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Tuesday 8 May 2018

Twitter SUSPENDS Katie Hopkins

She may still have her blue tick. But the latest event in the steady decline of pro-am motormouth Katie Hopkins has seen her and Twitter have a falling out. And when someone falls out with Twitter, the only party to suffer as a result is never going to be Twitter. This time it was only a brief suspension and loss of functionality, but next time the sanction will be more severe, and so on until she goes the full Stephen Lennon.
Viewers may still want to look away now

As Zelo Street regulars will know, Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, first lost the coveted blue tick, before suffering a number of suspensions and then being banned from Twitter for good (he is now telling anyone who will listen that he is “taking Twitter to court”, although on what grounds is not known). Ms Hopkins herself let slip the bad news, as well as her increasing paranoia on the subject.
Also on view is Ms Hopkins’ almost cavalier attitude to provoking complaints. Take, for instance, “If you are a serving police officer frustrated by the state of policing in the U.K. I welcome your messages”. Cops should talk to an Islamophobe bigot with a history of defamation. Plus she was all for interfering in children’s education.
Pupils being taught about other religions? Here she comes: “My personal view? Parents should remove their children from RE lessons at school (it is legal to do so) and take a stand against indoctrination of young minds by Islam-loving left”. Yes parents, only take Hatey Katie’s word on Islam. What could possibly go wrong?
It’s not as if she doesn’t know that her rantings provoke complaints to Twitter - we know this as whenever one of them fails, she gleefully posts the response for all to see, including yet another attack on London Mayor Sadiq Khan, who is actually doing the job, rather than sitting in the stands and moaning from the sidelines.
Then came the first hint of disharmony between her and Twitter as she snapped “Be careful @Twitter - your censors are getting clumsy. The matrix is glitching. I see you. And I see there was no ‘password bug’ either. As you were”. Paranoid, much? Censored? What form did this “censorship” take? Did she just imagine it?
No she didn’t, well, not on this occasion: “Wanted to check whether @Twitter (currently blocking my account functionality) would still be willing to take my cash”. There you have it - she’s had her account functionality constrained, It also looks as if she was off the system for more than 12 hours following that little misunderstanding.
Will she attract further sanction? Well, with outbursts such as “London Stab-City / Shoot-a- thon Update. In one 24 hour period. 4 people shot - one dead. Youngest was 13 years old. 1 stabbed Stand by for a summer of carnage on the streets. If Khan was not protected by his religion, he’d be out by now” [my emphasis], it’s entirely possible.

Twitter seems to be losing patience with Katie Hopkins. Just rejoice at that news.


J said...

She wants to be banned, so she can be another sad alt-reich "free speech" martyr.

nparker said...

True. Unfortunately for them, it always seems to be the beginning of the end when these things start happening to them. The utterly irrelevant Milo Yeah-Nope, A Loser a case in point.

R Brooks (née Wade) said...

I, for one am appalled at this story of Katie trying to obtain information from official police forces.
I mean, there's not a single mention of cash payments for such information.

These self titled so called journalists today are letting the side down.
Those poor police officers will starve.

Jonathan said...

Just hoped she'd have emigrated...