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Tuesday 29 May 2018

Piers Morgan Gets A Warning

Away from the Good Morning Britain studio this week, former Screws and Daily Mirror editor Piers Morgan may not be concerning himself with the potential for his past to reappear and cause him another of those Little Local Difficulties, but at least one media onlooker certainly is. Natalie Rowe, who showed former Chancellor George Osborne what real financial discipline looks like, has been whipping up another of her storms.
Morning, Mr Happy 

It seems Ms Rowe is either in possession of information, or knows someone else who is, which may be deleterious to Morgan’s good name, which would be quite something, given that Britain’s most tedious wannabe Sleb already enjoys a less than glowing reputation among those who really are well-known, as Zelo Street noted recently.
Natalie Rowe

If you enjoyed Piers Morgan filling his nappy to the brim when Ewan McGregor declined to appear on Good Morning Britain earlier this week, just wait until he finds out that talent bookers for GMB have been having exactly this same sort of discussion with celebrity star guests for months now … Bookers have literally been asking agents directly if they mind their clients appearing on air with Piers and will try, wherever possible, to move guests over to a morning when Ben Shephard is hosting instead” told a recent PopBitch email.
Ms Rowe certainly did not hold back: “Big mistake  #PiersMorgan thinking that by blocking the Nats i’d go away ... I’m going to expose you, you’re dodgy as fuck and I’m about to expose you … Could someone send this Tweet to Pussy Morgan. Cheers”.
Would Madam care to expand on her claims? She certainly would: “OK ! Remember when #PiersMorgan got the boot from #CNN, well apart from low ratings Slimy Morgan was also reprimanded for his unwanted advances towards the ladies, one victim is coming for him in the name of the #MeToomovement this should wipe the smug of his mug .. let’s hope so”.
Unless Zelo Street heard about the same woman, that might be two potential and alleged victims, mused he. But back to Ms Rowe: “#MaxClifford while he was on bail & in the midst of his court trial, invited me to his home for the 1st time ever, he filled me in on many people he had been involved with, #PiersMorgan was one of them, i wondered why he told me back then,but now I realise it was a good move”. Ooh, this is interesting. Do go on.
“.... I asked Max why he was trusting me with the many details he furnished me with about others not just Morgan, he said ‘he trusted me’ I think he had a plan and hoped I’d go to the Press, why else would he have confided in me, we were never that close”. But do we have any idea what might, er, come out in this particular wash?
Well, Ms Rowe took particular exception to this Tweet from The Great Man to Amber Rose, which appears to have been deleted in the last 48 hours: “I can handle your naked body, Amber - relax” it begins. Meanwhile, one can almost hear the sound of one set of lawyers deciding what can be let out of the bag, with another trying their damnedest to keep that bag well and truly sealed. Perhaps everyone else should get the popcorn in.

At least it will give Piers Morgan something else to moan about than Arsenal FC.


Anonymous said...

Oh for Morgan also to get his long-awaited come uppance.

It can't come soon enough.

Then justice can start on the rest of the gang.

Anonymous said...

Fox news awaits his presenter skills.....

Fox News - Where accusations fall into the abyss. Like its owner.

Jonathan said...

Let's charter a 737 to the States for all the right wing journalists, presenters and celebrities to give us respite from their rubbish and right-wing propaganda.

Anonymous said...

Did I read somewhere that Piers or his British media circles jeopardized an outcome of a child abduction case or something......