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Sunday 27 May 2018

Katie Hopkins - To Hull And Back

With so many washed-up pundits scrambling to jump aboard the bandwagon set running by the arrest of Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, it was with the inevitability of night following day that one of those trying to jump aboard, and failing spectacularly in the process, was going to be pro-am motormouth Katie Hopkins.
Viewers may still want to look away now

And so it came to pass: Hatey Katie has decided that the arrest outside a court building of someone who had previously been convicted on a contempt charge for filming within the precincts of another court building, and who was still on a suspended sentence for the offence, was the latest example of how the UK had somehow fallen. Whence it fell, and where it landed, were of course not told.
Her first response was to cite Ryan Saavedra of the Daily Wire, who said that Lennon being arrested was “what Democrats want in America”. “Thank you for sharing with America @RealSaavedra - the U.K. has fallen” she replied, managing to miss that the Daily Wire is notorious for running false and misleading stories. It is also a repository of climate change denial - just to add to all the falsehoods.
From there, it was inevitable that Ms Hopkins would combine the Lennon story with paranoid falsehood herself, and so she did just that. “Press enquiry lodged with HMPS - Hull Prison Will update with response” she told. Put directly, she has contacted Hull Prison, where Lennon has been taken, to claim that the place must be full of Scary Muslims (tm) and therefore Lennon is in some kind of terrible danger. The thought that the prison population mostly consists of non-Muslims does not get a look in.
Still, details, eh? Hatey Katie was there to support Lennon, and wanted to make sure others did too, letting her followers know the “Address for messages of support”. That’s most charitable of her, but why isn’t she on the next Hull Trains departure from King’s Cross? There are several each day, even on Bank Holiday weekends. Isn’t she going to take along one of those cakes with wire cutters inside?
Or perhaps she’ll just fill it full of raisins instead. Meanwhile, there was foreign support to acknowledge, even if it was from the least desirable quarter. The Netherlands’ most obnoxious bigot Geert Wilders has decided to waste Parliamentary time by tabling “Parliamentary questions to the Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs about the arrest and safety of Tommy Robinson”. Katie says that’s “Great work”.
And no tirade on the plight of Stephen Lennon would be complete without at least one lame attempt to blame everything on the hated MSM. So it was that Ms Hopkins saw yesterday’s coverage by the Evening Standard of a couple of hundred members of the Wall Of Gammon (tm) protesting on Lennon’s behalf and sniped “When your ‘reporting’ is so FAR WRONG, the good people of Britain will appear FAR RIGHT. Your perspective is the issue. Own your issues”. She’s still big. It’s the issues that got small.
So Hatey Katie is still away with the fairies. But when is she going to show true commitment to the cause and make the journey to Hull and back? We’re waiting.


Unknown said...

Uess Barnstaple to Hull on a Bank Hol weekend might be a long one for seasoned travelling mouthpiece Hatie. Much easier to wage her war from the keyboard.

Anonymous said...

Hull's a bit far north for her.
People there probably eat don't have a special fork for eating peas or some such horror.

Don't you know she went to Sandhurst, was on the Apprentice once and has/had a house worth several millions?

You can't expect her to run shoulders with those football hooligan types she writes so warmly about.

Ceiliog said...

'If you don’t like obeying our laws then you should get out of our country, Tommy Robinson told' - News Thump 28 May 2018