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Tuesday 15 May 2018

Littlejohn - A Hostile Bigot Speaks

The obedient hackery of the legendarily foul mouthed Paul Dacre at that Daily Mail may have feigned horror, and then sympathy, at the plight of the Windrush Generation, many of whom lost jobs, lost homes and even got deported after they were caught up in the Home Office’s “hostile environment” policy. But that was then, and this is now: Dacre has put the word out that normal intolerant service is to be resumed.
Hostile environment, Guv? Iss too many letters, innit?!?

This has manifested itself in a characteristically bigoted and dishonest rant from the Mail’s talentless and unfunny churnalist Richard Littlejohn, modestly titledA 'hostile environment' towards immigrants? It’s not hostile enough”. Dicky Windbag knows all about the plight of those caught by Home Office ineptitude as he is out there on the ground in the well-known North London suburb of, er, North Vero Beach, Florida. In the USA.

Apart from a brief Windrush mention - blink and you’ll miss it - he soon gets down to the main event. “All we seem to have heard about over the past couple of weeks - apart from Brexit, obviously, and some wedding or other - is the Government’s mean-spirited ‘hostile environment’ towards immigrants … The clippety-cloppety sound bursting out of the Westminster bubble has been that of self-righteous Lefties on their moral high horses”.

It has? Funny, nobody actually within hearing distance of Westminster noticed it. So what have these Rotten Lefties (tm) been up to? “They have been allowed to pretend that the hostile environment for illegal immigrants - instigated by Theresa May when she was Home Secretary - applies to all immigrants, legal or otherwise”. That’s because it does.

Still, eyes on the ball, because Dicky is about to start telling whoppers. Here’s the first blatant one. “If there really has been a hostile policy towards migrants, it doesn’t seem to have deterred anyone from coming here. Quite the opposite, in fact … Official estimates put the number of illegal immigrants at one million, so you can probably double that figure as a basis for negotiation”. No. Just no.
What's my f***ing photo doing here, c***?!?

Fancy another whopper? Go on, spoil us. “The National Crime Agency has revealed that gangs are bringing people into Britain using private planes landing at any of 3,000 small airstrips across the country”. This is what the Times report actually said: “Thousands of airstrips across Britain could be exploited by criminals moving illegal immigrants into the country”. Could be. It was “highly likely”. But Dicky makes it a fact.

Then we get a welter of conjecture about how Dick’s mythical migrants could, maybe, sort of arrive in Britain, before he tires and resorts to “After Labour threw open the borders, immigration from Eastern Europe rocketed”. Why is he now moving on to legal migration? Guess: “itinerant beggars, pickpockets and cashpoint crooks, including the colourful, raggle-taggle gipsies, tramps and thieves”. So he can indulge in a little casual racism.

And after the waves of bluster comes the pièce de résistance: “We don’t even create a ‘hostile environment’ for illegals and convicted foreign criminals. Instead, we give them council houses, legal aid and thousands of pounds from the poor box”. Anyone here illegally gets none of that. It’s another flat-out lie. And more bigoted hate speech.

Small wonder Stop Funding Hate has pointed out to today’s Daily Mail advertisers exactly where their ads are appearing. Richard Littlejohn’s bigotry is bang out of order.

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bernardcrofton said...

Presumably then a hostile country could move half a million soldiers into the 30,000 small airfields undetected!
No they can't! Small planes coming from foreign airspace are tracked. No systematic smuggling is possible, either!