy recent history. Anyone doubting this assertion needs only to consult Iain Dale or Dan Hodges to be disabused of any notion to the contrary. But one individual not in favour of consulting anyone except Herself Personally Now is pro-am motormouth Katie Hopkins. Yes, she has gone there. Repeatedly.
Viewers may still want to look away now

Hatey Katie was so certain that alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson was a man of his word (ho ho ho) that she believed his claim about Britain leaving the EU at the end of October “come hell or high water”. The reality is that Bozo The Clown cannot be trusted any further than he can be usefully chucked. What will she do now?
She was certain enough to sneer at Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. “We are out on 31 October ‘come hell or high water’. Deal with it you shrivelled little grandpa”. Charming, isn’t she? And in case anyone didn’t get that, here is was again. “Clear message from the British PM Ignore Grumpy Grandpa (Corbyn) and Dreary Deidre (Swinson) and other over-inflated ego maniac QCs (Jolywhopper) … WE ARE OUT ON 31 OCT”.
Later came yet more gratuitous abuse. "Try and filter out the noise from the Remainers and those who lost the Referendum. Keep the faith with Boris. We voted to Leave. We are leaving on 31 October. Monkeys screech loudest when they know they are in trouble”. Fast forward to the Tory Party conference, and there she was, cheerleading once more. “We are out of the EU on 31 October come what may #CPC2019 … Yaaassss Boris”.
Some are all too easily conned, it seems. So easily, in Ms Hopkins’ case, that she was now recycling Tory propaganda. “Excellent work by [BorisJohnson] It’s this way or the highway. Either way we are OUT on 31 Oct. Fantastic news for Great Brits. We now need to come together and #BackBoris #PeoplesPrimeMinister”.
And then came the promise, or maybe that should have been threat. “We are out on 31 Oct. If I am proved wrong I will drink a pot of tea naked in the Apprentice losers cafe with Farages face on each nipple”. Look on the bright side - it could be the pot of tea that’s naked. And maybe they won’t let her in, which would not be a surprise.
Because it looks like she’s serious. “Excellent work by the [Conservatives] Comms Team. Regular Brits wanting a decent country for their kids. We are OUT on 31 Oct. or I am naked in the Bridge Cafe with a picture of Nigel on each nipple”. Barbara Windsor she isn’t. But she is serious. “Re articulating my pledge to the nation … We are out on 31 Oct. If I am proved wrong I will drink a pot of tea naked in the Apprentice losers cafe with Farage’s face on each nipple”. Well, today she is proved wrong.
So will Hatey Katie go where Messrs Dale and Hodges decided not to, or not in the literal sense of “naked” in the latter case? Or will there be, after a pause for the Hopkins logic circuits to reset themselves, a swift deletion of offending Tweets accompanied by an implicit hope that no-one out there noticed? Because they did.

I’m not saying Katie Hopkins is stupid. Because she just said it for me.
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The Toffee (597) said...

I’m not saying Katie Hopkins is stupid.

...She could NEVER reach that level of intellect.

Jonathan said...

Urrgh no, please keep it kit on Katie..but would be funny if she was lifted by Inspector Knacker for indecent exposure in public..

benjamin heinz said...

I also will be checking ditches .

Arnold said...

I do notwant to see the photos on your blog.

Anonymous said...

Oh I wouldn't worry about Droopy Katie stripping off.

Her nose is big enough to cover her failing "assets".

Unknown said...

I would most definitely be looking away now. I know it's Halloween but yikes!

Mr Angry from Landrake said...

Good grief, do we really want to see a witches tit?

Nick63 said...

Still waiting for Katie's promised Regent's Street inserted sausage run...