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Monday 7 May 2018

Murdoch Thugs Threaten MPs

As Zelo Street regulars will know, the so-called “Leveson Amendments” come back to the Commons for debate this week, with a vote expected on Wednesday. These seek to enable the restarting of the Leveson Inquiry, as promised to the victims of press abuse by David Cameron, and effectively put Section 40 of the Crime and Courts Act into law.
The press establishment, as might be expected, doesn’t like this idea one bit. The thought that the little people might be able to secure redress without having to bet the house on a libel action, and that all that hacking, blagging, thuggery, corruption, surveillance, harassment and more might be revealed to the world, scares the crap out of them.
He wants the freedom to keep shitting on the little people ...

So it is that the Murdoch Sun has devoted today’s editorial to the subject, on the one hand taking out a king-size onion and pleading for the public to support their wishes to carry on misbehaving, while on the other making thinly-veiled threats against any politician who might not want to bow to the unelected and tax avoiding SOBs.
... as does she ...

The deceit from the Murdoch goons starts with the headline: “The freedom of our country’s Press is under threat - Tom Watson and his Labour cronies cannot be allowed to kill investigative journalism”. Investigative journalism is something Sun management would not be able to identify if it jumped up and kicked them in the undercarriage.
... and so does he ...

Moreover, the MPs who worry the press the most are not those from the Labour Party, or indeed the SNP or Lib Dems, but Tories who might not feel inclined to back press puppet Culture Secretary Matt Hancock when it comes to a vote.
... while he doesn't want anyone asking questions ...

There are downright lies, such as “THE freedom of our cherished Press is under grave threat. MPs are considering a law that could end 300 years of Press freedom in Britain and kill investigative journalism”. They aren’t. And the self-awareness ain’t making it, either: “It would be a boon for the rich, powerful and corrupt”. The rich, powerful and corrupt? That would be those running our less than totally free press.
... about what HE got up to in the past ...

Then, after kicking Watson, Max Mosley and even Ed Miliband, and deploying abuse such as “anti-press”, “grudge” and “vendetta”, the last two describing the Murdoch mafiosi excellently, readers are told “Britain has hit the second worst level in Western Europe for Press freedom”. What readers are not told is that the reason for that is mainly down to our billionaire owned press and its appalling behaviour.
... which is why he's got his instructions

Only then do we get to the main event: “There will be some MPs exposed by the Press for dubious behaviour who want to vote for the amendments. No good policy comes from settling scores”. Freely translated, that means the Murdoch goons, the Dacre doggies, and their counterparts at the Telegraph and elsewhere are opening their safes full of incriminating material in order to bully MPs into the Government lobby.
The Murdoch mafiosi want our elected representatives to know they they have Kompromat on them. What they don’t want was summed up by Dan Waddell: “The Sun throwing a hissy fit about Leveson 2, three days after being exposed for paying a blagger to illegally obtain medical records of bombing victims, cancer sufferers and dead children”.

That is what the press establishment wants to preserve. And that’s not good enough.


rob said...

"The Murdoch mafiosi want our elected representatives to know they they have Kompromat on them."

Wonder if they have any associations with Black Cube?


It's all a conspiracy I tells ya!

Anonymous said...

Roll on Leveson 2.

Oh to see Murdoch scumbags doing five years in the Scrubs in the same cell as Sweetpants.

Anonymous said...

Well worth looking at Master Harry Cole's response to @danwaddells tweet, or rather to the responses to the response.

Anonymous said...

“There will be some MPs exposed by the Press for dubious behaviour who want to vote for the amendments. No good policy comes from settling scores”

Tim, have you been out in the sun too long? This (quoted bit) isn't a threat of any kind. It says that some MPs who have been exposed by the press might want to "settle scores" by voting for Leveson 2.

If, after reading this, you still think that passage constitutes a threat, I recommend you report it to the police and see what they say to you.

Yes, it could have been clearer (by creating a subclause with commas after "MPs" and "behaviour") but newspaper language tends toward the telegraphic -- and, in the Sun's case, with good reason.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 14:00
Yeah, because the press never have grudges against anybody, do they?
Not even against the EU? Think about it...