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Tuesday 29 May 2018

Tommy Robinson - It’s All About Him

After Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, rocked up in Leeds last Friday, was subsequently arrested and then imprisoned, the paranoia among those out there on the far right has reached previously unheard-of levels. But one thing has been forgotten: the alleged victims of those on trial in Leeds, over 20 men who had been accused of being members of a grooming gang.
And that’s what Lennon’s followers cannot get their heads around: the Police, solicitors, barristers, prosecutors and many others had dedicated considerable amounts of time, and yes, public money to ensuring justice for those alleged victims. Lennon has claimed many times in the past to be on the side of those people. Now, those who run his social media outlets while he is in prison are making it not about them, but about him.

Think about that. Lennon has banged on incessantly about “Justice for …” whoever he claims to be supporting. But when it comes to his being taken into custody, primarily because of the danger of prejudicing at least one of the three trials taking place in Leeds (there were so many defendants that they were split between three separate, although intrinsically linked, trials), it becomes “Justice for … Tommy”. And no-one else.

So there has been a petition to have Lennon freed; the due process of law should be suspended for The Great Man. It won’t be. His followers are told ofProtests happening all over the world and it also looks like Banksy supports Tommy. Please send us any pictures of your local protest”. Nothing about grooming gang victims.

Plus there is the ever-present paranoia: “Tommy posted this video on his youtube channel back in March. It was titled 'I will not be around much longer'. He was predicting the worrying collusion between state and social media giants to remove his voice (fascism). It looks like the state decided to take it to the next level”. But there has been no collusion. Twitter banned him for breaking its terms and conditions. The state was not involved.
And now has come the ultimate brass neck: “There will be a #FREETOMMY peaceful protest in Whitehall, London on Saturday the 9th of June 3pm. If you have been on the fence previously now is the time to get off the fence. Bring your megaphones, bring your signs, be loud and proud and let the establishment know the people have had enough. They cannot make people just disappear because they do not like their views”.

One look at the reporting restriction placed on “REGINA v Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon”, case S20180448, shows why this is bunk. Here is what it says: “Since it appears to be necessary for avoiding a substantial risk of prejudice to the administration of justice in these proceedings … The publication of any report of these proceedings … Shall be postponed until after the conclusion of the trial T20177360 and T20187130 Akhtar and others”.

It is not a question of someone not liking Lennon’s views. It is, as ever, a question of justice. Justice not for Lennon, but for all the alleged victims of those who are now on trial in Leeds. One of those three trials is still ongoing. Lennon and his supporters need to answer one question: do they want justice for the victims?

Because if they do, they should quit the shit-stirring and get real. What happened to Lennon will be reported after those trials have completed. That is all.

[UPDATE 1520 hours: now that the Independent and Leeds Live have successfully challenged the reporting restriction shown above, we can see exactly what happened to Stephen Lennon, and why it was indeed all about him.

As the Indy has told, "Tommy Robinson has been jailed for 13 months for breaking contempt of court laws with a Facebook live video ... [he] was arrested outside the court on Friday. He admitted committing contempt of court by publishing information that could prejudice an ongoing trial via a live stream on his Facebook page". There was more.

"Robinson made clear that he was aware of the restrictions during the Facebook live video, as well as the danger of being jailed ... 'There is a reporting restriction on this case,' the former English Defence League (EDL) founder said. 'I have to be super careful, you see, because when I was coming to these court cases, part of what the Police did was they dawn raided me and they put me on a contempt of court charge, which would mean that I could face prison'".

It is exactly as I said: he knew what he was doing, it wasn't about the victims, it was about him and his own ego trip.

So quit pretending he's a victim and get real. End of story]


Arnold said...

"A judge initially banned media reports of contempt proceedings against Robinson over fears it could affect the ongoing trial, but lifted the order on Tuesday after hearing submissions over how members of the public and foreign media outlets were publishing inaccurate information."
The legal system didn't help itself with that judgement, when it was clear how his supporters would view it.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the experience of being banged up for 23 hours, "Tommy".

It's all you deserve.

While you're there, try to read Tom Bingham's The Rule of Law. Even a racist thug like you might understand it.

Anonymous said...

Oh ffs. TR was never totally innocent.
However, his general concerns are real.

Some in the media keep spinning this moronic story about a media blackout on the whole saga.
There never was. The trial itself might be off limits but nobody gagged the media on TR arrest or anything after that.
British media pulled stories and refused to report due to the way the story was gathered. ie: By breaking a court ruling. This could have incurred libelous claims and journalist code breaches.
There has never been a ban on anything other than the ongoing trial itself.
Just like the supposed D-notices that were supposed to have been served decades ago about historical abuse cases.
This is more bullshit the conspiracy twats put around to try and make their version of events fit their nonsense. In the same way the media spin truths to get clicks on pages.

And the majority still fall for it.

If there was a blanket ban by the courts on reporting of it all then one could say the courts did the media a favour with regards to expensive lawsuits.

Anonymous said...

The ruling


Anonymous said...

Labelling people as paedophiles whilst he allegedly stuck up for one of his edl hands. Richard Price who was imprisoned for having indecent images of child abuse on his computer.
Then there are the tweets that were said to have come from one of his old accounts calling somebody a fucking Paki and threats to kill.
Seen the tweets but nothing verified.
Photographs circulating with him stood next to what looks like cocaine in his youth aren't a great look.

Who put that out there?

Jonathan said...

Ol' Tommy is a little narcissitic, bored of life as Stephen and his ordinary life of working at Luton Airport he decides to become Tommy Robinson freedom fighter, fighting for the cause of Fascism in the UK, poor Tommy found his new life found him attention from the Old Bill and his new found racist friends like Milo and Nigel had run off far away..

nparker said...

Anonymous 17:09

Give it a rest. We all know your defences of this thug are nonsense.

Unknown said...

Ahhh the stereotypical paedophile sympathiser Corbyn supporter! Probably dance around a burning poppy after fiddling with your kids and welcoming rapists into your home! Deluded wanker

danny said...

"Ahhh the stereotypical paedophile sympathiser Corbyn supporter! Probably dance around a burning poppy after fiddling with your kids and welcoming rapists into your home! Deluded wanker"

Ha ha when you a dumb idiot who has no argument.

Piss off up your arse ya fucking twat.

Anonymous said...

Why is the word fascism used to describe Tommy's voice, as though he is the voice of fascism? I've heard a lot of what he has to say (actually heard, not read what he is rumoured or reported to have said) and I have never heard him advocate the implementation of a totalitarian one party dictatorship in which the freedom of the citizens of this country would be severely restricted. In fact, surely somebody would be forgiven for thinking he is dead against that sort of thing. I have, however, heard him support the right to free speech and the right to criticize anything that you don't agree with such as an ideology that contains backward and barbaric elements that are incompatible with, and a danger to our society. I get the impression that he also thinks that protecting people from being raped and murdered should be a higher priority for the authorities than protecting people from being offended by criticism and I for one tend to agree.

I find it ironic that I came across this article on a page called "Resisting Hate". A page filled full of memes of Tommy Robinson littered with comments full of insults, profanities and people generally spewing bile akin to a two minutes hate session from Nineteen Eighty Four. And these are the people that are calling him a fascist! Resisting Hate? Is that an ironic name like the Ministry of Love or the Ministry of Truth? The destruction of words, people disappearing off the street and thrown in jail without the chance to prepare for a fair trial, masked hooligans dressed in black going around intimidating people and telling people what to think? You couldn't make this up... oh wait, somebody sort of did and wrote a novel about it.

Just google the word bigotry and you will see it isn't necessarily about what you believe but your attitude to other peoples opinions. In my opinion I think that anybody who has been using the word bigot a lot to insult people lately should take a long hard look at themselves and what they believe in!

nparker said...

@ Unknown

What does your furious tantrum mean? Why so angry and aggressive? Who is it aimed at? Are you not familiar with the need to tell us before the rest of the rant? What are you speaking of?

Please, calm down, stop being such an outraged snowflake, and type your comment out more rationally, quicker and less baby-like.

Anonymous said...

Why dont you give it a rest?

What is it with saddos on here trying to identify people and comments?

My views are all over the web. Very openly.
I dont use my name here because...
1) Tim
2) Tim

Carry on.

Oh hold on. If I annoy them.too much, I could end up with them on my doorstep.

Already happened.

Anonymous said...

Who is this aimed at? Isn't there a reply button to question a comment? Who is furious and typing like a baby? Can a baby even type? Why all these questions? What's it all about? Do I even know what I'm talking about... Can somebody get me the nurse?!

Anonymous said...

Some of us are beginning to feel we might have wandered into a narcotics anonymous meeting.

Tim Fenton said...

Comments using terms such as "Retard", or any derivation thereof, will not be passed.

The commenter who just had their comment binned, please note.

Anonymous said...

Why is that? Don't get me wrong, I don't condone insulting people and I certainly don't agree with labeling a person as something without any evidence whatsoever to back it up but I'm guessing that word didn't make into the latest edition of the newspeak dictionary. I bet the words bigot, racist and fascist are in there though but I have a feeling that the definitions have become distorted.