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Sunday 6 May 2018

Adam Langleben - Say Sorry

Some serving councillors lost their seats in last Thursday’s local elections. Many of those losing were from UKIP, and some were Tories. But although Labour gained ground, some of their councillors were among those losing. One of those was Adam Langleben, who had served on the council in the London Borough of Barnet.
Adam Langleben

The problem for Langleben is that he has been unable to accept defeat without blaming others, to the extent of making allegations which he will have significant trouble standing up. These have been made in a video he has posted. Here are some of the claims.

After saying “we just lost Barnet”, when Labour didn’t hold the council in the first place, he continues “we have conspiratorial anti-Semitism”, and then asserts “Right now, as I’m filming this, an alternative left-wing news website called Skwawkbox is going through all of the Tweets attacking me, as a Jewish Labour Party member … that accuses me of being a Mossad agent, that accuses me of trying to undermine the leadership”.
There was more. A lot more. “Accuses me of all sorts of things, and it is … propagating Labour anti-Semitism. Now, the Labour leadership can do something very simple and easy. It should say that these alternative fake news websites do not speak for them. Skwawkbox, The Canary … they are propagating conspiracy theory in the Labour Party. They allow it to fester. They spread the message”. And he wasn’t done yet.

Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell, both have close links to these groups, to people who run these websites. They should say loudly and clearly that any conspiracy theory that these websites spread are false. They should be shut down. They do not have the support of the Labour leadership. And it’s a very very simple thing to do. John McDonnell, Jeremy Corbyn, come and speak out about these fake news websites”.

While it is entirely understandable that Langleben is unhappy about losing his seat, he has a problem here: much of what he claims is not merely untrue, but actionably so.
Consider the two New Left Media outlets he has accused.

The Canary has never mentioned Adam Langleben.

Skwawkbox has never mentioned Adam Langleben.

Neither Skwawkbox, nor The Canary, has linked Langleben to the Mossad, or of undermining the Labour leadership (as they haven’t mentioned him at all).

The only Twitter interaction between Skwawkbox and Adam Langleben is one reply from the former to the latter, inviting him to DM them.

There is no evidence whatever to support the claim that Skwawkbox is “going through all of the Tweets attacking me”. Indeed, that is itself a conspiracy theory.

As to the “close links” that Jezza and McDonnell are alleged to have to those sites, let me restate what Zelo Street had to say to the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines and his rabble at the Guido Fawkes blog when they tried to make that accusation last year.
Skwawkbox has NEVER had any contact with Jeremy Corbyn’s office. There is NO contact between Evolve Politics and Corbyn’s office … The Canary has NO contact with Corbyn’s office.” Got that? No contact. At all.

And as to the idea that sites which displease Adam Langleben, or indeed anyone else, “should be shut down”, the sinister overtones are simply breathtaking. That’s the kind of behaviour that gives totalitarian dictatorships a bad name.

Not surprisingly, Skwawkbox has already registered its displeasure at Langleben’s totally untrue claims. The Canary may be following along shortly. There has been talk of legal action, and understandably so. But there is a straightforward solution here.

And that is for Adam Langleben to stop, think, realise he is wrong, and say sorry. Skwawkbox did not lose him his council seat. Nor did The Canary. Nor did any other New Left Media site. The only person who lost that seat is Adam Langleben. That is all.


Anonymous said...

Langleben - crazy name, crazy guy - gives himself away with every word.

The Labour Party is better off without the likes of him.

Which means I hope he fucks off sharpish and joins the tories, or seeks employment at the Scum far right propaganda rag. It would be nice, too, if Benn, Mann and Umunna - for just three others - joined him.

bernardcrofton said...

I regret that you felt you had to post this.
The best I can hope is that, like Langleben, you did so while feeing upset. And- as I hope is again the case with him- regret it.
The sooner anonymity is abolished the better!

bernardcrofton said...

Adding to my comment above, I note comments are now being moderated. Was this after the first anonymous comment, because that looks a candidate for a bit of moderation.

mbc1955 said...

Comments are always moderated, bernard

Anonymous said...

Comments on the Zelo Street site are published once they have been read by Tim. That's to prevent spam & really bad abuse / threats. Mostly comments are posted.

I note Adam Langleben wished to have sites he does not like removed from the internet. That's not just moderation is it?

Langleben was seen videoing Jackie Walker at a meeting which was supposed to be a 'safe space'. The contents of that video were later leaked to the press?

Weaponizing claims of rampant antisemitism in Labour (it isn't) possibly has had consequences in Barnet for those who were doing it.


A different Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Adam Langleben is Head of Digital and Stakeholder Development at the Jewish Leadership Council (JLC). The Zionist JLC was one of the organisers of the recent massively publicised Parliament Square demonstration against the Labour Party’s “antisemitism problem”, a problem grossly and wilfully exaggerated by the demonstrators and their supporters. Now Adam finds that electors in his ward have been persuaded (by the JLC and others) to vote against the Labour Party! Hoist with his own petard.

Malcolm Redfellow said...

The Zionist JLC was one of the organisers of the recent massively publicised Parliament Square demonstration against the Labour Party’s “antisemitism problem”, a problem grossly and wilfully exaggerated by the demonstrators and their supporters.

One sentence: three examples of subjective prejudice.

earlsferry said...

Which are?

Malcolm Redfellow said...

Langleben was seen videoing Jackie Walker at a meeting which was supposed to be a 'safe space'. The contents of that video were later leaked to the press?

There are other versions in the public domain:




Somehow I'm totally unconvinced that the generality of Ms Walker's expressed views deserve 'safe space' among real socialists.

Look: it comes down to this —

The meme that @Dannythefink Finkelstein fired up in The Times and The Jewish Chronicle has been astoundingly successful. Sadly it remains based on some solid evidence. It cost Labour as many as four north London seats in the 2017 General. The blame game is still being played around the NEC and Brewers Green, but a year on there's still festering poison. Hence Labour in Barnet and elsewhere are paying the price of licensed loose mouths.

Telling those of us, who resent being sold as dupes by the arrogance of a noisy and noisome sect, to fucks off sharpish and join the tories (as above) is predictable, but just exacerbates the pain.

Jonathan said...

Very disappointing that Adam should publish something without evidence on Social Media.
I read NLM daily and until Adam's post on Twitter on Friday afternoon had never heard of him, both Skwawkbox and The Canary have never mentioned him.

To blame both websites for the loss of his seat is pure fantasy, both produce strong evidenced based content, as both wish to be taken seriously, which to their credit is being noticed by the MSM and the Blairites, who finally are being challenged on their pro austerity and anti Corbyn content.
Best thing Adam can do, is apologise and take a holiday.

Malcolm Redfellow said...

earlsferry said...
Which are?

● gratuitous use of Zionist. There may be ZIonists attached to the JLC, but it is a charity working for the good of the British Jewish community and has many other strings. When spraying that 'Zionist' term around, it doesn't mean unquestioning support for the policies of the Nehanyahu government or whatever grief you have. Try working out what it did and should mean.
● the use of inverted commas around “antisemitism problem” (that doesn't make it got away);
problem grossly and wilfully exaggerated . It may not be your 'local' problem — yet — but it has worked to the detriment of the Party in both north London and north Manchester. Had those four key seats in north London not stayed Tory, the DUP deal would not have been possible. Theresa May would not be playing air-guitar to Barnet Tories.

Anonymous said...

Was that the same @DannyTheFink who was praising Guido Fawkes on Twitter? I think it is.

Zelo Street: Fawkes Antisemitism - We Have To Talk http://zelo-street.blogspot.com/2018/04/fawkes-antisemitism-we-have-to-talk.html

Jackie Walker. https://electronicintifada.net/content/battered-triumphant/23806

I see subjective prejudice Malcolm. Yours.

Anonymous said...

You've got to hand this month's obfuscation award to Malcolm, if only for his diatribe on "real socialists" and a "noisy and noisome sect". Thus proving he isn't the former but more than likely a member of the latter who have turned this into an attack on the leadership. An attack, moreover, which smacks of right wing churlishness - I'm being kind there - because its gang have been overwhelmingly rejected by the party membership.

That's the same gang who helped get this country into illegal wars in Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Libya. To say nothing of continuance and intensification of tory scam PFI schemes and salami-privatisation of the NHS, and economic policies which ignored a looming and inevitable most recent capitalist Depression. You would have thought a "real socialist" would at least have acknowledged all of that. All of which dwarfs the so-called "anti-semitism issue" into near insignificance.

None of this is to claim there is no racism or anti-semitism in the Labour Party or that it shouldn't be exposed and eliminated so far as that is possible. There is, because this country, like all the so-called Christian West, is institutionally racist and anti-semitic and has been for two millenia.

The point here is that this whole "issue" has been whipped up and inflamed purely for cowardly party political purposes. And the whipping up has come from the right wing of politics in and out of the Labour Party. The attacks and lies levelled against Jeremy Corbyn have been particularly disgusting and cowardly - whatever his merits and defaults the man has fought and continues to fight race prejudice in all its forms.

So, mister Redfellow, you can take your own noisy sect, whatever it is, and do one. Because whatever else you may be you are not a "real socialist". Nor, given the grotesque distorted bullshit you peddle, should you be in the Labour Party. But I don't expect you to remotely understand any of this.

Anonymous said...


This is from the JLC’s website:

The JLC’s mission is: to work, through our members, to ensure the continuity in the UK, in this and future generations, of a mainstream Jewish Community is:
1. Vibrant and Vital
2. Safe and Secure
3. Assured of its place within British Society
4. Proud of its Jewish identity and culture
5. Confident in its SUPPORT FOR ISRAEL [caps added here, so you don't miss it]

Has the JLC ever not shown unquestioning support for the policies of the Nehanyahu government ?

And here is evidence about how the “antisemitism problem” is exaggerated:


Malcolm Redfellow said...

Posts at 18:01, 18:15 and 18:31: that's a lot of Anonymity. Some of us like a name (even a nom du plume).


● Did I approve of @Dannythefink Finkelstein, except to acknowledge his patent success in two election-cycles? No, I didn't — but hey! what's wrong with guilt-by-association?

● Is electronicintifada.net/ a totally unbiased source? Is it reputable journalism? The proof should be in the mind of the beholder. But I'm unsurprised it is trotted out in this context.

The 18.15 post must qualify as 'whataboutery' (we Anglo-Irish, 'West British'.) are sensitive/perceptive about that stuff). So I'll pass on the wholesale nonsense there. Still, a special award should be made for this country, like all the so-called Christian West, is institutionally racist and anti-semitic and has been for two millenia. One spelling error and a gross generalisation of history.

And the big: SUPPORT FOR ISRAEL [caps added here, so you don't miss it]. Well, yes, not yet a hanging matter. After all, I have before me Michael Foot's biog of Nye (in this case, vol 2, pages 415ff). All I can say in my defence is, if I'm alongside Nye, Wilson, Callaghan, Foot et al.. I don't feel too isolated. Perhaps that's because I believe in the 'Broad Church' of Labour, rather than a reet-petite groupule, cell, sect or whatever, Because I recognise, from half a century of experience. Above all, what wins elections, what advances the real workers' interest.

Now, grow up.

nparker said...

Anonymous 18:15

You're doing it again. Just because someone doesn't agree with you on one single issue, it doesn't mean they are all the things you're ranting they are. You really need to realise that not everyone who disagrees with you is a 'neocorporate New Labour far right spiv' or whatever you are going to yell at people next. They might just, you know, have a different opinion to you on a single issue.

Anonymous said...

Guardian Letters, today.

• As an activist who knocked on doors in Barnet for the Labour party, I must take issue with Adam Langleben’s assertion that “every Jewish Labour household we visited, people said, ‘Not this time’” (Labour antisemitism scandal is blamed for Tory victory in ‘easyCouncil’ Barnet, 5 May).

I came from neighbouring Brent but, recognising Barnet’s significance, and being Jewish myself, I canvassed several times, often accompanied by other Jewish activists. On Thursday I helped get out the vote in Adam’s ward, arriving at 10.30am, and knocking on my last door at 9.45pm. At least once I was in a team with Adam.

I don’t dispute that Adam had negative reactions from Jewish voters, or that the perception of Labour party antisemitism played a crucial role in this result. But Adam cannot know about every Jewish household. I met Jewish voters who were still prepared to vote Labour. Rabbi Danny Rich, the chief executive of Liberal Judaism, was elected a councillor, certainly with Jewish support. In Childs Hill ward, Labour had its first win in 40 years. I cannot believe that no Jewish voters had a part in that.

The perception of antisemitism in the Labour party should not be minimised. Where that perception is accurate, antisemites should be expelled. But we should also be careful not to give credence to the myth that antisemitism is endemic or rife in the party. The tragedy of the situation in Barnet is at least partly explained by the willingness of some to spread this myth in order to do harm to Labour.

Dr Ian Saville

Tony Greenstein said...

The irony of it all is that Adam Langleben, as a senior member of the Jewish Labour Movement, was assiduous in spreading the lie that the Labour Party is riddled with anti-semitism. We have had this lie told repeatedly for over 2 years, ever since Corbyn became leader. It is used incessantly to ward off criticism of Israel.

Unfortunately, so suscessful has Adam and the JLM been that they managed to convince electors in his seat in West Hendon! The result? Adam lost the seat! Moral? Don't tell lies.