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Friday 4 May 2018

Sun Ian Wright Cop Claim BUSTED

Not having any real news to splash across the front page today, but a campaign of disinformation to wage against the Metropolitan Police, the Murdoch goons at the Super Soaraway Currant Bun have opted to once more kick the cops, helped by a little creative selection and reinvention of those pesky things called facts.
The presence of a genuine former Arsenal legend has helped the Murdoch mafiosi in their attack, as the front page proclaimsCops ‘too busy’ for break-in … but six pose with Wrighty after his stolen car is found … THE LAW’S AN ARSENAL” (Geddit?!?!?). So what is the relationship between Ian Wright and a break-in?

SIX cops pose with footie’s Ian Wright after his stolen car was found, while police were ‘too busy’ to probe a break-in 500 yards away … A burglary victim hit out after cops failed to investigate a raid on her home in Queen’s Park, North West London”. Notice that “too busy” has been put in quote marks. Because it’s not quite true.

Do go on. “Newlywed Natalie Neal lost a string of family heirlooms in the break-in this week, including a pair of diamond earrings bought by husband Adam as a wedding present … She was left fuming when she then saw Wrighty’s Instagram snap of the officers, who grinned alongside the star after telling him his stolen car had been located”.

By this time, Sun readers may be forgiven for thinking that the Met did not respond to the break-in. But they did, and the Murdoch goons admit it: “She said a police forensics examiner dusted for fingerprints, but told her detectives were ‘too busy’ to visit the crime scene”. So the cops did respond to the break-in. They spoke to Ms Neal. They took samples of any available fingerprints. And that isn’t the Sun’s only problem.

The officers in the photo with Ian Wright are traffic cops, uniformed Police. Their job is to deal with traffic violations, vehicle theft, that sort of thing. They are not detectives. Were they to turn up at Ms Neal’s place, there is not unadjacent to bugger all they could do to help the situation in which she and her husband find themselves.

Worse, the possibility that the Met’s detectives are busy at the moment their colleagues attend Ms Neal’s house does not mean her break-in is being ignored. The more the Sun’sstory” is examined, the more easily it falls apart. All it needs to put the lid on it is a suitably mindless comment from a droid at the so-called Taxpayers’ Alliance.
And there it is. “James Price, of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, said: ‘It’s not right that taxpayers have crimes left uninvestigated because police want to pose with footballers’”. Well, as no taxpayer has had a crime not investigated for that reason, he should’t have a problem.

The Murdoch goons are talking out of the backs of their necks. But good to see they still haven’t managed to re-establish that relationship with the cops after their management shopped so many of them recently. Nothing personal, of course.


Anonymous said...

These facts were missed on the "press previews" on the BBC and Sky last night.

Odd, that.

Though perhaps not, since Sky yet again featured that ineffable empty-headed far right gimp Isabel Oakeshot.

Jonathan said...

We used to teach our teens Media Studies, but the right wing idiots cried wolf that their tactics were be in g rumbled.
So they ran to Uncle Rupe and the Dark Lord Dacre who told Blair to change education policy to move away from courses that questioned the need media and how they decide what stories to run otherwise New Labour would lose the support.
Blair and Brown duly obliged.

D Abbott said...

The polling stations are open until 10pm.

Don't forget to vote Labour.

A Kelly said...

I don't care what sort of cops they are, they shouldn't be taking photos like that. And it took six of them to fine IW's car?

BTW, this isn't a Sun story, it was reported at length in London a couple of days before it was in the Sun, featuring more information.