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Sunday 13 May 2018

Eurovision Protest Corbyn Link ISN'T

The perpetually thirsty Paul Staines and his rabble at the Guido Fawkes blog are hot on anyone with a Hitler obsession. They have demonstrated this in their pursuit of London’s former Mayor Ken Livingstone, who has latterly pursued a reputation-destroying strategy of wandering into any TV or radio studio and responding “Yes but Hitler” to questions.
Behold the fount of righteous judgment

But the Fawkes massive is nothing if not inconsistent, especially when it suits their agenda, so when another Hitler mentioner fetched up yesterday evening at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, being broadcast from Lisbon’s Altice Arena, their report on what happened managed to miss out the H-word. Or Nazis.
Dr ACactivism

Under the bannerExclusive”, because it wasn’t, The Great Guido tells “Eurovision Stage Invader Is Corbynista”, going on to tell “The stage invader who interrupted the UK’s act at the Eurovision Song Contest tonight is a Corbyn-backing, Labour-supporting veteran protester who endorsed Jezza at the general election, Guido can reveal. Dr ACactivism, also known as A.C., is named in reports as the man who tonight rushed the stage and grabbed Brit singer SuRie’s mic”. And there was more.
He previously disrupted the National Television Awards and talent show The Voice. Cops swooped and the European Broadcasting Union says he is in custody … While many initially thought the protest was about Brexit, it seems ACactivism shouted: ‘Nazis of the UK media … we demand freedom, war is not peace’. His Twitter feed reveals he backed Corbyn at last year’s snap election”. His Twitter feed reveals rather more.
Dr ACactivism has no known connection to the Labour Party. If he had, he’d have long ago been kicked out, whatever his view of the current leader. He has, let us not drive this round the houses for too long, sweet stuff all to do with Jeremy Corbyn. His Twitter feed, that the Fawkes rabble pored over so selectively, is a worrying mass of disturbing allegations, many of which keep coming back to, well, Hitler.
He's not a Corbyn supporter ...

He regularly denounces BBC hosts such as Andrew Neil, Andrew Marr and Evan Davis, as well as Adam Boulton of Sky News, Dermot O’Leary, and Russell Brand. He didn’t disrupt the National Television Awards, or indeed Eurovision, because of any commitment to the Labour Party. He did it to push his frankly unhinged view of the media and those who work within it. Perhaps he wanted to be one of their circle and failed.
... or even a very naughty boy ...

To suggest that he is somehow typical of Corbyn supporters is even worse than extrapolating the view of all Tory supporters from the personal attributes of Paul Staines. And who would claim that those backing The Blue Team are all vindictive, bullying, obese, dishonest criminal lushes with a history of race-baiting and anti-Semitism promotion?
... he's just a fringe weirdo

Strange how The Great Guido homes in on the Hitler obsession when it’s convenient to him, but manages to miss hundreds of mentions of the name somewhere else. Perhaps that’s something to do with doing a Twitter advanced search with the word “Corbyn”. In other words, deciding the subject of the post beforehand.

Which is about as far from actual journalism as one can get. Another fine mess.

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