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Tuesday 8 October 2019

Brexit - Polecat Dom’s Moment Of Truth

We already knew that the latest Brexit proposals put forward by alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson were unacceptable to EU negotiators. As the Guardian reported yesterday, “Leaked papers lay bare the scale of the multiple faults highlighted to David Frost, the prime minister’s chief negotiator, during the most recent talks”.
Bozo The Clown claimed he had moved a long way. He was right. The problem is that, under the guidance of his chief polecat Dominic Cummings, he had moved in the wrong direction. He had gone from Theresa May’s Withdrawal Agreement, which was acceptable, some distance in the direction of away. Yet he expected to carry the day.
That was because Polecat Dom assured him that the EU would blink first, despite anyone with any knowledge of the EU knowing that this rules based organisation would stick to playing by the rules. There would be no blinking first, whoever the opponent. There would be no winging it (Bozo’s preferred solution to any problem). And so to today’s news.
Many Lobby journalists have apparently been taken by surprise by the realisation that brave Bozo was a busted flush, a paper tiger, a mere flannelled fool, an innocent abroad, whose cunning plan had achieved nothing, along with the threats to cease negotiations and walk away. The EU does not do brinkmanship and bluster. It does rules.
Worse, those Lobby journalists have taken Cummings’ latest briefing as if it were unvarnished fact. So it was that Tim Shipman, in full Corporal Jones mode, frothed earlier “Every EU negotiator and member state leader should read this because it’s what is coming. They need to understand how Johnson/Cummings see the world. They won’t back off like May did. Huge potential for miscalculation”. Ms May did not back off.
Shippers chooses not to see reality as it is. ITV political editor Robert Peston does little better. “This feels very big. PM spoke with German Chancellor Angela Merkel at 8am this morning. According to Downing Street source, she told the PM that there will be no Brexit deal with the UK unless Northern Ireland is in the customs union ‘forever’”. Did Pesto get the German end of that conversation to verify it? Because he should have done.
Laura Kuenssberg also trotted out Dom’s spin. “No 10 says PM stressed to Merkel UK believes they had put forward a reasonable new deal, but with no desire to engage on EU side + this demand on NI staying in Customs Union a deal is 'essentially impossible’”. It wasn’t reasonable, the EU did engage, and Dom is lying through his teeth. Again.
Heck, Cummings has also briefed that the rotten Germans have torpedoed [unfortunate choice of words there] the Good Friday Agreement. When the EU side is looking at all times in the negotiations to uphold that agreement. What Cummings and his boss wanted, as Sam Coates from Sky News noted, was “a deal (on BJ’s terms)”.
Those terms were the kind of bird that just won’t fly. They played chicken with the country’s wellbeing and lost. And the media swallowed their bullshit. As Toby Earle has put it, “The breathless regurgitation of Cummings’ non-anonymous briefings, without the scorching deconstruction they deserve, continues to be a serious journalistic shortcoming”.

Our Prime Minister is a clown. And it’s time the media reported that. Cos it’s a fact.
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Anonymous said...

Well, if Cummings "...is lying through his teeth..." so are the propaganda clerks (Kuenssberg, Peston etc.) who repeat the lies in the full knowledge they should be checking facts.

But of course Kuenssberg and her ilk have no interest in the truth. Which is why there is much comedy in watching them squirm through their latest vomit of obvious far right bullshit crackpottery. They manage to make Goebbels look like Bertrand Russell.

Jonathan said...

Allegedly whenever Tory Laura returns to her alma mater at Georgetown University in Washington DC to talk to journalism students, apparently those students can't stop themselves from crying from laughter at Tory Laura's attempts at sharing her propaganda for the Tories and trying to pass it off as independent investigative journalism.